Sunday, July 19, 2020

#HATJ Update 7/19/2020


I spoke with Heather's husband Youssef yesterday.   He said there was a woman who handled early releases at Dublin FCI.  Shortly before she left her job on maternity leave, she told Heather she was to be released in June and was on the list.  Heather gathered together her clothes and papers and packed them, in anticipation of getting called to the office.  She also deleted all her email contacts but Youssef's at that point.

Heather does not know why the web site currently shows a release date of 1/13/2022 now.  She will know more details on Monday.  The local staff of the B.O.P. did not know why it was changed.

Youssef also said she will be restoring her email contacts.  Heather only gets 5 minutes for a phone calls, which is just about enough time to say hi to the kids. Communications are pretty limited, even for family phone calls.  I suspect computer time is also similarly limited due to the "COVID19 lockdowns" in California.

He said the web site originally showed 9/13/2021 as the release date, then it was moved forward one month to 8/11/2021.  Then last week it was changed to 1/13/2022.  It may be an attempt by an insider to skew the systems so she will not come out on any early release program list, which require a year or less left on the sentence to be eligible for early release.