Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Memories of Atlantis 1 and First Attempt at Memories of Atlantis 2

Tuscan style home in Atlantis 1

August 17, 2016

Terran note: Loie had asked me to consider doing these memories as a story, and I intend to do that as time permits, but so much data is coming in I decided to just get this published, before it gets lost in the volume of work in the last 11 days.  This may spark memories in others.  -Terran.

Terran: Loie could we do some more heart work?

Loie: Bill, yes, of course.  I am with you.  Let's go into your heart together this time? Loie

Loie: I have something to show you.

Terran: Absolutely! (hug)

Loie: Here we go.  Allow all to flow, Bill.  It accelerates all. Loie.

Terran: Going in

Terran: Looks like a train station, kind of...  but no train many people waiting for me? Lots of kids some adults

Terran: Almost looks like 1960s

Terran: Lost the image going back in

Loie: Bill, I am with you.  Feel me now.  I am here. Loie.

Terran: Kind of a WWII homecoming seen woman hugging her man in front of a ship. [don't know what I connected to in this moment]

Denice Patterson: (ok)

Terran: Can we start over Loie?

Loie: Bill.  Yes.  Of course.  Now relax, slow down, and have some fun with this.  Feel my energy now.

Loie: I am sending you waves of pure love.

Loie:  Focus on this energy.

Terran: Wow

Loie: When you are ready, let us flow into your heart, dear.

Terran: Can you send more of that don't know where this tension in me is from

Loie: Yes, Bill.  Here we go.  There is no pressure to go into your heart, now.  What I have to show you has waited an eternity. One more day will not hurt.

Loie: I am sending you my love, dear.  Allow it to flow through you.

Terran: I want to do this I guess I thought at first it was going to be a difficult moment but I see that it won't be

Terran: I tensed up

Loie: Bill it is not a difficult moment but it is a key to your recall.  Another movement forward for you.  Feel no pressure, love.  It will flow when it flows and I am here always until you no longer need me. Loie.

Terran: Let's do it

Loie: OK, Bill breathe easy.  Relax.  I send my pure love in waves.  Allow them to flow. Allow them to take you into your heart.  I go with you.  I am with you.  You are not alone.  This is not a difficult moment, but important. Loie.

Terran: Ready

Terran: Why am I not feeling anything?

Loie: Bill you are anticipating what you will see. You are blocking this.  We will do this particular visit another time.  For now, I simply send you my pure love energy.

Terran: Oh man.., performance anxiety?

Terran: Maybe I'm tired?

Terran: Now I feel it

Loie: Yes. Bill.  I will tell you that you have avoided this visual before. So in advance, know that I will show you the fall of Atlantis when you are ready.  The Pleiades was an action film compared to Atlantis.  Loie.

Terran: The Fall of Atlantis affected me?

Loie: Yes, Bill.   The Fall of Atlantis affected all of the 11 in many ways.  You have to feel it and remember it. I will be with you.  Loie.

Denice: (my Skype keeps freezing up)

Terran: Okay why don't we try this after Denice babysits?

Terran: I'll rest up

Loie: Yes, Bill. That is perfect.  Feel my pure love as you rest, dear.  Loie.

Denice: (that was a curveball... I had thought she was going to show you Andromeda's end, but she said Atlantis :) )

Terran: Patterson: Talk to you later (sun)

Terran: I tensed up.

Denice: it's ok

Terran: Loie is there some action there that I have been ashamed about?

Loie: Bill.  I am not going to tell you.  You are going to remember.  I am only here to assist you as you complete your journey now, love.  Remember I am with you.  Loie.

Terran: I guess I sensed there was trauma because you were coming with me to be there

Terran: It's the past

Loie: Yes, Bill.  But remember there is nothing to fear.  There is no danger.  It is done.  Loie.

Terran: Thank you. Sorry about the poor flow on my part I really want to do whatever I need to know and be all

Loie: Bill no apologies. Only love.  You are perfect. You are doing magnificently!  I am proud of you and I love you dearly. Loie.

Terran: The thunder is rattling me a bit too. [strong thunderstorm during all this]

Denice: 🌞

Denice: I will check back. . . .swirl that storm out of there (hug)
Terran note 8/18/2016: I took a break for a several hours, Beverly, Raeno, and this time Shawn joined in on a healing session on my hernia (which was bothering me) and they did some work on my ears which were also congested.
Terran note 8/25/2020:  The umbilical hernia was surgically repaired in April 2017. 

