Friday, August 28, 2020

GW Hardin - We of the Unknown Universe: Further Secrets of the DNA Tesseract

Terran note: This is a followup to the 2012 article by GW Hardin.  I've known GW since 1994, he was instrumental in my awakening, helping me to recognize my dualistic beliefs in the later half of the 1990s.  I don't always agree with GW, but I always enjoy our email and phone conversations!  I respect his mind, his dedication to Oneness. His abilities to find patterns and see the mathematics in very complex subjects is astounding.

I haven't had time to digest this yet so if I have any comments I will post that in a followup up article separately.  The original article A Celestial Mystery - A Secret to an Unknown Human Power is available HERE, and this article below in PDF form is available HERE.

We of the Unknown Universe:  Further Secrets of the DNA Tesseract

By GW Hardin (8/20/20)

In 2012 a blogger calling himself “American Kabuki” contacted me regarding a file of a geometric figure that had mysteriously shown up on a thumb drive … out of nowhere. One might have dismissed this episode had I not also received a mysterious thumb drive showing up out of nowhere which led to my writing an article for his blog: “A Celestial Mystery Solved: The Secret to an Unknown Human Power.” My life changed dramatically following that. It’s probably time to tell folks why.

Kabuki later became “Terran Cognito,” the name of his new blog. After originally publishing my article, Kabuki soon thereafter published another article, which immediately snatched my attention. The article, “The Uncommitted Investigator” was written by a whistleblower who used the pseudonym, “Daniel,” from which came a body of work on space/time called the “Daniel Papers.” These publications resulted in my never-ending involvement in timelines and gateways, such as the DNA Tesseract. At the time, I could not comprehend why “Daniel” wasn’t more forthcoming with his real name and his real intent for releasing information that heretofore had been unknown and top-secret. That was until I started writing about what I called the “Timeline Wars,” which resulted in my life being threatened. Since then, I have remained silent on this topic … until now.

It’s important to keep this information simple, because the brain will automatically tune out when it finds itself in territory that it cannot relate to. It’s also paramount for me to know if people are ready to hear forbidden truths. With that in mind, here are the topics we’ll journey into:

1.  From Timeline Wars to Time Gates (the “Daniel Papers”)
2.  Opening the DNA Tesseract into Time/Space
3.  My Discovery of the Unknown Universe
4.  Conclusion