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Q&A on The Atlantis 2 Disaspora,
Humans on Pleiadian Ships,
and other things...
July 19, 2015

Posted by Terran

19 July 2015

Updated and edited 9/8/2020. SC = The Science Collective aboard the Sphere Radiance. 

The following is some questions I have had about Atlantis which I passed to Denise. There was also one private question which I am not publishing which was for my own understanding. 

Denice: I cleared my space and declared that only communication of pure love and absolute truth are welcome here. I asked to speak to an historian, or a record keeper. I saw a flash of a white ‘console’ with colored cubes of lights on top but it was so fast I could not make out if the colors were crystals or not. They tell me indeed they were crystal powered.

Terran: Was Atlantis Pleiadian in origin?

SC: Atlantis was built by two peoples. The Pleiades and Anduravian which have been lost to your (earth’s) recent memory.

Terran: What is the connection of Atlantis to Aldebaran, if any?

SC: Aldebaran was a colony of sorts, a place for those who wished to make a new path; not dissimilar to the original intent of the Americas. Whereas Atlantis was planned as to be a great civilization, an experiment in advancements beyond what was ‘used’/seen before.  Atlantis, too became a colony in the sense that it was begun by another ‘governing’ body far away from home.  It was not planned to become like an Australia for lack of a better comparison.  But it did so.

Terran: Who was Belial? This name comes up in connection with Atlantis and is a very common first name in Morocco. It's also mentioned negatively the Bible as in “the sons of Belial”. Is that reference related to Atlantis? Was the sinking of Atlantis the story behind the story of “Noah’s Ark” and purported great flood?

SC: There were many ‘men’ named Belial.  We believe you are talking about Belial Andregard, a Statesman, and Diplomat, and one of the founding ‘fathers’ for lack of a better word of Atlantis.  There is no reference of this Belial in the Bible.  It is not a reference to the Diplomat. 

SC: The story of Noah’s ark was inspired by two great floods.  One indeed is that of Atlantis, but there was another, similar about three centuries before that did not include the complete loss of a large landswath such as Atlantis.

Terran: Did some Atlanteans go back to the Pleiades before the sinking? Did some “see it coming” as it were?

SC: There were at least three ships on the ready at all times just out of the ‘sight’ of the technology of the ADVANCED Atlantis.  These ships were able to ‘gather’ a few of those who wished to leave. 

SC: Remember, Atlantis was still an earth-based experiment within the experiment so to speak and fell under the same requirements; all personages were ‘lost’ within the veil with no memory of us or our ships.  While there may have been a handful of Atlanteans who ‘saw the writing on the wall’ there was not one that remembered us until they saw the ships.

Terran: Where did the survivors go, who are the most closely related peoples to the Atlanteans? Do these people have a blood type or genetic look to them that is unique? Is there an Atlantis connection to Egypt.

SC: The survivors of Atlantis were dispersed to three locations, based on their location on the ‘large island’ landmass which you call a continent.

SC: The northern villagers went to the East Coast of The NOW United States, where their descendants became the Iroquois.  These also had descendants that moved westward and those descendants became the Cherokee and so on... We are talking about a period of over one thousand years of dispersement. Iroquois and Cherokee are relatively new (500 years) names for these cultures.

SC: The Iroquois and their descendent lines have the largest numbers of peoples with original DNA, and the variety of combinations is very interesting because of their until recently (past 100 years) predetermination to marry within the Mother’s clan requirements. These requirements helped to maintain the bloodlines, but not so much anymore as intermarriage became popular in the recent timeline.

SC: The Middle Atlanteans sailed to South America.  Some became the ancestors of the Inca and Mayans.  

SC: The final dispersement was indeed to Egypt, but this was a very small group in comparison to the Northern and Middle group.  The Northern group had the most numbers and those who made it to Egypt were the fewest in number.  

SC: The genetic question is preponderance, as there are few peoples alive today who have not ‘merged’ genetics in one way or another over the past 5,000 years.  

