Monday, January 3, 2022


Date: January 2, 2022 at 5:41:32 PM MST

Terran: Don't know if this is real, just popped up on Project Camelot


GW: This so-called “med bed” technology is actually based on a 7-year old technology called the Cyber-Scan. 

I was a consultant for one of the distributors with that technology years ago. 

The real problem with this is that for it to work, it needs a copy of your DNA coding, which it has the capability of acquiring via soliton scalar waves given off and used by the brain. 

Once you have a person’s DNA codes you can work directly with the person’s brain/soliton system across time/space, which is the reason they use the word “quantum” to reflect that. 

It’s not really quantum, but it is scalar, which makes it appear to be quantum entanglement. It isn’t. It’s quantum resonance. 

If a holder of those codes decides to use them for evil, they do have the capacity to do that. And that is where I part ways with this technology. Indeed, the same problem exists with the galactic  med beds except there is a failsafe built into them to prohibit negative intent from functioning with the devices. That’s not the case with this technology. 

The other problem is that “You can’t cure stupid.” This technology may mask the medical issue by overriding the source of the issue, but the source still remains. If that source isn’t addressed the medical issue will either reappear to help the person to learn a lesson (compassionate-wisdom) or it will manifest in a parallel way. 

The Higher Self is dedicated to our growing in wisdom, and thus will find a way for the lesson to be learned. 

What i tell people is, “Know thyself. Trust thyself. Forgive thyself.” That is at the heart of most healing. 

Me thinks it’s important for folks to know the inherent flaw with this technology that is being promoted here. Yes, it’s nice. But…

from my heart to yours,