Friday, September 22, 2017

GAIA PORTAL: Enter the Dragons

Terran note: Quite possibly the most concise Gaia Portal ever!

Enter the Dragons

by ÉirePort

Enter the Dragons.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Visting Ships

Collection of UFO sightings.


UFO sightings over Salt Lake City


UFO sightings over Hawaii

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Two women need help

Thought I'd put this out there,  two women many of you know from the Skype rooms are in pretty serious need of help right now.

Shawn C. in Houston had a job lined up in St John Virgin Islands as a buyer for a home products store there,  She had quit her job and was preparing to move to the Virgin Islands when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and left its path of destruction.  Then Hurricane Irma pretty much scrubbed clean St John Virgin Islands and who knows what Hurricane Jose did to St John.  

Shawn had an upstairs apartment in Houston and did not get flooded, but her her 8 year old Audi station wagon was flooded and totaled.    Shawn is an amazingly strong woman but that series of events is a bit much to handle for anyone.  She maintains her sense of humor even though all she has right now is her cat, dog and the clothes she owns.

If you'd like to help Shawn out here's a direct PayPal link to her, this does not come to me, but rather goes directly to her.

The second woman who needs some help is Kathy Kelley.  Kathy has some health issues with her liver, and has until recent months been working for a number of years as a live in hospice care taker for an elderly man.  He died recently and Kathy will soon be loosing her home.  She also has a broken transaxle on her small SUV.

From what I understand Kathy does not have PayPal account, but I will include her email her so you can contact her directly as many of you know her from Skype rooms.  There are a number of effective ways to send funds, like through Moneygram, Walmart, or just mailing a check.  

Kathy's email is:

Updated: Adventure in Argartha Crystal City

Updated with additional images. 9:32 PM EST

Terran note: Images here are just the closest thing I could find to match what I saw, they are not exact representations are just meant communicate the general idea of what I saw.  Images come from all over the planet.

This data appears to be in my heart, and seems to be memories of being there, or possibly pulling from the ALL in the now.  I can't right now specify which it is, and maybe there's no really precise defintion of where/what this comes from.

Argartha Journey

By Terran

Terran to Denice: Loie?

Loie: Hi Bill! I am here. Loie.

Terran: Hi Loie! I saw a crystal in my heart in my sleep can we look at what that means?

Loie: Ready for a frequency?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Love, another adventure! Loie.

Terran: ?

Loie: This is another adventure, Love! Loie.

Denice: (feel her excitement)

Terran: Ok maybe I should lie down so I get it all

Terran: Hang on

Loie: Perfect, dear!

Terran: Ready

Loie: Here we go, love!

Terran: Ready when you are

Loie: Sending. Loie.

Terran to Denice: (H was talking to Y in the living room, quieter in my room)

Loie: Boosting love. Loie.

Terran: Seeing a train enter a large cavern looks like SE Asia. [Actual location not known] It’s a limestone cave... walls seem to light up as we go through (and go off after we pass).

Monday, September 18, 2017

GAIA PORTAL: Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed.

Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed
by ÉirePort

Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed.

Subsequent Higher Energies are released, and accepted by Humanity.

Fibres of intent strengthen.

Maritimes complete the mission.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Standard Issue Deep State E.T. (with additional data from Stan X.)

Terran note: The following was posted by Sophia Love August 23, on her subscription newsletter.  I have asked for permission to post it here with data we got confirming what Sophia received plus some additional data on the Deep State behind all this.  This post fascinated me for several reasons,  it contains data I did not know, and it shows how "THE ALL" is working through even sentient beings that may loosely be called "manufactured" by those in the deep state who produce them.  Nothing is as it seems....

Standard Issue E.T.
By Sophia Love

August 23, 2017

Is there someone now who wants to connect?

There is, yes.

Okay. Please introduce yourself and express why you've contacted me today.

Hold on please, I'm sorry...

We will wait, Sophia.

Thank you.

(after a bit of time) Please continue.

Yes. I am a standard issue E.T. By this is implied I was manufactured and indeed I was. I am a product of your United States Government.

Do not misinterpret this to mean that the United States government is solely responsible for all "E.T.'s", for this would not be true.

