Monday, June 12, 2017

Flow work with Loie June 9, 2017 - Encounter with a Sea Dragon

Terran note:
there are a number of creatures showing up that have been away from the Earth for sometime.  This one was a surprise for me...  Like the Dragons of myth, this sea dragon is not of draco origin.  A number of gentle beings were taken to safety are various points in Earth history.

[6/9/17, 6:23:41 AM] 

Terran: Loie?

Denice: sure!

Loie: Hello Bill. I am with you. All is perfect, love! Do you feel it? Loie.

Terran: Yes but my mind sometimes wants to figure out all the connections and that is not possible

Loie: All will make sense for you as it flows to you. There is so much 'connecting' now, love! Loie.

Terran: I do feel that... also feel that there will be much for me to do shortly

Loie: Yes, love! Things are getting exciting now.

Terran: The months of waiting are nearly over

Loie: How about a frequency to see what you need to see? Loie.

Terran: Absolutely

Loie: Here we go! Feel me? Loie.

Terran: Seeing a mud and straw hut in a desert. Roof is like thatch

Terran: Dunes like Sahara, no glass in window holes

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: See French legionnaires with something like a 50 caliber or bigger gun on the dune pointing guns out at the sea

Terran: 2-3 men

Terran: feels like Tunisia

Loie: Boosting. Loie.

Terran: Asked [the flow] "what are they afraid of?" ...

Terran: Then saw a Loch Ness type sea creature in the sea

Terran: Pretty large which seems to be enjoying itself

Terran: It's kind of a sea dragon

Terran: Aquatic animal

Terran: Does have clawed legs

Terran: Very large

Terran: 40-50 feet

Terran: Doesn't seem aggressive just frolicking

Terran: There's lots of fish in the southern med

Terran: Seems to a fairly uninhabited area

Terran: Nice beach

Terran: Very dry

Terran: It's mostly smooth but some spikey ridges along its back

Terran: Greenish black

Terran: Horse like nose

Terran: Small French built helicopter circling it studying it

Terran: Get the sense they are baffled by the appearance of this animal

Terran: They can't explain it

Terran: I see villagers who first told authorities about it, and local military thinking they lost their minds

Terran: They have those long North African shirt like clothes

Terran: There is some kind of special video camera on the helicopter with a ranging laser to gauge distance and size... looks a bit like those tube like tourist telescopes you put coins into (not the flat disk ones)

Terran: Thought it was a gun at first but not a gun

Terran: There is also a harpoon type buoy projectile tracker but doesn't seem like they are going to use it to tag the animal

Terran: But it's inside the helicopter, which is not a large copter looks civilian

Terran: Not military

Loie: Can you talk to it, love? Loie.

Loie: Amplifying. Now.

Terran: The sea dragon?

Loie: Yes, dear.  Loie.

Terran: I don't know

Terran: I can attempt it

Loie: Amplifying, dear.

Terran: I called "Sea dragon" and it looked at me so I guess I can...

Terran: What should I tell it?

Loie: Ask its name, dear. Loie.

Loie: Introduce yourself.

Terran: It's name is AL-KA-ZAR

Loie: Boosting, love.

Terran: I asked where he came from he says "from an innergrated realm"

Terran: From TOO-BIS

Terran: I ask him how he likes it (feels male but I should ask) he says "love it! Lots of fish"

Terran: I ask it if it is male or female it seemed puzzled... it is what we would say...  hermaphrodite

Terran: Both genders

Terran: I ask if it's aware of the guns pointed at it... it's laughs and says "yes but I have very tough skin"

Terran: Doesn't not feel threatened in any way. Just wants to play and eat fish

Terran: It's like a kid in the bath tub with its best toys that's the joy I'm feeling

Terran: I say "I love you Alkazar!" It says "I love youuuuu!" Then snorts like mist rings kind of like smoke rings but mist (fog).... neat trick...

Terran: It doesn't exactly have wings more like large flippers on its back which propels a bit like a sea turtle

Terran: Has four legs too

Terran: There are some large dark dolphins also watching it as it is new to them as well

Terran: The dolphins are keeping their distance

Terran: Cautious

Terran: I can hear the dolphins talking "what is it?" the other one says  "I don't know". "Should we get the pod?"... the first one replies "Not yet, let's watch"

Terran: I tell the dolphins "This is Terran!" They reply "TERRAN!!!!" in squeaky excited voices!

Terran: I tell them "it's Alkazar from TOOBIS, a sea dragon, he eats fish not dolphins"

Terran: "that's what we wanted to know!" They swim away to tell the others

Terran: LOL!!!  I can hear the dolphins say "Terran can hear us now!" Lol... which is just as surprising to me!

Terran: Feels like this was more about informing the dolphins about the newcomers

Terran: End of flow

Loie: Perfect love. And what fun! Loie.

Terran: Yes very fun!

Terran: I am going to hear a lot from dolphins now it's spreading fast

Terran: Lol

Terran: They laugh

Terran: "Yes you will!!!"  They feel a bit like the "Good Friends" Fae

Terran: Pressure on my head

Terran: I need to take a break and shower

Denice: (yes)

Terran: Thanks Loie more in a bit?

Loie: Of course, love! I am here. Always! Loie.


Hi everyone!  Sorry for the absence, had to arrange a new internet connection (which is much faster and more reliable than it was!) and had to replace a motherboard on the iMac, which is now working.

Will be posting some stuff today.

Love you all!