Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Update 1: Labels, pigeon holes, and other tactics of separation


Update 1: Clarified a few points.  More updates likely.

A long time ago, before history as we know it was written, there were not many beings in form around. There were an infinite number of essence beings who were formless within the ALL.  Many different frequencies of beings and all were quite happy in the undifferentiated state of being formless (something like what might think of as a gaseous state of energy).  There were frequencies not experienced and were for that matter unknown then. What we think of as sexual energy/Qi, was in that formless state an energy transference or interaction between two or more formless essences (you can think of this in terms of souls if wish) in re-creative interactions. 

Initially a few beings began dabbling with mathematics and imagination, and playing with energies and noticing light could be emitted by certain proto-sounds (I'm differentiating from what we think of as normal sound with an atmosphere - which is just an air scalar wave).  The created pueblo-like buildings of light, and played around them swooping and swirling through the structures they created, but they could not feel walls, they moved right through them.  It was all playful in the beginning. They could not experience what life would be like to live in such structures although they could imagine them and create them.  The concept of "solidity" is a fairly recent concept and is an illusion brought by later creations in magnetics.  These beings were creators,  not the BIG "C" Creator, which is the ALL and within which all IS, or what others call SOURCE/GOD/ALLAH/YHWH and a thousand other names. 

There was what I have referred to in other posts as "The Original Garden".  It was a botanical and climate paradise by any standard, but it wasn't exactly a planet either.  Better described as a realm.  It had everything from mountain forests to Caribbean style beaches.   It was a creation prototype and creation workshop of sorts.  IT WAS PARADISE.  I don't know if the early creators created the original Garden, or if it was a direct creation of the ALL.  

What is known as Earth began as an idea and a projection point for an external creation within the in-ternity (spelling intentional) that is THE ALL.  This project in-man-ated out through multidimensional conduits of plasma to the vastness of what we call space.  The Earth began as a spinning beach ball of plasma, and was set in motion near the original garden. Plasma is a liquid form of light and a precursor to solid matter.  This sphere, (spheres attract energy), all curves have a feminine energy to them and are receptive by nature.  Planes, cubes, squares, etc are masculine forms. The more complex the polyhedra the more it becomes sphere like it becomes.  You exit the world of trigonometry and enter the world of calculus.  I never really understood trigonometry until I took calculus, then it was obviously simple and horribly over complicated by math teachers. 

Plasma is a liquid form of light and a precursor to matter or as some refer to it in aggregate "the materium".  Everything you call "the creation" is made from frequency, light, magnetics and love.  My purpose is not to go into the details of that for now, but to lay a basic groundwork of understanding of how this came to be.

As the sphere of Earth grew, it attracted more energy from the quantum, virtual particles became real particles, plasma became matter, and on and on for eons until it became solid.   It also eventually subsumed the Original Garden and bits of it became scattered across the Earth in areas know for being rich biologically diversity in animals and plant life.   These early creators created many life forms.  Some specialized in certain things, like rocks and landscapes, planets and stars, some sentient and precious crystals, others plants and animals.  Some worked in pairs, some singularly.   

There was one who felt jealousy and resentment for some of the others who worked in love bonded pairs based on love frequencies, and some new frequencies began to emerge.  The concept of gender was fluid in the beginning but later firmed as some preferred female forms and others preferred male forms and some experienced both forms. As that darkened one submerged more into his dark frequencies it accelerated its sense of separateness, isolation and resentment. Just as its frequencies were hard to bear by the others so did its intolerance of joy and love frequencies.  It cut off its heart connection to the ALL which is an inevitable side effect of forsaking love.   The sense of being alone, surrounded by enemies, and abandoned filled its being.  And once everyone became an enemy, all enemies and their creations were to be destroyed. 

It is unknown if THE ALL/Source knew this would happen with some being given complete freedom to make choices, but that person began to emit frequencies painful for others to experience, a black cloud of energies ensued and that one argued that creation could come from these lower frequencies absent love.  It was known by most it could not.   LOVE was seen as weakness and sentiment and WILL became its core tenet. I will make the point that this choice of experience informed the ALL, and it was recorded and experienced in every permutation possible throughout the multiverse.   

These were powerful beings eternal and in-ternal.  All beings are eternal by virtue of their essence. They could not be killed and die, although their forms could perish.   The only option was to let the game play out until it was proven beyond doubt.  The darkened one self exiled and brooded its plans from the perimeter.   Another joined in this and decided to create a race of beings that would rule over the ones the others created in what it saw as divine right.  Command and control became its raison d'ĂȘtre.

Its not that the creators (small c) created the essences, those are eternal and always existed in-ternal with the ALL/SOURCE, but they created forms within which to inhabit the realms and planets of form.  DNA has to be frequency match for the essence (soul) that resides in it.  Our human bodies are vehicles, which is why our DNA is not all that complex compared to other life forms on this planet, the complex part of the human is non-physical, what religion calls "spirit" but is really best called "essence". 

