Thursday, February 29, 2024

Thor Confirms JP data about Gold

Terran: Thor, Dr Salla posted an interview with his US Army soldier contact JP regarding a mission to a frozen cave castle where they retrieved a large amount of "gold plates" (frisbee size circular disks).   

Is this in any way related to the gold you showed me being delievered by nonlocals in 2020 (4 years ago)?   Do you happen to know where this cave is?  Argartha?


Possibly more to come...

Dr Salla interviews "JP" about his mission to a gold cache in a frozen cave


This is interesting, JP feels sincere, but I can't vouch for anything he says because I am not in that loop.  Thor did show me a galactic shuttle bringing in gold in 2020 and it involved,  as JP described them "Nordics" (don't like that term...  feels a bit too generic to me like white people or black people).  There's a big galaxy out there.  I do know they brought gold.  Whether it was cached where JP was I don't know, I suspect if what he describes is real its part of the Argartha complex.   Earth isn't so much hollow as a bit like Swiss cheese, and there are 37 races or groups who make their home in the Earth's crust.   I prefer the surface, at least I can see a sunset here.

I can't vouch for the accuracy of any of this video so use your discernment, and even if I could vouch for it, use your own discernment. 

PS: An odd thing did happen though when I streamed this video from my phone to my TV.  An adult turkey hen 12 inches from window looked in my living room as it started to play and didn't leave until it was finished!  Maybe as one turkey to another she was saying "Hey watch this!".  :)  We have a lot of wild turkeys around here, and they show up at the oddest moments.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

UPDATE 1 - Mari Swaruu: Hexadimensional Spacetime
(and its relationship to the Dewey Larson Reciprocal System)


Mari Swarru

This is some valuable information which fits into what has been called the Dewey Larson reciprocal system of "time-space" vs "space-time" (not specifically mentioned in the videos but for those with eyes to see its there).  For old readers of the blog you will remember the Dewey Larson material being how I met Dani and my first collaboration with her in 2012.   I met online Brian Kelly, Dani, KP months before I encountered Heather.  Heather's mother Loie was watching us. 

The Andromedans refer to these reciprocal relationships as "INTER-REALM" and "REALM". Inter-realm being what some call "hyperspace" of faster than light navigation.  I prefer INTER-REAL and REALM because even space and time are bit of an illusion, it's all frequency in the end which means any aware enough being can move their own form given the right awareness, frequency and knowledge without any vehicle at all.  Imagine what that would do to false notions of owning people and where they can go!

Einstein injected a view of time into science of time as a single 4th dimension, which perpetuates the erroneous belief of time being a one-directional arrow moving in only one direction.  We literally are lacking two dimensions of time in our Earth calculations!  

When I was in Morocco, I think it was Lisa Harrison or possibly Dani that called the flower of life the flower of death.  It's static and unchanging, life is not static and is forever changing.  The shape is associated with Metatron's cube, which many vernerate for it's 3,6, 9 geometry.  It's a pretty geometry!  I remember discovering it with a draftsman's compass as a kid and drew lots of them along with using my Spirograph toy.  Nikola Tesla was also very fond of 3.6, 9 and people will remind you of that who push 3,6, 9 as the order of the universe. Marko Rodin built his coil based on 3, 6, 9 which he saw in the sacred 9 of the B'hai Faith.  But none of this includes 12.  But our clocks do!

Silly Sol


ˮYou are the Soul of the Soul of the Universe. And your name is Love
Whoever found a feather of you has come to a high position.ˮ

Friday, February 23, 2024

Ancient tunes - Aloha Heja Hey


During my stay in the Italian alps, before Heather arrived in June 2015, the folks there did a nightly group silent meditation that ended with a song usually accompanied by a guitar.   This was usually in the 3rd floor of the Italian stone chalet.  The song may be from India, I don't know the words or what they mean or the name of the tune.  But during the singing of it, I had a full blown memory return, like a vivid vision.  It was in a Pleiadian mother ship hangar and I was saying good bye to the couple who were now my host.   They go by Ganesha and Saravatsi, but not their Italian names.  I saw Commander Ganesha and Saravatsi say good bye to me and the crew and that tune was being sung by the crew as they departed (uncertain about what words).  I KNEW THIS COUPLE!  I broke into absolute gush tears of emotions recognizing what was unfolding in the Alps.  I had no idea prior to that of the synchronicity taking place.  

