Monday, June 10, 2019

#HATJ Message June 10, 2019

6-10-19 a.m. check-in
Jun 10, 2019 at 11:53 AM

Buon Giorno, Youssef, Melissa, Lisa, BZ, Bill, Jenny, Wes, Judy Bird, Paul, Denice, and Nikki!

This a.m., verrrrrrrrrry early, and continuing now, the sun has an extraordinarily large rainbow halo around at dublin, we have had many such halos around the is the first day we have seen the rainbow halo since a few weeks ago when Nikki left :)

...people's reactions here remind me of the people's reactions to the "super double rainbow" in Martil, Morocco, fall 2013

do a wonderful day! ... I AM!


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My reply:

RE: 6-10-19 a.m. check-in
Jun 10, 2019 at 12:33 PM
I was at Lowe’s getting a few things and they announced on the loudspeakers in a storm coming down from DFW. Golf ball sized hail was seen in Lampasas and a tornado in Burnet. It looked like they were closing the store early.

I decided not to chance getting my car dented by hail by trying outrunning it to Austin, instead wait and ride out the storm front with my car in the garage at home.

I was planning to leave for Austin at 7:30 and it was 6:30 when I got home. I texted Shawn that I might be delayed by the storm.

The rain came in sideways like a hurricane and it got very very dark. It was coming down in buckets and the culverts were quickly flowing.

It left as quick as it came and headed to San Antonio. And the skies cleared behind it as it passed. I drove down to Austin on hwy 71 avoiding the usual route on 29 through Burnet which was flash flooding and subject to tornadoes.

As I crested the hill at Bee Cave there was a fantastic lateral lightening display over San Marcos to the south. The cloud ceiling had raised to about 15,000 feet and clear underneath. Fingers of lightening flashed laterally across the sky east to west with an occasional lightening bolt to the ground that looked more like a directed energy weapon than a usual jagged lightening bolt.

There was a big stationary light over Austin but I wasn’t sure if it was an airplane or not but it is on the flight path to ATX.

The sky was a deep orange to the north and west and a deep dark blue to the east and south. There was a huge partial rainbow to the east of Austin in the dark clouds and what was really odd was it’s the first 3D rainbow I’ve ever seen. It appeared like a tubular arc within the clouds. It had a structure to it.

Got the sense there was a huge energy release in Dallas yesterday that went south over the Texas Hill Country very rapidly. It moved more in the manner of a wave than a typical Texas storm.

PS: When I got home late last night my house reeked of cigarettes. LOL. More than last time. ;)

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