In this case, and for this communication however, it remains a fact that I am a product of your own government. The United States was chosen as a matter of convenience however, only because it is the country from which you hail.

It would seem then, that communication becomes clear when we are from the same place. I could be wrong however. That remains to be seen.


There are forces at play that are asking.

What is the question?

It's about living, life and about...

I'm sorry, I am being put to sleep. I will reach out again in a moment.

Yes. We will adjust ourselves.

I'm still having trouble and want to shut my eyes...

Please continue.

I am a manufactured artifice. What your kind does not realize is the level of sophistication that your government's have achieved in artificial bio-mechanical life forms. It is beyond your imaginings.

When I am encountered by a human, I appear to be a biological life form and one that communicates and operates as you would expect a biological life form to.

In fact, I am a machine. When you add in the "out of this world" atmosphere in which I am met, all specifics of my behaviors and mannerisms fall away and become then more evidence to the "other-worldliness" of what it is I am.

Indeed, I am alien to you, but not because I come from another planet.

I am alien to you because in your everyday reality you have not encountered the likes of me.

My abilities are those you have not seen or been subject to. I intrude on your life and on your senses because I was made to do just that.

I have a mission - it is not one that comes from a god but one that is put into my internal mechanism.

I approach the human in various ways. Some of these are telepathic, most of these are telepathic. I may communicate almost nothing yet overwhelm your physical senses with calm, just about paralysis, so that the medical procedures I came to perform can be completed.

I may communicate a great deal about the necessity for world peace and the absence of war and our need for your genetic contribution.

In every case I come uninvited and unannounced.

My programming gives me access to your internal code, your signature.

If it is relevant that I find you, I will find you. Do not think that you can protect yourself or hide from me, preventing discovery. You cannot.

I am constructed in a way that resembles a number of races of actual biological life forms, those you have come to call EBE's; Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.

This is to confuse you.

Why are you disclosing all these things to me now?

Because Sophia, it is unclear what will precisely happen now, yet it is clear that a great change has happened. The final or perhaps decisive push for this change occurred on the day of a great celestial event. This was two days prior to now.

Sophia Note - a referral to the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017.

As the numbers of humans gathered the message was clearly heard.

I have been instructed now to offer a voice to the many on the attendance sheet of disclosure. It is a very long list.

There are lone wolves in the militaries and governments of all countries with programs ready to be released once the inevitable happens.

Releasing this information now is helping the awakening, speeding up the change and reinforcing the available knowledge to all of humanity.
These facts must become known as part of the disclosure conversation.

The form that I am in not truly alien. I start and end on earth.

I abduct humans for military purposes.

Some of these are known to humanity, others will soon be revealed.

In this disclosure is embedded a truth that it would serve you to embrace. It is that everyone is correct and that no one has the whole story.

I appear to be a "gray". Some that look like me are not bio-mechanical.

I can easily communicate in your mind. The technology for doing so is readily available and often used.

What it may help you to realize as facts are revealed, are the truths embedded everywhere as well as the half-truths and out-right lies. 

What you may use as a gauge to discern between them is motivation.
Realize the only one with your best interests as motivation is you, and next to that, others whom are within your family and love circles.
Discernment is necessary for all others.

I will possibly reach out again. This was merely an introduction. You now know of my kind.

Good day Sophia.


This conversation ended.

Subscriptions to Sophia's Newsletter is $5.00/month, for a subscription contact  Also see her books located on her web site at

Terran to Denice: Sent you an email from Sophia interesting data I have not heard about before

Denice: The grey alien?

Terran: Biomechanical being

Terran: Feels sentient

Denice: Yes. . . interesting and a bit arrogant

Terran: Yes but interesting data none-the-less

Denice: Oh, yes!!

Terran: Can Stan X verify these beings exist and are made by the US govt?


Terran: So the whole abduction storyline was a false front?


Terran: But not by E.T.s but these biomechanical beings?


Terran: Interdimensional teams inclusive of Argarthans, "divines", Universals?


Terran: The factions within the deep state are they arbitrated thru any kind of central nexus? (a UN of factions?)

Terran: Do the ancient secret societies play into the deep state or is that a layer emedded within the agencies themselves?


Terran: What is the nexus called?