During Brian Kelly and Lisa Harrison Opal Tour in Tehachapi in 2013, a woman had a crystal she said was Pleiadian (it was actually Atlantean) and when I held it I was flooded me with images of petroglyphs along with a lot of symbols I now know to be associated with ancient Persia. I was not the most telepathic person around.  I was shocked at what I saw. It showed me a crystal forest, which Skye has also seen.  Skye's description was just like mine. A forest of sentient crystals.  The crystal showed me it was a shard of one of those crystal trees and that was its home. I did not yet know I was an architect in Atlantis 2, didn't learn that until 2015.  The images came fast and furious, almost like those fast MTV music video cuts.  The last scene it showed me was a mountainous region of trees and snow and a white haze from sublimating spring snow, something you have to experience to know the feel of it.  In the spring of 2015 when the snow began melting I saw the exact scene the crystal had shown me, it was exactly the place where I was.  

In 2015 Thor sent me a set of images of me on a shuttle craft, this was after the damage to the Pleiadian home world from the Draco, and about 4000 years ago.  The place where I disembarked for so many lives here was in that area of the Italian alps.  I had come full circle to meet up once again with old crew members. 

Sometimes when you remember something its subtle and gradual, but at least for me, music hits me like a ton of bricks.   The chorus in German song called Aloha Heja Hey by Achim Reichel (Aloha Hey Hey in English) and tune is incredibly ancient.  I have heard it before.  I broke down crying like I did in the Alps.  I rarely ever cry, and this only the 3rd song I have ever had that reaction to.  I don't know when and or where I heard it but I know how it felt then and I still feel it now.  It's a cry of recognition from within. 

I thought I would share this because you are all going to have similar moments of remembrance as the energies increase.  Embrace it.   Let it unfold, memory doesn't return all at once, it kind of seeps in as you are able to process it.   And you all have had plenty of incarnations of experience or you wouldn't even be on this planet at this time.

I really think musicians are telepathically picking up music all the time from the ALL.  Everything is one, and intellectual property rights are an artifact of duality that is going away eventually (it really only makes money for the corporations that "own" the rights and those are the same people that claim to own the money).  Musicians these days make most of their income from concerts, not Spotify or Apple Music, or Amazon. Simultaneous inspiration and invention is a natural thing. 

This is a cover of the original, which I think is better, my opinion, but you might like the original better. I include the link to the original band below it.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Update 1: Energy Flux Anomalies - Questions to Thor


February 22, 2024

In the last 10 days I’ve had 3 rechargeable flashlight die and tonight the care battery finally gave its last gasp.  (a slow death)….  And my phone ain’t holding a charge like it did a month ago…

Terran: Thor, I have had the most difficult 2 weeks  I have had in a long time, much of it revolving around strange electrical issues.  Is there something going on at a higher level than what I see now that is affecting all this?


The two Uber drivers who drove me for parts today had similar electrical issues recently.  The one who drove me to Autozone had to replace an alternator, the woman who drove me home father of her children was still trying to diagnose his car electrical issues.  Her small Nissan Rogue was unaffected. 

AutoZone was very good about honoring their battery warranty (bought it and an alternator in June 2023). I couldn’t get it to charge yesterday morning and it tested zero volts at my house!)  I will be having Autozone test the alternator and starter too.  Hopefully it's not a multiple part failure.

Oh and my newly purchased Dewalt battery charger from Home Depot card, may be fried too!  It would not charge the battery yesterday, although it did a day earlier which led me to get a replacement.  But I can get my money back on that.  These Uber trips for parts are getting expensive.

Terran: Thor, are the recent wave of airplane structural failures related to the energy flux changes?  The old planes were all aluminum which acted like a Faraday cage, especially when lightening was present. Do the carbon fiber and plastic  bodies and wings make the planes more vulnerable?  There sure has been a lot of odd airplane mishaps!

Terran: Thor, I live in close proximity to a natural spring.  Could the underlying flow of water here be amplifying the energy flux?


I noticed last night there are slightly damp spots in my garage indicating the water table under the concrete is very high right now.  We have had significant rain since January and this area is all limestone.

PS: Donations are most welcome.  I really need to get back on track with utilities etc, but the most pressing need is food and Uber money.  As it all flows. I remain in gratitude for you all.   

UPDATE 1: Was able to get the car to the parts store to test the other systems, Voltage regulator is out, which lives in the alternator, so I got a warranty replacement for the alternator.  It is not easy to replace but I do have it. Remember when voltage regulators were separate? I know... I'm an old geezer...  Lol. I still have a malfunctioning engine temperature gauge, and I have installed a new sensor...  so that requires more research and testing but I should have my battery recharging soon.  

