Sunday, December 9, 2018

Mars Rover Photo

‘Looks like the Batmobile’: Has a Redditor discovered a UFO on Mars?

Terran: Hey Stan was that the Ridlian ship the Mars rover photographed?



Conversation with Nabrac 12-09-2018

Skye: OK Nabrac has dropped by... he HEARD you had some questions for him.... ?

Terran: Yes I do!

Terran: Nabrac why does my energy fade so often? The altitude? Am I somewhere else a lot lately?

Nabrac: Terran you are BUSY... busier than you have ever been.Your body is in several densities at once [skye: he said densities, don't know if that makes sense??]. We are all doing 10 jobs at the same time...some literally. Your 3D body was made/created to take all that has been and is being 'thrown at it' and it is working overtime. Just listen to your body and take all the rest it needs. 

Nabrac: Your body needs the clearer air for this work, but you have been so long in denser frequencies it is taking time to acclimate on more than one level

Nabrac: There are new frequencies 'incoming' in all directions, and your body is busy re-wiring itself

Nabrac: You are doing some of the most important work on this planet right now

Nabrac: and we truly appreciate that

Nabrac: Btw we like your new hat :) 

Terran: lol!!

Hat from Martha and Maragre

Nabrac again: and you know that balaclava you mentioned could be useful??? Well... I wonder why that 'thought' came in.. huh??? Could be useful in 'undercover' work.... ? πŸ˜ƒ 

Terran: Lol

Terran: Nabrac when I sleep it seems I’m constantly talking to people

Nabrac: YOU ARE

Nabrac: And not just when you're asleep πŸ˜‰

Terran: On this end it’s all jumbled up and I don’t know details but a lot is going on

Nabrac: IT IS... 'on a need to know basis'... thats why you can't remember... You remember what is important... The rest is important while it's happening, but the memory is not. Be assured the work you are doing is VERY IMPORTANT. You are playing a KEY role in the team... You are the GLUE holding it together [skye: interesting]

Terran: On a humorous note a local dentist is named Rothschild.

Skye lol that is hilarious... AND NO COINCIDENCE

Skye: Have you been doing any gluing lately, out of interest? lol

Terran: I’ve been thinking about glue as I need to add more plywood to the kitchen floor the owner used thin material and I’m a big boy

Skye: Well there ya go....

Terran: Been doing a lot of electrical wiring. Y has been building too

Skye: WELL Nabrac also says....  “There are new frequencies 'incoming' in all directions, and your body is busy re-wiring itself”

Skye:  πŸ˜ƒ

Terran: Hmmmm

Skye: rewiring and gluing

Skye: He's coming through very clearly tonight

Terran: Inner and outer

Skye: the rewiring of the physical bodies and the planet... inner and outer

Terran: Nabrac is Majestic 12 a true disclosure or manipulation?

Skye relaying Nabrac’s words: He's saying to “trust”

Terran: Trust me? Or MJ12?

Skye: He's not saying any more than that.

Skye: typical lol!

Skye: wait... he's just said “MJ12 = disclosure”

Terran: Did you ever see a more hot button topic?

Skye: no

Skye: He says “The Plan is very complicated”

Skye: “...involves many players on many players ...some will turn out not to be who you thought... maybe double maybe triple bluff maybe more... remember the game blind man's buff?”

Skye: “The ball of string is unravelling very quickly.... They thought they had all the loose ends tied up within the ball of string... but tug one loose and the whole lot becomes a tangled mess which takes a while to untangle, but eventually the true thread becomes apparent... “

Terran: Interesting term “ball of string” Y once used that term... [in a conversation]

Skye continuing quote “...and wound up in it are lots of pieces of string that at one time were cut and then rebound into the ball in order to hide the fact that they had been cut... and were not still part of the original thread”

Terran: Sometimes when I encounter people I have this sense I know them from before like Heather, Cobra, and maybe MJ12 but that’s not clear to me yet.

Terran: Also one voice in Q [posts] I recognize [Q is a group]

Nabrac: The voice you recognise is your own

Terran: In which instance?

Skye: It was when you said the “voice in Q you recognise" that he said “your own”... 

Terran: I would agree

Terran: In what form I have no idea

Terran: Will I remember the details when it’s all over of all this work?

Nabrac: When it's all over you will not care whether or not your remember all the details. Your world, your universe, your ALL will be so unrecognisable you will be focused on the NOW and at the wonder of it all!

Terran: I can live with that. It’s about the result.

Skye: Nabrac feels very calm and kind of strong and assured... not flippant or offhand or arrogant even as he sometimes can be... not tonight...very business like

Skye: He wants you to feel confident that all is well and going to plan and that you shouldn't worry about your physical form

Skye: it is built to cope!

Terran: RAK mentioned once I [the alpha inbodyment] was split into 12 (earth) fragments but also had 1200 [other] inbodyments

Skye: bloomin' heck!

Terran: He doesn’t have to live in it lol. Seriously though I don’t know how I am even operating at times with my [sometimes] O2 lower than it was when I was in ICU in 2009... so something is sustaining me!

Nabrac: Light Terran... LIGHT

Terran: One tough body huh?

Skye: yes definitely Bill

Skye: He's saying that “you shouldn't believe that your 02 levels need to be a certain number... “

Skye: that's called 'mind control'    lol

Skye: and the mind controls the body...

Skye: i climbed down from the summit of [Mount] Everest with no supplementary 0xygen as it had run out. And i only had one third of what we have at sea level... and i was absolutely fine. Felt amazing actually

Terran: Here’s what I do know... when most of me is here O2 levels are normal

Skye: there you go

Terran: Maybe less of me needs less?

Skye: yes could be absolutely

Skye: he said “YOU ARE BUSY... VERY BUSY”

Skye: i just know you shouldn't worry

Terran: I stopped worrying

Skye: do you feel breathless?

Terran: No but sometimes get altitude headaches

Skye:."..and you're not only busy when you're asleep..." he said that too...

Skye: water?

Terran: Drinking a lot of water and tea, cutting back on coffee

Skye: food? :)

Skye: at altitude i often felt crappy when i hadn't had enough to eat. headache

Terran: Adequate food, actually in the last week appetite has declined

Skye: Anyway... he's just saluted lol.... He's off

Skye: He was saluting YOU

Terran: I salute him too!

Skye: He appreciates that

Terran: Yeah I think that covers it


Terran: Absolutely! ❤️

Skye: Thumbs up all round... we're all doing a great job ❤️

Terran: Thank you Skye! (hug)

Skye: BIG LOVE AND A BEAR HUG (lips)(heart)(hug)(penguinkiss)

Terran: Lol

Terran: Cheers!

Terran: 🍺🍺

Skye: yes... here's to us ... all of us

Terran: That conversation helps a lot. 

Skye: great

Skye: love you bill

Terran: ❤️