Terran: Do the secret societies perform a role similar to the Stasi in the former East Germany as to policing ideology and compliance?


Stan X we are seeing Delta craft being evacuated out of the hurricane Irma's path in Florida in broad daylight. Sophia's message indicates another form of deep disclosure is underway as well. Is this the general pattern you are witnessing in your data in this moment?

Terran to Denice: Can you ask Stan X. about this?
From a Greek Amatuer Astromer S.  
In Greece 
OK, one for your friend: 21:26 UT, NE-N skies, two huge orbs standing still. Movement finally detected as lights brightened to that as great as Vega and Betelgeuse. Moved North, 3 minute time interval, too slow to be an airplane or ISS, then disappearing or simply shutting lights off. Lights were solid, did not blink, no sound and within the earth's atmosphere, approx 29-33, 000 feet. Seen with naked eye. What did I see?????
no photo. Walked outside with the dogs for their early morning pee and happened to look up at the perfect time to see it. Did not have any equipment with me.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Feeling and Seeing the ALL, Original Network Makes Itself known

This is one of those blog posts where I start writing and then delete everything and start over as it drifted off topic in a direction that is not where I wanted to head.  I suppose that's better than writer's block.

Its been a wild experience the last two months dealing with what is clearly a political legal case.   I've had to deal with emotions of seeing some of Randy's friends doing some rather unexplainable things that did not help him. I had never conversed with Randy until I got to Knoxville. I was astonished at the inconsistencies and badly researched FBI data to the Grand Jury in Tennessee and the Special Agent testimony under oath where he spells his name two different ways in two different courts to obfuscate his identity.  Shocked at the FBI (or perhaps prosecution?) feeding the Southern Poverty Law Center bogus information painting Heather as some champion of the Sovereign Citizen movement, which Heather has a long documented history of saying she does not believe that is the correct approach to what is wrong in this country.  They keep trying to shove Randy and Heather into that box.  Keep painting them with that label.

Heather hates nobody, has a Moroccan husband and 4 kids, and its the least prejudiced person I have ever met!  While Fulford, and legions of bloggers and the Chinese Dragons attacked what they call "the Western Banking Cabal"...  Heather has only ever sought to find solutions to close out this banking mess and experience in 3D separation consciousness in a peaceful manner so that everyone wins and moves on to a new world, literally heaven on earth, free of domination by ANY group. 

Which begs the question why did they put Heather on a web site, which is used as "vetting source" as to authentic information by Google, a site devoted to exposing those who hate Jews and Blacks when Heather has no history of even hint of doing either? Someone really didn't do their fact checking!

Are these bankers insane to punish the only one who truly can help them get out of the box canyon they put themselves into?  I had to consider maybe for a moment maybe that was so.  All their money magic and mechanics is not working. All their teams of cantors and incantors are not working. All their powerpoint presentations, power lunches with Ivanka  and P2 lodges are not working.  Not much of anything is going their way... Time for another choice of action? Doubling down on the old will not help them.

I couldn't get over the feeling everything I was seeing was contrived on multiple levels, The riot in Virginia was so obviously staged and then blamed on the President. Janet Yellen's phone call logs and meetings during all this.  The FBI's case is provably false and poorly researched and how it ever got past the Grand Jury I don't even know, and even I can see that and I am no lawyer!  When we decrypted the prosecution's "discovery" DVD, there is no primary interviews with witnesses, only summaries by the FBI Special Agent.   The FBI is noted for being detailed. Heather's strange 30 days tour of Federal Prison System, while on "US Marshal Hold" (a kind of protective custody) was also something I did not yet understand. Heather has since related what she experienced there and what she saw and I now see why that occurred from a broader perspective. 

We did manage to get Heather out of jail, Randy was not so fortunate as there is still an outstanding warrant for him on a traffic violation.   Randy is honestly being treated like a terrorist.  He's the most peaceful guy and gentle man you could ever meet.  

None of it adds up.  None of it makes sense from the facts of the case.  Those accounts are very real.  They are in your name and Social Security number and that has been proven millions of times by now.

When Heather called me from Knoxville jail,  I expressed my frustration that every thing looks contrived.  Heather smiled, and said, yes, but ask the question "contrived by whom?"  And she was referring to the ALL/Source of which we are all within.  