You should have heard all the parts calls in the store that they were having trouble hearing the customers. AT&T claims to have restored Austin cell phone services this evening. 

JP Offworld Disclosures

Friday, February 16, 2024

Update 1: Minding the Gap


Since the beginning of the new year I have been paying much closer attention to the flow of things.  I've been watching a lot of Bashar videos on creating your reality.  His information is for the most part sound (except his stuff on Atlantis).   Bashar consistently points out that the guideposts to what you want is marked by your joy and excitement.   Sometimes if the joy or excitement is not there, or you encounter a block, it means "not yet".   Everything has its timing.   He advises switching to what does bring your joy and watch how it brings you around to where you need to be.

Creating reality sounds funny to the average person, they think it just is the way it is.  But the truth is everyone creates every single instant.  You can create consciously or unconsciously. It's why billions upon billions is spent on manipulating your mind, usually with fear or greed, to agendas not your own for people who don't show you their faces.  The controllers have always known the fluid nature of reality and spent a lot of money and effort making sure you create the reality they want.  But the truth is a completely awakened humanity could create instant freedom from them. IF THEY KNEW AND ACTED ON IT.  

The controllers have humans who are supposed to be the faces of "the people's will" but in reality are usually chosen for their moral deficiencies and bribe-able tendencies to have that bridle of public revulsion so firmly planted in their mouths by their puppeteers that they never do what is right for planet Earth.  But they so enjoy the limelight of fame and prestige and the trappings of the appearance of power.   But they never sleep well.  The puppeteers are always watching. 

We are in a mind trap, the gap, is the missing HEART engine of it all.  Heart is your Source connection to  THE ALL.  Call it the Universe if that helps.  Call it God if you want. The mind is important but it was never meant to guide the heart, the mind was meant to be in service to the heart. 

My background was in logic. I trained originally as an Assembly Language (machine language) programmer and you get very skilled at logic when working that close to "the metal" of a computer.  Things were true or not true.  Black and white.   It worked or it didn't.  I wasn't the only techie in Morocco, but my friend (whom I can't name or he will ban me from his boat), knew quite a bit  about energies from working with Heather and others.  He taught me how to use a crystal to douse answers for questions I had.  There's nothing spooky about dousing, it's simply interacting with your body's energetic field, to produce answers your logical mind can't see or your senses can't detect.  Be warned that dousing questions about people's behavior is problematic, as people change constantly, what might be true in one moment, might not be true in some future moment.   But it's useful in the now on questions about yourself and things around you.  

In the early days of when I was in Morocco (2013), there was a moment when things got very tough for me. It seemed EVERYTHING I feared was happening to me.  Of the 100 or so in Morocco at that time I probably understood less about "subtle energies" (as Ingo Swann calls them) than most there did.  anguishing for weeks about my situation I came to the conclusion that I was somehow creating what I was experiencing.  And the only recourse I had was to show absolute love to all persons and situations no matter how they presented themselves.  I had few friends at that moment.   

Within 24 hours of that moment EVERYTHING CHANGED.   I was invited to peoples homes that wanted nothing to do with me prior (never knew exactly why that was), and in one very tense but funny (at least to me) moment I saw the energies move to see if I was serious with the most amusing cast of characters showing up in the same place. One poor guy got such a headache from it all, but he recovered. Aouchtam was very energetic, it sits on a massive Ley line coming out of the Mediterranean Sea and tends to amplify everything. 

In the run up to the first of February I worked an awful lot.  Early January was very slow and bills needed to be paid.  I came down with this cold that produces some awful sticky stuff in the lungs which Denice and Bev had experienced a few months ago.  It's been going around. But I needed to keep on working.  Then on February 3rd, my car stopped running but I did make it to my garage.   My thinking was to work on the car the next day but I just crashed for a few days, I needed to get over the cold and I really think the universe just shut me down so I would heal.   There was also a number of solar events impacting earth which I and others and probably you, feel very clearly in our energy fields.  