SC: There is one tribe in northern Africa which retains a decent amount of original Pliedian DNA and there are a few ‘tribes’/villages that do as well.  

Terran note: After receiving this data I asked Denise to get clarification on this:

Terran: Is the African tribe of Atlantean survivors the Berbers?

SC: Yes. But more so. A group broke off from the NOW Morroco/Sahara and moved to NOW Egypt and beyond... A very small group. Not an entire "people" like a tribe. Singular survivors without enough 'people' to keep the bloodlines original like the other 'refugees' so this 'watered-down' Atlantean DNA finds its way into Syria in a small dose.

Terran: Regarding the Syrians... (the Nation not the people of the Star system Sirius - Sirians) Do mean the Alawites of Syria? Or is it the people who speak Aramaic in Syria who are said to be related to the Armenians?

SC: Both and not only these two. These two groups of 'peoples' were only containing a 'few' of the original Atlantean bloodlines/DNA as you say. These originals were taken into tribes/groups and married/procreated and intermingled for thousands of years, thus the 'thinning of the waters' as they say... the original DNA was intermingled with later groups that became part of the Alawites and Aramaic Syrians 

Terran note: Assyrians, also known as Chaldeans, Syriacs, and Arameans.  The Arameans of Syria are related to the people of Armenia.

SC: The Aramaic Syrians are another story of genetic manipulation unrelated to the Atlantean experiment. The Aramaic speaking Syrians were 'tampered' with in-situ by a benevolent -- at the time -- race of 5d through 6d travelers who 'happened' by earth on an intra-galactic adventure. This group of Syrians were not the only peoples used by this traveling race to keep their DNA 'in storage' but that is more than you asked.

Terran: I received this question from a reader… "what is the origin of Type O blood?" 

SC: As you know there are are variations of Type O blood. O positive O negative. These are earth terms that we find amusing, for it does not translate to our collective. O blood is an ancient "type" and precedes the Pleiades Civilizations. We trace to our ancestors and their ancestors to find the origin of O Blood as you call it. It is a very common "blood type" because of the proliferation of our civilizations.

Terran: Are the Basque people part at the Atlantean survivors as they have Rh Neg blood like the Cherokee and Berber...

SC: The Basque people include but are not limited to Atlanteans, for like the Syrians, many inter-tribal marriages, and yes, kidnappings and enslavements occurred. Rh negative blood type again is an earthly transcription and does not entirely translate to our collective.

SC: We are the science collective aboard the Sphere Radiance.  As this conduit prefers to hear, we end this transmission. We wish to add, we bid you adieu.
Terran: Is there a connection between the Atla-s mountains in Morocco and Atla-ntis?

SC: There is little connection between the ATLA-NTIS you speak of and these mountains. Other than Altantians may have crossed, indeed did cross them on the great diaspora.

Terran: Is Shambala a Pleiadian base in the Himalayas?

SC: There is a ship called Shambala which has been stationed over the Himalayas. The base there is not called Shambala, it is a name which does not translate to your language, but the closest this conduit can receive sounds like this: Brigadoon,,,

Denice: I believe they are ‘messing’ with me! I can feel their laughter... 🤣 

Terran: This is very funny given my Scottish ancestry... 

Terran: There is a story out of Australia that modern earth humans are a gene splice between a native Earth Yeti and Pleiadian genetics. Is there anything to this?

SC: There have been so many, many splices of Genetics with species from the “Multiverse” that it would be hard/difficult to write about all of them in this little report. The Australian Yeti story is almost accurate... but there is not a native earth Yeti, to be specific, there is an off planet ‘Yeti’ which was merged genetically with the so called Cro-Magnon, but that experiment yielded undesired results in large and uncontrollable characters. There is no “native” Yeti to earth.

SC: The Pleiadian genome, which of course we retain the right to say is the most advanced and desirable genetic line in the Multiverse – yes we say this with humor - your questions are too serious. The Pleiades were home to so many genetic laboratories, both private and public in your recent terms.