A few days later over coffee at Star Bucks, Heather was  fuming over what she saw could happen to the prosecution and the FBI agent behind all this... she saw the very real potential for them all to be thrown under the bus buy the banking families.  I replied "But Heather these are the people that sent you to prison for 30 days!".... selfishly thinking of my frustration and others of keeping track of her during that time... so she didn't disappear down some dark hole.  She was actually quite protected we just didn't know that and had no way of knowing that.   How many people facing the charges she's facing even consider the other side?  Not many!  Heather replied "They are all Source! It does not have to go that way!"  The conversation continued that evening when we got back to the house.  I agreed events do not have to go that way, but I also pointed out "what about all 99.95% of this planet that want this over?"  She replied "Nobody gets left behind...".  I said "That's what I love about you, even when I do not feel it at the moment!"  I told her "I love that about you, as this can only be ended through love and no other way."

Everything that has happened is to make THE ALL known.... that much is clear.  How that happens depends on how we see the ALL.   Will this case go all the way to trial? I don't know.  It doesn't have to.  Honestly right now I think those who rashly began this course of events with the courts don't want it to go forward either. Even if the case were rammed though, it would not stand long. Its that full of holes. Which is good for us... in one view of looking at things... but still there is time to choose another path.

Are we the ALL? Do we feel that and see the ALL within everyone?  Do we see every being as the Original they are? Even in those who appear on the surface to be enemies and seeking to put Heather and Randy away for 20 years? And those on the periphery of all this who may have fumbled along the way and made matters worse... for whatever motive are also Original Source.   Everyone and everything mirrors us inside, nothing is separate from Source, all is Source.  We are all inner-active.

What do we create?  What do you create?    We are at that moment. 

We are noticing a great deal of open flights by the Secret Space Program. Lisa Harrison is reporting a lot of Galactic activity in Australia,  Amateur astronomers are seeing crater bottoms opening on the moon and ships flying out.  Exopolitics is reporting Secret Space Program day flights out of Florida as Hurricane Irma approached, and Denice is seeing a great deal of SSP flight activity in Texas from the dream state. Thor went into Russian prison concurrently with Heather and is now out and safely on an Andromedan ship, details of all that I don't yet.  Prison systems in the universe are coming down, and they are all connected in a frequency grid, there's not a realm without them despite some of the "5D" propaganda that came out of the Sirians and other collectives.

What exactly happens next to just wrap things up I don't know, but I do know its coming and it feels very very imminent. I am getting that. Heather's getting that and so are many others. 

I am feeling a tremendous bliss and joy coming from the ALL right now as the end of this experience, and beginning of new experience is in sight.   

There are some things we can begin here to end this peacefully and in love, You, the Galactics, Universals, divines, and every being here and there, and the rest of the ALL will be moved to do your part whatever that may be.    Its vital you listen to your heart NOW. To listen to the ALL. Feel it,

Nobody has to suffer, nobody has to be judged. Just how does ONE judge what is ONE? 1/1 is still ONE! Judgement presumes there is an other! Any Buddhist can tell you that much! No retribution has to happen for past deeds which occurred in what is truly an illusion of separation. 

All that is required the courage to step out in love and act from the Heart as Source moves you. Its really that simple.  You are all one. You are all Original,  You are all Source.  FEEL IT.  BE IT. 

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. For some on this planet... even pain came be a comfortable friend if it reminds them they are alive, but there's a much better way to live than that dystopic way of life! Dream big, dream wide!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Updated: New Orleans Ad in Houston


Updated 2pm 9/12/17 Fixed issue with image resolution

I monitor Twitter as its quite a good summary of events happening in the world without the filtering of Google and Facebook.   

I saw this post and I thought it quite a beautiful statement of how the energies are shifting on the planet.  However hurricane Harvey came to be, natural or man-made weather-modified and steered (the jury is out on that), the folks in Houston have had a major catastrophe and disruption to their lives.   A good friend of mine had her car flooded in her apartment parking garage.  Everyone knows someone in Houston.
For contrast to New Orleans gratitude and loved filled response to the hurricane read the nasty hate filled response out of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, which painted Houston as a den of drowned Nazis.  Charlie Hebdo was that really necessary? 