When I felt better physically I couldn't even look at the car.  So I looked at the shungite pendant I bought off of Etsy.  I drive a lot around 5G towers and it does seem to help.  I had added amethyst beads to it because just the shungite felt like I was wearing a black hole.  I needed some energies to offset that feel.  But it wasn't complete and didn't lay right on my chest and I had previous ordered some other stones for their color and feel. to complete it.   So I started working on that and I could feel the energies flowing within me.  I need to be creating.  Constantly.  It is what I was created to do.  Even if it's something small.  Then while working on my car all my flash lights would not hold a charge, the lithium batteries are about 3 or more years old.  They needed replacing. I enjoy electronics.  More flow.  I mentioned the flash light batteries to a friend:

Similar situation came up in a conversation with two others about nitric oxide and health and well being:

I'm coming to the opinion this might just be me in a more complete form producing this short messages.  It could be galactic too, that has happened to bother Denice and me.

I have a bad temperature sensor, I've been observing degrade for weeks,  I just didn't have time to replace it. I got that replaced after much difficulty, also replacing a leaking power steering reservoir hose on my Honda.   I don't enjoy working on cars like I did when I was a teenager, Honda's do make more sense than most cars do in their layout.  I'd rather work on computers.  But in this case I have to work on it. It's in my garage.   So hopefully today I get all the warning lights shut down and reset and there's not an alternator issue (changed that 6 months ago - so under warranty but still a pain to change if that is the case).   Very low on food so I must get back to work soon.  

During this time I had lots of quality time with my cat.  Which he likes.  He gets to go out more too. I am of firm belief the happiest cats are cats that free to roam and discover. Buster is an outdoor cat but when I moved Austin from the Hill Country, he wouldn't go outside much.  He didn't like the voices of other humans in the apartment complex.   It's really taken him a year to adapt to that.   Now he goes out a lot. 

I am not yet very good at telepathy so I've only had one conversation with him (sounded like a little kid to me) about why I left every day.  I explained to him I did that so I could bring food home for him.  He got the message and didn't get as antsy at my absence as he once did.  I've also learned some new ways about how he communicates.  

One morning my cat was more aggressive than normal.  He's was adopted as a feral kitten.  He's got some wild genes turned on.  He can bite if annoyed.  That morning he did, and he bit me twice on the same spot on the top of my left foot near my ankle and I was bleeding everywhere and it hurt! I was so angry I really thought somethings I am not proud of, but I restrained myself.  I taped up my foot, then examined the litter box and it needed cleaning.   He was pissed off at me and letting me know it. I cleaned it and then he was a very contented kitty.   A few days ago I woke up from my bed to get a drink of water, and my cat had pushed his heavy ceramic water bowl into the path to the kitchen. It needed refilling.  I may have been sick but he still needed to be taken care of.   My lungs are now clear. 

 Good lessons for me.  Stay in heart no matter what.  


Test drove the car, seemed good at first, drove to the mailboxes got my mail and then started the car, and it seemed lacking in charge.  I think I have a bad battery - I had fully charged it.  Got the power steering hose changed.  I still have some dash lights to reset, which is kind of like doing the Honda hokey pokey dance... put your right hand out... push this then that, wait for blinky light.. etc.  The battery light will go away on its own once that is replaced by a warranty unit. 

Interesting Synchronicity

Bev forwarded Sophia Love's latest newsletter, which she noticed said pretty much everything I said above but much more concisely without all the personal stuff.  I encourage everyone to get Sophia Love's newsletter and read the whole thing.  This is a small partial excerpt of her excellent article: 

... your body recognizes the feel of what occurs, and thus knows what to do for optimum performance. It is you, after all, and as your physiological functioning is enhanced, everything works better. 

...As you do, your confidence will increase, and you’ll believe you capability. As you do, you’ll practice more, and this will increase your “success” rate and encourage more of the same.  
This is how creation occurs...

The final step is manifest...ˮ

Saturday, February 10, 2024

THOR on Purported DEW fires in Moscow after Tucker Interview

After the Tucker Carlson interview of Putin, Ukraine said it was putting Carlson on a "kill list".  And we send money to a country threatening to kill one of our own?  Politicians in Europe and America tried to paint Tucker as a traitor for doing what a good journalist does (or at least once did...some of the younger ones have never seen real journalism).   There were also a number of versions of this video purporting a fire in Moscow shortly after, in the manner of the Paradise, Maui and now Chile.   This was either a hoax or something new and unexpected.  I wasn't sure which so I asked Thor. 

I wasn't able to embed this tweet, so I took a screen shot (above) and link to it below: 

Terran: Thor did this really just happen or is this CGI?


Terran: Is it LOCAL or NONLOCAL?


Terran note: My take on Thor's reply, "this is THE ALL" doing something unique... we'll have to see what Thor means I suppose...