Atlantis 2 attempt suspended, memories of Atlantis 1 came instead.

Terran: Loie would like to try again on the heart tour?

Loie: Bill, dear.  Yes.  No pressure and no direction.  We go where you flow tonight.  Atlantis is for another time.  All is perfect. Loie.

Terran: Just surprise it on me, lol

Loie: Bill, this is all you, dear.  Ready?

Terran: Yes

Loie: I am sending you my energies now.  Allow all to flow.

Terran: I feel them now instantly

Loie: Yes, perfect, Bill.  Allow all to flow and go with it.  At your leisure.  Loie.

Terran: Green mossy mountain kind of and entrance not far from the river lot like the alps

Terran: Diamond shaped tunnel flat floor riding in some kind of transports.

Terran: Going into a facility kind of greenish florescent lights there's a check point minor scuffle

Terran: Scene changes like we come into a battle scene but it's weird it's like waking through a movie screen and becoming part of the movie... a portal?

Terran note 8/25/2020: This seems to be a scene segway from Atlantis 2 which wasn't flowing due to apprehensions, to scenes of Atlantis 1 which was a successful creation and flowed easily.

Loie: Feel your way.  Feel the answers to your questions.  You are ALL.

Terran: Now I'm canoeing on quiet stream scene changed again

Terran: It's a squatty canoe with kayak type oar

Terran: Very very beautiful here I can hear the water rushing

Terran: There's a rock slide of water here that is natural... I just saw her laugh and a short scream as the water slides her downstream

Terran: She's drying her hair wrapped in a big towel

The scene changes....

Terran: Both of us are in a kind of living room she hugs me from behind a long couch  this is Atlantis 1.

Terran: I know this house! Thor had shown it to me on another occasion.

Terran: She's on the couch sideways cuddling there is only us here

Terran: She falls asleep on my chest

Terran: It's a very sweet moment

Loie: Feel her name, Bill.  Say it. Loie.

Terran: TI-AN-NA

Loie: Yes, love.  Continue remembering. And feeling. And knowing.

Terran: That is what I feel

Terran: I have light brown wavy hair like a more like a rugged Brad Pit hair and it is shoulder length
Terran note 8/25/2020: This is also how Contan Ribart in Andorra looks.
Terran: Not the NABRAC form... way before it

Terran: The house is so warm and beautiful, kind of a cross between Greek and Tuscan architecture.

Terran: Lots of warm reds and ochre colors

Terran: Fireplaces

Terran: I pick Ti-an-na up and carry her to bed. Not like beds now, more a very large version of doggy beds, has an encircling soft edge  but very beautiful cloth designs. Weaving was the first pixel based art form, followed by mosaics.

Terran: I walk thru the living room thru a large hacienda style arch to an outdoor deck and watch the last of the sun go down

Terran: My elbows are on the balcony wall, very peaceful

Terran: There are some high buildings a bit far away but no street lights, the building is high rise and lit in the distance. This is such a lovely place

Terran: Deep sense of contentment in this place and time so much love here!

Terran: So much trust!

Denice: (the energies are picking up here. . .I am tingling all over!)

Terran: I'm thinking of things I will build!

Terran: There's interesting carved bas relief wood panels depicting a harvest in a forced perspective... I made these wall panels by the entry way

Terran: The are 4-6 inches in depth smaller at the bottom than top 6 feet high by 9 feet wide

Terran: Three panels on an angle

Terran: Ti-an-na is sound asleep it is so quiet here... oniy nature

Terran: New scene, Ti-an-na is creating a work of living art, part carved wood part Ikebana flower arrangement, part bonsai

Terran: It's very unique

Terran: We are in a tropical river water, it is not fast we are in the water alone in a pool below a small waterfall no clothes, just enjoying the water...

Terran: The air is warm water is cool

Terran: There are some small monkeys in the trees above and squeaking tropical birds like red macaws...

Terran: We are holding our breaths and diving down to the sand at the bottom like we are looking for something... maybe just exploring the rocks for openings...

Terran: Why would anyone leave this place and time?

