Monday, March 27, 2017

Updated: Ponderings from near and far

3/27/17 Some minor updates.

I haven't posted for a days, not for lack of material but I've been out with a fever.  Very similar situation to what happened this winter.  Seems to last about 72 hours. Wednesday evening I went to a very nice Vietnamese meal, When I pulled the car into the driveway at home Heather Skyped me a message. Which is not all that unusual except for my phone was in airplane mode, no WIFI and no Cell signal.  [3/27 This happened again today only with Denice being the recipient with no WIFI or cell service (power outage)].  My battery was nearly out and I was trying to conserve the battery. I switched off airplane mode and said "Ok, I'm impressed" and then jokingly told her what just happened.  She replied in humor "When I want to communicate I do!".  The energies were definitely changing. But I have been told over and over by Loie, "expect the unexpected!"

That night a very unusual wind came through Texas, it was maybe no more than 20 mph, curiously I got a weather alert on my phone about it, but it was how it felt that struck me.  It felt soothing and it sounded like a river. The sound did not match the wind speed.    Around noon the next day I began getting chills, and pretty much stayed in bed until this afternoon.   Its obviously an energetic adjustment or download.

Connecting to my memories has been a long struggle, that is beginning to flow. A lot of memories are coming in, including a house I built in Spain.   Tonight the memories are flowing so fast its really to the point of where do I care to point my focus?  I'll have figure out (remember is probably a better phrasing) a way to manage that flow so its useful.  But its certainly let me know its there.

I'm not at my best tonight so I don't know how great this post will be, but neither can I sleep.

Dani and Lisa Harrison have been doing a number of Q&A sessions with Denice and I do intend to post those, but like I said the flow had other plans for me this week.

I am grateful to Thor for coming forward to Denice and asking her to contact me in June 2015.   Denice has always been there, she transcribed the very first interview with Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Brian Kelly and myself at the very end of December 2012.   Denice over the course of 2014, was sending me dreams she had that were accurate describing events, in real time, that I was seeing in Morocco.  So I knew there was something unique about Denice and her abilities.  Just didn't know how that would unfold.  Denice is a beautiful human being inside and out.

The Sphere Alliance data is useful, especially in coming up to speed fast as the history of things. But it can never replace data derived from the heart, which is your personal connection to the ALL. They do a good job with what they have known, they like every realm, they had a piece of the picture. Over eons data was exchanged with other groups and the collection of data grew. The data does not give you the feel of the times or the beings it covers.  That comes from the heart data. The Sphere Alliance horizons broadened considerably after we gave them access to the Creation Records.  Their entire vocabulary shifted when they saw how everything was really created.  And many old ways of thinking of things changed.  But even with those disclaimers its better than any collection of data on Earth which has such a heavily doctored history.

When we started working with the Data Collectors of the Sphere Alliance, there was no map of where to begin, and Dani is asking some questions I didn't think to ask. That's a good thing. Many are finding those filling in some blanks in their understanding.  Initially I was just trying to figure out who I was and how it was I ended up in the Alps of Italy...  But after a while, and I burrowed into more data personally than I have posted, I realized, yeah, I did a lot!  In my personal case the inquiry could last a thousand years. But what do I be now?  Each moment we create our selves anew, unless we attach to what no longer serves.

In going through such troves of data, if you go into the data thinking there is just one set of heroes and villains, what you will find is  EVERYONE DID IT.   Good and bad.   Everyone is SOURCE.   You might be an wise kind sage over there and a warlord somewhere else.  In the end separation conscious was a heavily fire walled illusion. And it will not be repeated.  

We are at the stage now where the Earth is cleared of the biggest obstacles, despite appearances on the news shows.  But few believe network news anymore anyway.  The agencies no longer have a chain of command to coordinate them at levels few knew existed and they seem to be eating each other,  They are not working from the heart so are limited in their comprehension. Same is happening in politics as we see surprising alliances of John McCain and Hillary Clinton basically in the same camp.  What was hidden is now open and blatant and seen.   The search engines are having their ad buyers turn on it, in a grand case of "shoot the messenger" as the elite owned corporations blame all the videos on YouTube for their change of fortunes in the public mind.  Which only shows how little they understand of what is really going on.

