Sunday, August 14, 2016

Heart frequency work with Loie, FEEEEELING THE ALL!!!

August 14, 2016

Terran: Loie can you assist with some heart work?

Loie: Bill, yes.  I am here to assist you.  Now is perfect.  When you are ready. Loie

Terran: I begin.

Loie: And I assist now. Loie.

Terran to Denice: Feeling Loie very strongly!

Terran: Bill take that feeling into your heart.  We begin there.

Terran: I am not getting much visuals but a great deal of feeling like more of me coming in

Terran: Plus I feel your love!!!

Loie: Oh, yes Bill! I pour my love into you now.  All is perfect.  As it flows, allow it to fill you.

Terran: Oh Loie, the energy, is so pure! 

Loie: Bill there is no need to work.  It is all play now.  So as you feel, allow it to flow.  I am here all ways.

Terran: I am like a dry sponge for these energies

Loie: Bill, love.  soak them up!  It is all for you, dear.

Terran: That is so amazing!!! Oh that is good!

Loie: Bill it flows.  Feel it with your heart.  If you tire, then rest and we do this again in another moment.

Terran: I saw an image of when I was created, full grown in form like Riggolt, it was a tropical beach tidal pool in a grey stone pool.

Terran: Did you create me?

Loie: Bill you were created by and through the Source of all that is.  My energy was there.  Loie.

Terran note: I did feel Loie's presence at that moment.

Terran: I will never tire of these frequencies let it loose Loie!

Loie: Yes, Bill.  All flows.  Do not hold the energies... allow all to flow through you.

Terran: Flowing out my heart