Tuesday, August 1, 2023



One of the reasons I have opted for doing Gig work on the side is as these energy fluxes come through I can have a bit of down time if I need it.  Sleep has been erratic lately, I roll with the best I can.  I often read KPs accounts of his own adaptations to the energies incoming and I really do relate to what he goes through, and I am slightly older than KP. 

Dream 7/31/23

Mid afternoon dream.  Woke earlier at 4 AM it took a bit to get back to sleep.

There was a sign like you might see at a rural minimart or one of those drive thru liquor stores on a towable cart with wheels. It had big block plastic letters on a yellow background. 

I was placing the letters with my mind.  It was supposed to be a quote from Shakespeare except it didn’t rhyme like Shakespeare. The letters said:  “TO LOVE AND WIN IS HUGE”. 

I found myself wondering what it was I actually won.  I was thinking  “Shakespeare didn’t write that!”  Then I woke up.

This is all fits with what I am feeling that we are past the the tipping point, way past it and things are going to change fast now.  One of the strategies that has puzzled me has been the masked politicians and body doubles, it's in almost every country now.   Best I can make of the strategy is it's a controlled demolition of pirate cartel that's been running the planet for thousands of years.  The network is so embedded into everything and much of it has been hidden, so those doing the Universal Cleanup have been using every tool they have, and one of those tools is letting confirmation bias of the opposition work against them. At the surface it looks like nothing has changed while in reality they are no longer masters of their destiny.  They had 10 years to change, they chose not to.  

Tarot by Janine is back on YouTube, and not coding her words anymore.  Apparently YouTube has backed off their censorship mad ways.    I found this video by Janine very much along the lines that I have been feeling and that is, it is is all done, except for the reveal.