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– Energies of December –
The Revealing

Archangel Michael

  – Energies of December – The Revealing – 11-26-17 – 
 by Love Has Won

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information of the coming energies of December 2017. These energies are the totality of what is to come forth for the year 2018. All of your spiritual work and endeavors is the culmination for the upcoming moments. These energies are massive, powerful, life changing, shocking, and filled with Activations, DNA Upgrades, Transformations, Revelations and Surprises. In Truth, all are meant to be prepared for these energies by the end of November 2017, as only Authenticity can enter and embrace these energies. Let us delve deeper into these energies, and unravel of what is to come in this 2017 end year cycle. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.
Energies of the End Year 2017 Cycle & Universal Law
It is the energies of the Divine Feminine which is commanding the return of Balance Harmonics. These energies will also bring forth many revelations and solidify Universal Law, which the support of All Life and Service to Mother Earth. All whom are not in alignment with the energies of Universal Law, can not reside on the Planet, as Decreed by Prime Creator, Great Spirit, The Holy Spirit, Mother of All Creation, Mother Earth. It is through the Heart, One feels and resonates with the energies of Universal Law. There are many different energies in motion for December. This includes;
  • Mercury Retrograde,
  • The Full Moon,
  • Saturn in Capricorn,
  • New Moon,
  • Planets moving into Feminine energies,
  • the Solstice,
and other Celestial Events of profound energies, which will shake the foundations of the Earth, and the collective. These energies will ignite a review of life lessons. These lessons are Blessings, meant to release the old, to fully embrace the New. You will be tested, to see if you are truly Authentic. For those Lightworkers whom have not done their spiritual work, whom chose to cheat themselves, and Love… All of the dense energies which they are holding on to, will come up in one giant sling shot of energy. Similar to an energetic whip lash. This is why the mission of Ascension has taken many moments, to transform the all darkness… all density, and integrate the light so the physical body will not be overwhelmed.
As per the Divine Plane, Primer Creator, Source, Great Spirit, The Holy Spirit, Mother of All Creation, Mother Earth requested this period of transformation, to give Humanity the moments to transform all density, and choose the Heart. Mother Earth is Now fully ready to move into Higher Consciousness states, and join the rest of Creation in Heaven. Humanity is simply along for the ride, if they so choose. This release of the old will assist on bring forth the return of Balanced Harmonics. Feel and Observe deep within yourselves for any imbalances which come forth for transformation.
Divine Feminine & The Revealing
The Divine Feminine energies is shedding light on the entire Planet. These energies that are already pouring forth from the Celestial Bodies, are providing much needed Release and Revelations, both individually and collectively. The light is shining upon all darkness… all density. All that is not Truth… not Authentic, will Be Revealed. No stone will be left unturned, even amongst the Lightworkers. You may have already seen or witness these revelations within yourselves, those around you, in governments, religions, societies and more. This is how powerful this energies of Love… of the Divine Feminine Truly Are. These are energies of great change. All wearing an egoic mask, will be revealed. Many conditionings will be trigged. Anyone still holding on to;
  • The Old Paradigm,
  • Disrespect, Hatred or Fear towards the Feminine or Masculine,
  • Any form of Separation,
  • Judgement,
  • Fear,
  • Anger,
  • Hatred,
  • Pride,
  • Ownership,
  • Self Importance,
  • Manipulation,
  • Taking of Energies,
  • Not in Right Action,
  • Being God without God,
And any other conditionings of the ego… the mind, will be revealed. This is how these energies will play out to all those in resistance, not in the flow of the Heart. It will be simple to identify false Lightworkers, as they show resistance, erratic behaviors, think they know better instead of Feeling, highly reactive, and various De~Ascension symptoms, all which feeds the old controllers. The mind likes to talk, however, walking the talk… Being Love… is something foreign to the mind. The mind tries to mimic Love, yet can never BE Love.
In Truth, One can not access nor integrate these Upcoming Energies if they are holding on to any aspect of the mind or higher mind. The variety DeAscension symptoms which has plagued the Lightworker community, have been tumultuous. We are here to inform All, these symptoms will greatly intensify in these upcoming energies, with new symptoms coming to the forefront. We are in the unknown, and this goes the same for these energies and the Human Body. While the Human Body is a True Masterpiece of Wonder gifted by Prime Creator and All of Creation, however there is a limit to how much the physical body can handle energetically while in resistance… in the ego programmed mind. As always Dear Ones, we Honor All Choices, unconsciously or consciously.
These energies are simply meant for the Children of the Heart, as it is the Heart can fully embrace and integrate these energies. The Return of Balanced Harmonics is the full embodiment of the Heart based Hue~man, which is God=Love in Physical Form. The energies will trigger those in the programmed ego mind tremendously, calling out those of the Heart, as they are the ones holding the highest light. The ego programmed mind likes to think it knows Truth. The Heart BE’s the Truth, Acts in Truth. The Mind… the Ego Reacts, the Heart Responds. Keep Shining your Light, Dear Children of The Heart. Be the Example… Be the Light… Be Love.
The Return of Balanced Harmonics
The energies of December, marks the Return of Balanced Harmonics. This is the Balance of the Divine Feminine & Masculine within. It is through the dissolvement of the programmed ego mind, and full embracement of the Heart, which one can obtain this State of Being…. This State of Consciousness. These energies will immerse One’s entire Being gradually, feeling and experiencing;
  • Wholeness,
  • Balanced
  • Bliss,
  • Joy,
  • Laughter,
  • Passion,
  • Child Like Wonder,
  • Clear & Unlimited Thought,
  • Unconditional Love,
  • Oneness with Prime Creator & All of Creation,
And more, which is accessed through the Heart. These are the attributes of the Heart, which is Love=God. God Consciousness is an experience… a feeling, and full embracement of Prime Creator, Source, Great Spirit, The Holy Spirit, Gaia Sophia, Mother of All Creation. The mind and higher mind, have prevented access in this State, as this is a State of Higher Consciousness. A state which the mind, can never obtain, which is Unity Consciousness. This is why many of the channeled and Telepathic messages have been focusing on the Heart. This is part of your mission Dear Ones. The True Armageddon, is the battle between the mind and Heart, not the integration or balancing of the two, which is a belief construct of the mind. It is through the transformation of the lower, dense energies, which one can access more light within themselves, and anchor with Mother Earth.
Now, with the return of Balanced Harmonics, also marks the return of the Authentic Selves and Twin Flames. It is through the Balanced Harmonic states, which one can anchor the Higher Self, and attract the Twin Flame. Dear Children of the Heart, follow the synchronicities, as these events transpire on your path. Trust your Hearts, as you will not be lead astray.
The New Golden Age is Upon you All Dear Ones. Allow the old to leave with All Love and Compassion, so that the New can come forward. Embrace the New with All your Hearts. The Year 2017 marks the end of the old, and the New Year of 2018 marks the age of the New… Reconstruction. You are the Children of the Heart… the Divine Love Mirrors of Our Beloved Mother & Father of All Creation, Co~Creating the New Earth in Unity Consciousness with All of Creation. We are One, connected with the Unified Heart of Prime Creator, Source, The Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, Gaia Sophia, Mother of All Creation.
I AM Archangel Michael and I AM amongst You… Always of Service to The Universe, to Creation, to LOVE, to Our Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly, and Always Unconditionally…
Your Loving Brother,
Archangel Michael
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