Sophia Love did this channeling below... this one came to me though her paid newsletter.  I asked Sophia for permission to repost this one, this would not normally make the web as its exclusive to her subscriber base but she graciously allowed me to repost it.  If you copy this post for reposting on another blog please approach Sophia first. Her website is at

I thought this one was intriguing because my initial reaction to the name, but there is a profound insight here that I think is useful to this moment we live in....  and perhaps provides a hint on what's left to do...

March 6, 2017

Would someone like to connect?

I would Sophia.

Hello. Please introduce yourself.

I am Soros. (spelling an approximation)

I am familiar with that only as a family name on the earth.

This is not the earth. My place of origin and where I reach to you now from is a planetoid that has no such designation as a name. It exists and orbits outside of your system of stars, outside of your solar system.

Okay. Soros it is. Would you describe yourself and explain your reason for reaching out to me today?

I would. I look similar in body type to you - to a human, a male human. I am not precisely the same, our eyes here are one color, blue. Our hair is one color, or lack of color. It is white.

I see very long hair.

Yes. Your vision is accurate. As I adjust to your frequency, I can adjust my thoughts so that they can be seen as well as heard by you.

Very cool.

You are humorous, human. I had heard as much.

My name is Sophia. I prefer that to being called "human".

Fair enough. Let's get to the point of this exchange then, Sophia.

Yes, let's, Soros.

I come at this time now, many years into this method of communication, because I felt that now there could be worthwhile contributions made.

For you have declared all contact be helpful.

I have, yes.

Yes, so now I will share some of what my people on this current planet have learned; what has helped them to successfully grasp life.

I am not clear on what those last 3 words, "successfully grasp life", refer to.

Yes, well, let me explain what has been learned here. It was as if we began as newborns and grew to old age and its attained wisdom in a single moments time.

We collectively "got it".

What we "got" was that none of this matters, while every miniscule portion of it is extremely revealing and relevant.

What this means, is that we together "got" that what was a fruitless endeavor was attempting to change everyone and everything around ourselves.

That anything not begun at the beginning would never reach the end.

The beginning was us. This refers to an individual us; an individual me.

I am getting a download - so much information at once!

This thought expands almost instantly. Would you want me to stop for a bit so you can transcribe what you hear and see now? I can wait.

Yes, okay, let's try it that way.

Initially, I get that as a body of beings also enslaved and taken over, you fought for freedom. That action created a culture of looking outside yourselves for all wrongs or reasons.

What this did is get rid of some of the obvious perpetrators of the crime, but it left the problem. For the people, your people, retained an attitude of "someone is out to get me", "someone else is ruining this", "I am right and someone else is wrong".

What initially began with an obvious enemy, the en-slavers who took control of the planet, gradually became many, as the en-slavers were removed.

You are seeing it, Sophia.

As this went on, the problems remained. No one felt safe or comfortable in the "hands" of anyone else.

Yes, and this went on. The polarity grew and the longed-for freedom felt caged.

I am not sure how or who started the change, but what happened here is that there was a moment when we all did.

What changed?

Someone recognized that we all acted as if we were still prisoners. That initial thought, created the conditions of living that demanded there be prison guards and a police force to control our actions. It removed ourselves from being held accountable.

We were a planet of slaves, and even though we had removed the controllers in charge of enslaving us, we did not know how to be free. As a result, we were not.

When I said "start at the beginning", it was a reference to starting individually and in your own beliefs. This is the initial thought that changed everything here.

We together became a planet of sovereign beings when we accepted responsibility for our lives - our belief systems, assumptions and actions.

It was not easy. The climate had become so completely divided that it was even affecting family members. Brother vs brother. Yet, once the thought of self-responsibility spread, we collectively stopped pointing fingers. Instead we began to shake hands.

What I came to say is that the thought of individual responsibility led to community.

I am not sure if it can be explained how this occurred. It may be that someone finally noticed (that) the captors weren't holding us in cages and we must have been holding ourselves there. We were a miserable lot.

It took an extreme atmosphere of polarizing to bring on the change. I come now because I suspect the human approaches the same atmosphere.

An initial thought of sovereignty can multiply quickly. Once focus is altered from out there to inside.

Is that all? You seem to have stopped.

Yes. This is, I hope, a bit of an assist to your people. That is what I came forward to share. Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

You're very welcome. Goodbye Soros.

Goodbye Sophia.