Loie: Now, Bill recall why you did leave this place.  Feel it. Loie.

Terran: The answer I get, if this makes any sense is I never left

Loie: What is your name there, Bill?  Feel it. Allow the flow to continue. Loie.

Terran: HA-NA-EL???  [this is also an lesser known Archangel name]

Loie: Say it aloud.  Do you feel it?

Terran: Yes it resonates... what does it mean?

Terran: Breath of God?

Terran: Ha is out breath that I feel... the rest I'm not sure

Loie: Bill you must feel your way through. . . I am here to send energy. These are your memories and your feelings, love.

Loie: In the Hanael form what do you feel of 'God'? Loie.

Terran: I feel ALL

Loie: It is perfect.

Terran: There is no separation in this place I can feel, at least not in this house... and in this moment there is no worry only joy and love

Terran: This is what I miss and crave!

Loie: Yes, dear. You are still connected to ALL in this place.  Including the Source of ALL that is. Loie.

Terran: Does this still exist?

Loie: Yes, Bill.  All exists. Remember?

Terran: Yes lol it's just our local transport issue lol [hard to get there]

Loie: Yes, Bill.  This work you do bridges the divides. In all ways. Loie.

Terran: That place was timeless yet expanding creation

Loie: Yes. It is.  I continue to send you my pure love, Bill. Shall we continue or are you ready to rest, now?

Terran: I'm enjoying this... depends on if Denice has more time

Denice: (sun) yes of course

Denice: go for it

Terran: Loie can you answer a question for me?

Loie: Yes. Bill. Of course.

Terran: How does one navigate the desire to be with someone yet allow for the others choices to be whatever they need to be without attachment... events don't always match what the heart may desire...

Loie: Pure Love, Bill.  In pure love there are no attachments.  Simply pure love no matter the 'outcome'. Loie.

Loie: And, Bill.  You are there.  You are flowing pure love continuously now.  Your head just gets in the way, occasionally.

Terran: What gives us a sense of loss, even when we are happy another is in joy and expanding? Why do we have bitter sweet emotions? What does it serve to have such emotions?

Loie: Bill as you feel now, it no longer serves to have those emotions.  Release them.  The sense of loss is an illusion.  Nothing is lost.  Losing is not real.  You have expanded enough to feel the absolute truth in this.  You are holding on to now. An attachment that does not exist in this experience.  Release it.  Grand adventures await you, love.

Terran: Wise words.

Loie: You are a wise one, dear.  Feel that as well. Loie.

Terran: There is only love

Loie: Yes, Bill. Only love.  And that is what breeches the divide.  And ends the separation. Loie.

Terran: Are we close to it being over here?  So many are so weary

Loie: That, my dear I cannot answer.  It is all up to you. And to all.  I observe the flow.  I feel the weariness.  I send my pure love to all continuously. Loie.

Terran: Does it have to be unanimous for it to end?

Loie: No dear, you know that is not even a possibility in this current experience.

Loie: Let go of all expectations.  Feel the pure love flow through you.  Allow all pure love to permeate all that is.  And be in complete happiness as much as you are able to be.  Loie.

Denice: (she's showing me an image of a ski boat from the 50s with about 10 water skiers behind it and all letting go and it is chaos ;) )

Denice: (now all the skiers are laughing and splashing)  the boat is still going forward )

Terran: The skiers letting go of the ropes?

Denice: yes. . .and skies. .. .

Denice: they are in the water very happy

Terran: Let go of the machine

Loie: Bill. Yes, you are wise, dear.  If you are ready for a rest, we can resume in the morning.  If you would enjoy one more memory, we can go there. Loie.

Terran: One more would be nice

Loie: You lead the way, love.

Denice: (energies are flowing again, wow!)

Terran: I center and begin again

Loie: We flow together now. In complete happiness, Bill. Loie.

Terran: I think it's Loie running up a circular stair case laughing the stair case is a stylized trunk of a structure that mimics a pine tree trunk

Terran: But has open areas in the trunk where I can see Loie or some young blonde woman

Terran: I need to rest. Thank you Loie! I love you and Denice!

Terran: (heart)

Loie: Bill, I send you my love for the wonderful work that you do now and always!  Loie.

Terran: Nite!