Wednesday, March 13, 2024

UPDATE 1: All Are Chosen

Reposted with permission

Update 1:  I have received some comments on this video.  One person described it as "divisive". And given the words "chosen ones" used by the video creator I understand why.  There are several tribes of humans on this planet that think they are "God's Chosen Ones" more so than any other humans.  The Cheyenne Indians called themselves humans but not anyone outside their tribe.  Generation Z talks about NPCs (a video game term for non-playing characters - place holder people) being soulless.   Same thing really.  Diminishment of the other.   Almost every nation think of itself as "God's Country".  China calls itself "The Heavenly Kingdom" (that's got more to do with past ETs than what you think of as heaven) but you get the drift.    

I agree the video would have been better if he had phrased it "Those who answered the call" or even "Self Organizing Collective",  or "The Squad that's only whispered about"...   The content however makes it clear he's describing the lives (multiple life histories actually) of the ones who came here for this moment.   If the struggles he describes that these beings went through resonate with you, you are probably one of them.  Or as Heather described it "a beautiful summation of experience". 

 It doesn't mean they are better than anyone else, just much much more experienced.   And that's the real point of the video.  All are THE ALL.