Sunday, January 8, 2023

Imbibe your Divine Essence

This was shared this morning…


Imbibe your Divine Essence,
and you will taste true freedom.
That is the real Essence of life.

You are experiencing a return to your origin,a reuniting with your Eternal Core.

Every single step you have taken in your life has led you up to this point in time. All the directions you have traveled on your Life's Journey

have been with the aim of helping you arrive at this very destination.

You have come to a pivotal point. Or rather, you are that point. A Central Element around which so much turns.

So imbibe your Divine Essence. Fill your self up with the immenseness of your Being. For you are here in this Now to be the change that has been so longed for.

So step out into the open.
Be seen.
By yourself.
And by others.

That way, change will become apparent to all those still living within the shadows of their self-doubt. 

And life will once again flourish. 

For One. For All.