Sunday, July 16, 2017

UPDATED: Randall Keith Beane Conversations with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf concerning his RV purchase

Updated 1:00 AM with Dealer side audio of conference call.

This video below is a conference call with Randall Keith Beane and the RV Dealer in Knoxville Tennessee about his documents proving source of funds and validity of purchase. 

Below is the Randy Keith Beane and RV Dealer side of the conversation above.

Events of the next day after police ambushed him and beat Randall up in the RV dealer lot with no  valid warrant

The passing of my mother

My mother, Delores Gene (Jeanne) Breedlove-Ferguson passed on July 13th.   Mom was about 2 months short of her 95th birthday.  She transitioned peacefully in her sleep with no pain. My father in the photo above transitioned in 1998, he was a month shy of 80.

Talk about a hectic week of events!  Whew!   I spent Tuesday through Thursday with Lisa Shannon and Heather at Lisa's family ranch outside of Houston working with the Randy situation.  It was at the ranch I learned of my mother's passing.  Now I am going on another road trip.

I have almost enough in PayPal now for a short notice airfare purchase, but do not yet have enough for accommodations.  My mother lives not far from Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and its not a frequently traveled route.   If anyone would like help with those expenses it would be much appreciated.  You can use PayPal on the link on the right.   I need about $600 more.  My plan is to be there very short term as there is much work to do right now.

I have to make travel plans for a funeral this week so I recommend if you want to keep up with the documents and news about the Treasury Direct accounts go to BZ Riger's website http://I-UV.COM.   BZ does an amazing job and she's getting the same documents I am.  I probably wont be posting much this coming week myself once I get the remaining videos online and out there.   We are almost there with the Treasury Direct stuff final hurdles are being ironed out.  

Like I said in a prior posting, at this moment the Treasury Direct stuff is not for the faint of heart, but that's a short term situation.  That situation is being rectified now. Randy's case has exposed much that needed to be exposed. 

All my love to you all and your amazing support these 5 1/2 years of this work! 

Friends of Randall Keith Beane Talk with Police after Arrest

Friends of Randall Keith Beane are left in shock after police pull Randall from his new RV for which he had all documention and beat him on the pavement  till he was bloody. 

Police offer no answer as to why they have no warrant and why someone with unpaid traffic violations would get such overwhelming brutal force used on him.