Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Dr Joe Dispenza: Your Thoughts create your reality


This is one of those videos that played after I was listening to something else entirely. I sat down on the couch to play with my cat as this began to play.  Sometimes YouTube queues up videos I didn't know existed but are quite interesting!  Nothing is coincidence.   Much of what Dr Joe Dispenza says is very similar to what Heather said to me in private conversations since 2012.   Some powerful insights into the power of the mind to heal and fight disease and to change everything in your life.

Also what is interesting, if you reverse engineer this, its also a map to all the consciousness lowering activity we see revolving around the alleged corona virus pandemic, and the attempt to create a "Great Reset"...  in those not yet awake to their own inner power.   The manipulation and isolation of people going on right now to get them to focus on their misery rather than their power.  That's the core of this whole lock down and the very reason for it.  Those doing it know everything is about to change.

I found this very insightful, especially the background information he gives in the Q&A session at the end of his presentation.  This was recorded in 2017 long before COVID19 came a long.  If the rumors are true about the mRNA vaccines changing people's ability to "FEEL", you'll get some insights into that too with this video.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


Thank you!

Just a quick thank you to the blog supporters!  Rather than reply to each PayPal this month, I thought I'd do a group thanks here! I very much appreciate everything you do!  Whether its donations or links to articles and videos.  Or just asking questions about things that perhaps I have not made clear enough.  

I got my car fixed Monday, and it was the brakes making the squeal, not the wheel bearings.  The car required new brake pads and two front rotors.   Came to just shy of $500 for that repair, but wow what a difference it makes!    And now I have a means to supplement my income with driving work on weekends, if Fauci doesn't scare them all away again! LOL...

I still have bills to pay but things are much brighter than they appeared last week.  It always works out.  

Thank you from my heart to yours!