Friday, December 22, 2023

You Are Your Guardian Angel


My oh my!  How the data is flowing these days!  And it just accelerates from here!

There's a lot of religious myths fraying at the seams right now.   People tend to revert to childhood beliefs in times of stress and uncertainty, trying to find certainty in old narratives.  But you won't find certainty in ANYTHING external to you.   Looking in deep inside is for some, the scariest thing of all.

There is no doubt, that beings sometimes intervene in our lives in mysterious and powerful ways. I have had such experiences and so has Heather.   

Heather has told the story many times that while working for her father's construction company as a teenager at the military Joint Use Base Lewis-McChord.  The brakes on the dump truck she was driving failed, and she was teetering on the edge about to fall onto  Interstate 5.  She saw a huge being holding up the front end of the dump truck, keeping it from falling down the hill and he scrambled out of the truck to safety on the runway.  The truck was towed to safety by the crew. 

When I was about 11 years old, I was in a backpacking club in the church I belonged to.  There was about 30 of us boys.  There was a man by the name of Roy Sampson who was a professional big horn sheep hunting guide.   He knew the deserts and mountains of Arizona quite well.  He felt the young men in the church needed masculine adventures and the men in the church organized it loosely on Boy Scouts, although we were not directly affiliated.  The church felt much of the Boy Scout symbolisms and rituals to be of pagan origin.  They might have been right about that. But we did wear their uniforms, because they were the most rugged thing (as in military quality) that we could find at the time.  Our hiking shoes were the old style Converse high top shoes, and we'd get them fitted with two pairs of heavy cotton socks.  Wearing two layers of cotton socks is what kept our feet from blistering and when we walked through streams they'd dry quickly.  It's cheap and lightweight footgear. Mom used to take me Saba's store in downtown Scottsdale for the clothing.  The Saba family were long time friends to my parents.   The Saba Western wear store still exists, but I think the general merchandise store is gone. 

Roy spent a great deal of time and money on the boy's club project and those of us were the beneficiaries of his kindness owe a debt of gratitude to Roy. There were 30 boys, and there was always at least 3-5 adult males accompanying us, to keep us out of the worst mischief.  And to deal with rattle snakes.  Some of the men were armed with pistols, which was not uncommon in the 1960s.  They only used them to shoot rattle snakes, or scare off a herd of wild Javelina (desert pigs).  Most of the time a forked branch sufficient enough to move rattle snakes a little farther from short humans.   In the summer rattle snakes like to sleep in the shade of step stones found on hiking trails.   We were taught to be wary of them and always carried a hiking staff to probe places our feet might go.  There were no cell phones to telephone for help back then. 

The boys club had a system of merit badges, for completing a number of 5 mile, 10 mile, and a final 20 mile hike.  Some were day trips, some of them were multiple day trips.   We hiked to the bottom of Havasui canyon in the Grand Canyon.  We hiked Monument Valley on Navajo Land.

We did many hikes in the Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction, Arizona.  These are breathtaking clips rising hundreds of feet from the desert near Apache Junction.  No place has more rattle snakes than Apache Junction!  A lot of weird tales come out of the Superstition Mountains, it is considered holy land by the Apache.  I have no doubt there are portals there.  There's also a lot of unusual plant life not found elsewhere, water springs, and even apple trees planted by gold prospectors. It is the home of the infamous Lost Dutchman Gold mine, which I think was just the gold depository of King Ferdinand.   It's still there.  And people still die trying to find it. 

On this particular excursion which was meant to be a one way trip from the car drop off point, through a series of canyons, to LaBarge Canyon and to Canyon Lake, a water skiing lake and reservoir for Phoenix.   The hike went well, at first.  But it was 104F (40C) and we quickly when through our army surplus canteens hanging from our belts.  The canyons in this area are box canyons and they look identical we reached a point when even the skilled topo map readers knew we were in trouble.  So we sat in the shade of a huge boulder while the adults figured out what to do.    Out of nowhere a tall thin man, dressed in jeans and a red and white checkered cowboy shirt with pearl snap pockets arrives from a side trail.  He asks the men (and I witnessed this as I was near my dad) if they needed help.  They explained they were having trouble identifying which canyon was LaBarge canyon.  The man said cheerfully, "I am heading there myself, just follow me up!"  And he turns and heads around the boulder and up a trail.  So the men get us kids back up on our feet and we don our backpacks and hiking staffs and march around the boulder and up the trail.   The man was gone!    The men start whisper to each of asking themselves if that was an angel, he wasn't sweating, and his jeans and shirt were neatly pressed.   We never did find the man, but we did immediately find abundant water!  So much so that we spent a couple of hours diving and swimming in it.   Then we headed up the trail and found Canyon Lake and the cars waiting for us.  

So what/who was that?   I have noticed a great similarity of build and demeanor to what I call Nabrac.  But I don't have proof of that I can offer.  I think it was the larger part of me. And Nabrac hasn't come forward on that, not his style to do so.  Nabrac is just another aspect of me, perhaps a more fuller version than this human form can hold in these energies. 

I have come to think ALL incidents of "guardian angels" are just ourselves helping us out of tight spot that might cut short the experience we came here to have.  IT'S US!  IT'S YOU!

So I've gone the long way around of saying something here.  That while the stories you have heard of angels from religion and patented on the ceilings of the great cathedrals are at least 95% bullshit.    YET YOU ARE STILL  protected in more ways than you can possibly imagine.  And that is what people really need to know.   You need to have faith not in humans, ETs, angels, but in the ALL.

There are universals, which frequently get mistaken for angels, who are very high frequency beings that can transit any dimension, but it's not easy for them appear as solid in our realm, unless they in body as a human and some have, and they are deeply embedded in the agencies and law enforcement.  You think the cabal infiltrates, then you have not yet understood he magnitude of impact the Universals are having in this moment.  And most of them will never be known.  

Back in 2015 I wrote about how the Archangels were a kind of interdimensional space suit.  They had no intelligence apart from the being occupying the suit.   Star Trek Discovery came very close to the truth of this in its episodes about the Red Angel. In one sense  the AA Suits were a misdirection, but one meant to deflect worship energies away from themselves (low frequencies). The ones capable of operating the AA suits were all creator beings (small c) but also just as much a part of the ALL as you are.  They were not the Elohim. These beings could and did create life forms, planets and galaxies.   That's not as strange as it sounds once you know that what we think of as space or the void is just pure potential and a kind of incredible substrate that imagination brings to life.   And it's ALL within THE ALL.