SC: There were many millions of individual experiments with our genetic line.

Terran: Who were the men in green army uniforms I remotely saw on the ship? Earth soldiers? What country?

Terran note: Several months ago I saw some soldiers in Army fatigues on the sphere ship, there were just outside of the central forest, which appeared to me to be Giant Sequoia Redwood Trees... which gives an idea of the scale of this particular ship. They wore no national identity patches, and they were given from what I can tell... free reign to walk around the ship. They were not imprisoned or restrained in any way and freely mixed with the ship crews. The ones I saw were entertaining themselves among themselves and doing something with their backpacks - they seemed to be enjoying their galactic detour in their "tour of duty"... as it were...

SC: There are ten countries that we are working with now. More are joining everyday. We will tell you five of them and we want you to ‘see’ if you can determine the rest. Of course a ‘faction’ (your word) is of Americans; some British; Ukranian; Khazakstanian; and Belarusian. Do you see the pattern?

SC: Yes those soldiers were earth based, but will not return to their homes until this ends... and that is so close you can almost ‘taste’ it. 
Terran note: It feels to me like these ones were removed to keep them from causing havoc in various hot spots on the planet like the Ukraine and other regions suffering from petrodollar pipeline politics... 
SC: We wish to add this information unrelated to the questions you asked. But you have been wondering about this yourself [in this case me Bill not Denise] for some time and it slips to the back of your mind. Indeed your other ‘self’ is on this ship. There are two other ‘portions’ of you on two other ships from two very distinct origins/dimensions/realities/ as well... none of you have met, but what a party it will be when you do!! 
Terran note:  I've had SENSE8 type experiences as I became aware of my own multidimensionality. We are all this way... some are just waking up to it before others... The ETs ARE US! 
SC: With love and joy and so much appreciation for your work on the ground, we end this transmission.


Atlantis Articles (as of 9/9/2020)

DNA Storage and Harvesting by Galactic Travelers

Updated and edited and reposted on 9/8/2020, SC=Science Collective

DNA Storage and Harvesting by Galactic Travelers By Terran
July 19, 2015
By Terran
This one was unexpectedly candid about the DNA storage to and harvesting from Earth humans. Shades of the movie Jupiter Ascending. Heather Tucci-Jarraf told me privately after I arrived in Morocco in 2013 that DNA was the biggest export from this planet and that the elites had been profiting from it for sometime by exchanging it for technology and other resources. Kind of makes you rethink all those sperm banks, blood banks, fetal cells, umbilical cord and placenta collections doesn't it? Not to mention the massive DNA collection going on by police and other law agencies!

I have to say this is one of the more creepy bits of data from the Sphere Alliance but I did know it was going on prior to 2013 and now there's confirmation it was occurring under those who controlled this planet for 13,000 years.

There is no more harvesting and no more soul contract enforcement allowed. Those were included in the filings by Heather and canceled in the law system that ran this planet. The reason the documents were written in a non-standard legal language was they were multi-dimensional documents intended for both on planet and off planet audiences.

What I like about Denise is her non-technical background because I know there's no way she's making up this data. Her joy and love creates a very clear channel for communications.

As received by Denise...

Denice ro Terran: I was curious about the answer to your question that included galactic travelers storing DNA in humans, so I asked for some more information.

19 July 2015 additional questions

Denice: I cleared my space and declared that only communication of pure and absolute love and truth are welcome here.

Denice: Please tell me about DNA storage by galactic travelers.

SC: Yes, well there have been several hundred ‘cases’ of the DNA storage in the human vessel through out the experiment.  Also DNA extraction.  Another story.  

SC: The DNA storage began when other galactic civilizations were ‘burning out’ as it were. Dying for lack of a better word.  [They were] Moving away from home in search of a better place to live.  So many of these groups either knew of the earth experiment by here say (yes there is galactic gossip) other races were part of the founding of the earth experiment.