There was a 2nd wave of creation, in which another 100 forms for beings were created but the 1st wave beings. Some of these came about from merger of being (which existed even before form existed) and shared characteristics of its "parents".  Others were direct creations of intent.  Gender as concept was reinforced and once beings existed in form a long enough, form itself gave a sense of "separateness" from each other as walls and location could separate.  There was no longer the essence mingling the 1st wave knew so well, and that means of energy sharing soon became unknown and its less energetic version of sexual union came to predominate actions and energy of intimacy. 

The 2nd wave faced new problems common to all parents, and they were essentially "teen parents" because nobody had done this before.  The new generation did not always listen to the experience of their parents.  Some were influenced by frequencies of the darkened ones and chose the "left hand path". Some chose that path for a time, others did not.  In the Middle East the left hand is considered filthy, as its the hand one wipes ones butt.  Arabs do not eat with the left hand as a matter of hygiene.  

As frequencies came into being that were not of pure love, so did the pain of experiencing it.  Further divisions in paths of experience. The 1st wave creators decided to create a hierarchy, and hid themselves away in many disguises so they could observe and interact with their creation unseen, and intervene with it in spectacular theatrical ways when needed.   They created an illusion within Source of a spiritual hierarchy, to administrate a rapidly bifurcating reality of light vs dark.  It was an attempt to isolate and quarantine lower frequencies. They wore suits they called Archangels that they could come and go from, the suits of and by themselves had no independent life, and were literally donned and removed as you would clothing.  

Entire classes of beings were created to administrate these executive and judicial actions within creation but even those activities generated separations and the frequencies were felt by those doing the administrating because what is one in Source, does not like to experience or being told it is somehow less than another part of Source.  Rebellion is as old as existence and its no wonder.

The original "paradise" frequencies were split off into octaves of frequency and existence, with some missing bands of frequencies not known by them  in what many today call 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d.... etc.  This "spiritual hierarchy" became so convoluted some worlds have written entire books on their perception of it.  ETs inhabited many of these realms, and they thought they were outside "the great experiment" but they were all a part of it from angel to man.

Books like the Urantia book is a power consciousness view point of it all... and that's all it is, a viewpoint.  A perception from a mindset that sees everything from the standpoint of power relationships. It is not truth.  The hierarchy is being taken down.  All of creation is returning to Prime.  All separation and illusion that one is separate from Source is ending.  Much of that has already taken place.  The Darkened One has left the Earth, no longer in form here.  He has been returned to Source.   What remains on Earth is a human problem for humanity to resolve.  

The Duality Loosh Pump

The one who chose the dark path, came up with a very clever way to harvest energy.  He could not access energies through his heart anymore, so he came up with a duality pump.   The way it works is this, to set a false light and dark polarity and control them both and collect the energy differential between the polarities.   This works through having two groups (pick a label) as enemies and competitors and each being in fear of the other and preferable each side causing insult and harm to the other.  In its simplest European form, under the Lucifer Project,  he created a false light, with the Demi-urge, Poseur and another nicknamed GP (for gold and purple) as a "triune god" to be worshipped.  These beings would absorb all the worship energy sent to them for playing that role. Worship energies are awful frequencies, just look at all the Hollywood idols destroyed by them. It takes a very special kind of bottom feeder to feed on those energies of self disempowerment. 

The Dark one was not interested in the worship energies so much as the energies of duality that provide a continuous supply of energies from inbodyments of Source. Organized religion  was contrasted by a black magic system (which also existed in organized religion covertly) its accolytes lived in fear of being killed by organized religion and zealots.   There are thousands of variations on this theme and it runs through all politics and life on this planet.  

The Darkened One left form in 2017 voluntarily.  He knew this experience was over, and he knew what he created would be exposed publicly shortly after he left.   He had completely capitulated  His minions in many cases were still here. Although the higher dimensional ones have been benched. The Demi-urge and Poseur left involuntarily in 2015 (Sophia Love has written about her encounter with the Poseur).  GP retired voluntarily in 2013 and wisely saw the writing on the wall. 

My main point is this, if you don't like the way this world is, don't contribute the Duality LOOSH Pump. That's not so say some beings don't need to be removed from this planet, there very clearly is a need to do some of that. But there is no need to demonize entire swaths of humanity in the process based on one label or another.  When someone is orchestrating information fed to you for the purpose of hating someone, its done to manipulate you and put you into lower frequencies.  When you are in lower frequencies are you feeding the problem you seek to eliminate. 

One can do a kind of "Oneness Warfare" in which you hold no judgement on the beings deeds (and you don't have the full context anyway of why they did what they did), leave that to the ALL/Source/God, but you can preserve the lives of others and prepare for the future.   Sometimes that is required.   Especially when they are unwilling to change on their own.  That's best left to the military that has experience in that.

The Archangels (who were really creators) over the eons have removed many a being from form, it was part of their job, but never do they see the being as anything other than another instance of Source.  Those who endanger other instances of Source in form are removed and returned to formlessness where their frequencies are cleansed within the ALL.  Or to put in the P'nti views, they go back into "the Soup".  Some exceptions were allowed for a time to complete this experience, the grace period for those ones has long expired. 

This planet has moved into a new energetic space.  New construction sometimes has to knock down that which is worn out and decrepit.  There is always an element of destruction in all new creation.  Once things change here it instantly changes the rest of the multiverse.  Earth is the prime creation point.  Its all quantum entangled.