Monday, June 28, 2021

Kryon: You have one month


Kryon excerpt from video:

Human beings are changing the way they think.

But it cannot change unless you get out of what you would call the survival instinct, of three dimension. Four within the reality that you claim is all there is, is the box you put God in. And that gets in the way of everything you do.

Think about these things. All these years what humans do with energy.

When you feel something that is not part of your reality, it disturbs you. And you do one of two things with it. You either worship it. Or you condemn it. Very few human beings, absorb it.

Because it's frightening, is it not? 

It is not in the box and the reality that you would expect, if a miracle happened. What do you do? “Thank you God”, you said. All of the credit therefore goes to a divine power, you cannot understand which is beyond all things explainable.

If something goes bump in the night, it is the devil. “It’s evil!” Let me expand your box for a moment. What if all of those things were normal. What if they're part of humanism. What if instead of closing in your box, you build a bigger box? If that suits you, do it! Take the box, double its size and include energies, you don't understand in the smaller box.

Here's the invitation. [random etheric tone in the room… Spirit is having fun! (laughter) Sound from heaven!

The next time you get an unusual healing, something that happens out of the normal, something that you might even label as typical spontaneous remission, which isn't.

Why don't you say “thank you!”, inside the Creator, which allowed this to be manifested. Why don't you say “I am powerful in that I am a piece of God, to expand my energy.”

And when something goes bump in the night, you might consider that it's is part of a system of energy for we have told you that all energies that are produced on the planet. Stay here. All good things or bad things in your purview.

If there was a dramatic moment, something that is abominable to the human spirit it is imprinted in the air stays and stays there, like a tape that replays itself. If it’s energy, doesn't necessarily mean it's an entity, does it? And you might experience it. It is not evil. It's simply energy. And what does it beg you to do? Clear it.

We've told you this before because your energy allowance has an attribute that light is more powerful than dark because light is active and dark is passive.

That is to say, if you have a dark room. You open the door, dark does not leak out. Even instead you light a match, darkness vanishes for it cannot exist with light there, you see, dark has no substance, for it is defined as the absence of light.

Therefore, if you come upon an energy which you feel is a stamp of inappropriate misery for your magnificence, that is in your purview. The light will go away. It is as simple as that.

You can address it. You could say energy be gone. Or you have no more purpose, that there be light in this place. I've just given somebody an answer, who came here for [it].

It's time to expand the box. Perhaps it's time to eliminate it. The perception of the human being, creates what is what is called the magnificence of God and the power of evil is only a perception.

Let me tell you what our perception is like of all of you, each one carries a magnificent potential to control the energies for yourself around you for your life. Don't be afraid of either one. If you come across something inappropriate clear it up. You come across something magnificent claim it as your power, and move forward to the next step.Do you hear what I'm saying? Trying to have a perceptional shift, is it not?

Humanity has consistently put God in a box of fear, you fear God, do you not because God is big and humans are not? Supposedly. Let's talk about that human perception.The human wants to paste human attributes on the divine to the Creator of the universe. Supposedly when you step across the veil, you're going to find strife.

You're going to find war, you're going to find angels, fighting angels. That's your mythology, isn't it?
You're going to find one of the attributes of humanity that you have pasted on God completely and totally, you're going to find punishment and reward. Did you know it doesn't exist on this side of the veil? I'm going to tell you what exists on my side of the veil, a soup of magnificent energy, it's seen as a message in color and light.There's no strife here, a Creator energy has no strife here. There's no punishment here, there’s no reward here. There’s only Creator energy here.

You're part of the Creator energy family, you should know this. And you should have the wisdom also to know that all of the things you paste upon God, are the human attributes. But you can't think past that box of what God must be like.

So you create wars in heaven you create Angels striving and create things that would that would then explain the devil. Fallen Angels. Pearly Gates. Lists of do's and don'ts of good and bad. Accounting places you go. Golden streets. All human perspective. These too upon God. I'm going to tell you it's a lot different than that.

And I want to remind you that there are those who have seen it? Why don't you have somebody who has had what you would call a “near death experience” when they got close. Ever so close to the creator's energy. When they just barely touched it. When they were… when the heart was stopping and the breathing was almost gone, before they were brought back to life with science, they got to go there…they got to touch the hand of God as it was just barely creeping through the door, it was barely opening. And what they saw was magnificent, filled with love, filled with light, filled with family, filled with beauty. There was no strife here, there was no punishment there.

And when they came back, listen to what they told you for it changed their lives, didn't it? Listen to each one talk about it. There is nothing to fear and they said death is, is something you experience a lot of. Blessed is the human being when they're born and when they die. And they have the wisdom to say, “oh, it's uncomfortable but don’t get all worried. Because I've done it before birth and death, most uncomfortable.” How many times have you got old soul?

All of you can go through it again often every, every single one in this room. You see the Akash you know who you are, you see the lineage purpose of who you are, you can't stay on my side of the veil when you're not complete.

