Wednesday, February 6, 2019

You don't need to eat the cactus

Yesterday I read Heather's court appointed "appeal lawyer" Dennis Terrez's plan for Heather's appeal which can be summarized as "Hey she's crazy therefore innocent".... with lawyer like that who needs enemies right???   I have not spent any time in corresponded with the man at all unlike the prior lawyer Francis, he felt compromised by the Chinese from the get go.  Extensive travel to China seminars and all.   You can see the filings by Dennis Terrez over at BZ Riger's web site, I won't be posting them here.

Heather had this reply yesterday:

From Heather
subject: Dennis G. Terez, et al
I have received a few emails regarding Dennis' filings... I will only comment to keep hearts open and transmitting... he, and others, require the assistance of all in these moments that humble the most ardent arrogance and apathy into dissolution. 
"sic transit gloria mundi" 😉

In complete humor, gratitude, compassion, and love for all...all ways, always 

"sic transit gloria mundi" = "Thus passes the glory of the world"

I mean really... declare her mentally incompetent and that opens to the door to institutionalizing her doesn't it?  Oh Heather's quite sane, its this banking system that is insane!  If you had the choice of serving out your sentence and possible pardon or invalidating all you work with the Appeal Lawyer's tactic which which would you choose?  It's those documents that have to be made to look as the product of a deranged mind...  cause only she can sign off on the new financial system (however that turns out).

....and then my mind was going to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Nurse Cratchet.  Have to watch myself about such imaginings...  and we used to think only the USSR did this sort of thing??? I don't choose to create what I don't want to see...

Heather knows what she is doing, even if she doesn't always disclose "the details" to others in advance as to why.  But after 6 years I have seen her in action, she's always 12 steps ahead. 

I rarely show the side of me on this blog that screams "What the fuck is this lawyer doing? Is he Nuts?"  He either understands NONE of the jurisdictional tricks of the commerce courts posing as District Court or is intentionally ignorant. But hey, I don't speak for Heather,  I am speaking as one who sat in court in DC and Knoxville and witnessed at the court shenanigans first hand and not some lawyer in Ohio who reads its dry on a transcript and hasn't even met Heather face to face.

Whatever is going on... it's absolutely showing the complete absolute corruption of the Courts and Bar Attorneys!

So it was that backdrop of yesterday that I particularly appreciated this Tweet from the Schrodinger's Other Cat's Blog, no coincidences.  Thank you Cat's for the Reminder!  I needed it!