Denice: How is DNA stored in humans?
SC: DNA is injected mostly into the spine of the recipient from the 4D realm into the 3D realm. The recipient, human never knows about it; there may be some pain associated with it.

Denice: How can this happen without the human agreeing to it?

SC: There are many ways of getting around that issue: soul contracts bound humans to the experiment and that allowed much of it to happen, other times it was into direct descendents of the ‘injecting’ race so that claim of descendent policy was in effect. ..Yes there was a clause in the experiment that allowed for the use of our descendents for further experimentation beyond the earth experiment.

Denice: Why store DNA in humans?

SC: DNA is so much more than a string of chemicals that encases the biological data system. DNA is a computer; it contains ‘spirit’, it is chemical, biological, physical, and ethereal all at the same time. DNA was stored in humans to protect it for future use.

Denice: How could it be extracted without harming the recipient?

SC: Again, extraction was from the 4D and into the 3D. The ‘patient’ never knows what is happening.  A pin prick in the spine is all that is felt.

Denice: If DNA is watered down by subsequent generations, how can it be retrieved whole?
SC: It is not difficult to manage the circuitous timeline if you have the technology that we have.  One simply sets “cruise control” for the day after the DNA was inplanted yes again we say in-planted.  We retrieve it and no harm comes to the ‘patient.’

Denice: What if the DNA is not extracted in a timely manner?

SC: Then it fuses for lack of a better word to the host DNA creating a stronger and fitter specimen.

Denice: Has this happened before?

SC: Yes on many occasions DNA has been implanted and then ‘harvested’ generations later when the desired mutations occur.  That is when immunity to disease is accomplished, when brain functions increase.  We are not interested in physical strength improvements, but it is a perk of the DNA owners to add this quality to their genome.  Physical traits have been ‘watered’ down over the aeons.

Denice: Is the DNA harvest over?

SC: Yes. For the most part there will be no more DNA harvesting.  However, as humanity wakes up and wishes to participate in benevolent Genome studies, we welcome it.  The DNA mutations of humans over the past 30,000 years (yes 30K) have been remarkable.  With the influence of hundreds of galactic civilizations, the earth human DNA ‘palate’ has more colors than originally thought.

Denice: May I ask your name.

SC: Yes, we are a soul collective of scientists aboard the sphere Radiance.  It is good to make your acquaintance. Our names do not transmit well into earth language, but they are indeed like the names of colors you have not yet seen.

SC: With joy and information at your disposal always, we end this delightful transmission.

Updated 7/20/15 8:12 AM GMT.  SC=SCIENCE COLLECTIVE

19 July 2015 Clarification

SC: We the Science Collective aboard the Sphere Radiance wish to make a clarification via this vessel.  She did not convey in words the energy in which we answered her questions.  

SC: Yes indeed there has been very harmful DNA harvesting by Menacing species who destroyed and desecrated the vessels from which they extracted the DNA.  Those situations we will speak of later...  now is the time for joy and the energy levels must not be reduced by our testimony.

SC: The DNA extractions by Galactic Travelers that we address here were harmless and followed all the rules/laws/policies and alignments of good judgment.  It was important for many races/cultures/civilizations to have a ‘place’ (human) to store the DNA for safekeeping. This practice was not harmful, nor was it against universal law.

SC: There were in addition, many DNA Harvesting practices within the experiment; we have the DNA of every possible combination of every species ever ‘born’ onto this planet.  That includes every plant species as well... and the mineral species which you (on Earth) do not even yet classify as species, we have those as well.

SC: The unlawful, harmful and destructive removal and sale of human DNA is a very important component of this experiment, but was not the DNA harvesting that we were speaking of.  That information is too disruptive to the energy to discuss right NOW.  It will certainly be addressed upon arrival of the “Show”.

SC: And as this vessel requires, we say, with joy and thanks, we end this transmission.