When you're not finished. you're here you are in this shift, it's going to shift the planet so that when you return you can finally do something, do you understand what I'm saying, is to transition, and you come back so you can finally do something. Old soul it’s imminent, some of you are over 50,000 years old. You're not going to stay away. You're not going to miss the end of this transition.

Birth Pains


Much has been said about childbirth. Usually from the perspective of the mother but not the child.  Having observed it in my own daughter and her mother it's as biologically messy and gooey as it gets.  My wife at the time was in labor 48 hours.  Labor had to be induced, and the nurses didn't want to do that without an epidural.  But there was so much joy when it was complete.  Last Friday my daughter earned her PhD. How time flies! 9 years of college.  She far exceeded any expectations I had for her.  I did teach her she could be anything she wanted to be.   And while she should be proud of her achievement, her life journey is just beginning.

Nature seems to spare us the early memories of our journey through the birth canal, having our skulls compressed into the shape of an American football - flexible though they be at that stage of human life.  The skull is soft and flexible to fit through our mother's pelvis.  A baby gets quite a ride after enjoying 9 months in a liquid bliss environment bathed in the fluids of its mother in perfect temperature and heart felt loving expectation. I can only imagine the shock of that moment when it arrives.  Most new mothers find it a shock too. Maybe there's a rare soul who remembers that infant journey. I have never read of one but that doesn't mean there aren't some.  There are always outliers and exceptions.

Collectively we are in such a moment. Cosmic infants.  I am not sure everyone is experiencing it all at the same time. That probably depends where you are in your journey.  Not all babies are born on the same day. You have chosen the time of this energetic re-birth when its the perfect time for you.  It may be collectively like a pan of popcorn, some kernels are early, and some are late to pop. 

I will do what I have done since 2012, and give my view and experience.  This time is so charged with emotions and upheaval that I won't give anyone else's view unless they ask me to share it, and even then I won't name them. 

You may find that you are remembering things from another lifetime.  You may find that some of what you remember is not pleasant, or can even have regrets attached to it.  These will come in vignettes of images.  The triggers can be anything as its associative in nature within the hologram of your essence structure, much like memories in the brain.  As the unpleasant ones come through, feel them, acknowledge them and let them go.  They are coming up for review and release from your energy field.  Sometimes you may say "WTF, why did they do that to me?"  and it may be from another life.   Sometimes you will see things you did, and say "What was I thinking?".  Let those go too.

You may also find your body doing really weird things even if you avoided vaccines. You may have headaches. You may lose your bowels and have to run to the restroom. You may find your self cold one day and warm the next. You may find you can't pull up the word you want in conversation, and wonder if you are becoming like Joe Biden bumbling through your thoughts which are intact but not easily experessed from your mouth.  I know several experiencing that and so am I. You may say exactly the wrong thing to those you care about most. But they won't know why you said what you did.  And you probably don't know either.

You may write articles  like I do and find your words look like a deranged autocorrect program gone rogue attacked them. I have seen that already... so bear with my writing as I don't always catch those lately but I am aware of the problem. I have slight dyslexia, usually manifests by truncation of words like "THEY", "THEIR", "THERE", "THEN" to the truncated "THE".  I have compensated for this when I first realized I had the issue in 1982. I discovered it while writing "IF THEN ELSE" statements in a computer language and getting all kinds of compile errors.  For me, it's mostly specific to words beginning with "THE". Somewhere in my head where "THE" words live, something is askew.  But it did explain some of the grades I got in high school English classes.  Nobody tested for dyslexia when I was in high school. It's not that I can't write, it seems to be that dyslexia people are a little less linear than others.  Words make sense in either direction. I love anagrams and palindromes. But this is dyslexia lately is on steroids substituting whole words and sometimes not the right ones.    

What to do?  The answer came to me tonight while my cat was resting on me.  Cats groom themselves, before they nap, I always thought it of it as just their cleaning compulsion before they sleep, until he started licking my hand.  He was grooming my hand.  It's this particular feline's way of expressing affection. And then it hit me, he's showing love to me and himself.  It isn't just a compulsion. He loves himself and he loves that he is a cat, and he takes care of how he looks.  Animals don't get into self loathing like humans do.  They just love themselves.  Even if they are coughing up hair balls.  So it gave me an insight on what I need to do with my cosmic hair balls that are coming up right now.  Hack... hack... gahack....

Love yourself through these times. If it gets weird at home, go swim in a lake.  If you friends are strung as tight as Texas barb wire fence, walk softly in those moments. They are going through it too.  Even the ones you think nothing can touch because they are so incredibly spiritual.  They are human too.  Be patient.  Take a drive to somewhere you have not been before.  Plant a tree or a rose, even if you won't be there when its mature, someone else will get joy from what you do now. 

Your body is transforming.  The Earth is transforming.   You can have a death grip on the roller coaster bar or put your hands up in the air.  The choice is yours how you experienced the ride.  Joy works better than fear, but it's not stopping until it's done.