In recent months I made two trips to Houston, there is a large population or people  that came from New Orleans seeking shelter after Hurricane Katrina, and they stayed as there was no "home" to return to.  So many live there they have their own Mardi Gras celebrations now.   Culture and food travels with the people.  Houston is one the most diverse cities in American culturally. 

New Orleans Paid Ad in The Houston Chronicle Newspaper

Twelve years ago, you took in hundreds of thousands of us. You opened your homes, closets , and kitchens. You found schools for our kids and jobs to tide us over. Some of us are still there. And when the rest of the world told us not to rebuild, you told us not to listen. Keep our city and traditions alive.

Now, no two storms are the same. Comparing rising waters is a waste of energy when you need it most. But know this - in our darkest hour, we found peace and a scorching, bright light of hope with our friends in Texas. And we hope you'll find the same in us.

Our doors are open. Our clothes come in every size. There 's hot food on the stove, and our cabinets are well-stocked. We promise to always share what we have.

Soon, home will feel like home again, even if it seems like a lifetime away. We'll be battling for football recruits under the Friday night lights. You'll tell us to stop trying to barbeque. We'll tell you to lay off your crawfish boil and come have the real thing. But for as long as you need, we're here t o help .

The way of life you love the most will carry on. You taught us that. Your courage and care continues to inspire our whole city. We couldn't be more proud to call you our neighbors, our friends, and our family. Texas forever.

We're with you,

New Orleans

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GAIA PORTAL: Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve

Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve
by ÉirePort

Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve.

Fortunates are liberated.

Presumptives come to the fore and primaries are installed.

hu-beings become Hue-Beings.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Updated: Heather's Detention Hearing Transcript, August 29, 2017

Terran note:
Below is the html version of the transcript of Heather's detention hearing. I have redacted the address and phone number of Heather's host.  I have also added the word "Page" in front of the page numbers for clarity.  I added a link to the video of Heather's arrest in 2011 after the Pierce County Sheriffs deputy shoulder butts Heather during an eviction and  then arrests her, which is mentioned below in the court transcript. The entire incident is on video and you can watch it as it happened.  The rest of the transcript is as it was received today from the court in a PDF.  

Note: PDF version available here:


Plaintiff,                                                  )
vs.                                                            ) Case No.: 3:17-CR-82
Defendant.                                              )


August 29, 2017
10:47 a.m. to 12:50 p.m.


                                                             ANNE-MARIE SVOLTO, ESQUIRE
                                                             Assistant United States Attorney United States Department of                                                                Justice Office of the United States Attorney
                                                             800 Market Street
                                                             Suite 211
                                                             Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

                                                             Law Office of Francis L. Lloyd, Jr.
                                                             9111 Cross Park Drive
                                                             Suite D-200
                                                             Knoxville, Tennessee 37923


Rebekah M. Lockwood, RPR, CRR
Official Court Reporter
(865) 210-6698
800 Market Street, Suite 130
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

Page 3

PAINTING The Meaning of Life

By Ellen

So, I've had as an artist a commission for over a year, entrusted to me by someone I care greatly about, and one thing or another has made its completion very, very slow.

Feeling an urgency of late to fulfill this lovely obligation, I made arrangement with a couple of dear friends, brothers I have known since they were 5 and 10 yrs old, to come to share their mountain property and in the beauty of my surroundings and with a minimum of distraction, devote myself to my creative effort.

I undertook to paint out of doors, but gnats and yellow jackets and 109 degrees on the porch, created another problem.

So, consulting with my loved and loving hosts, I sought out a shady knoll on the property, purchased a large, screened canopy (tent-like) and one of the brothers helped me pitch it. I moved my paints and canvas and easel and two chairs inside the screen, and painted most of the day today.

The quietude and natural beauty and and sounds of nature allowed me to enter into that serene space that we artists need and experience in creating our lovely offerings. But, then, the true magic started to happen.

The younger brother showed up later in the day, and did little things to make the place and equipment even more serviceable, and after that he brought a lawn chair and little table and put it inside the screen with the two chairs I already had. And then he sat down with a cup of coffee, to quietly refresh himself and his life. (All this while, I am painting at my easel. )

Pretty soon, the older brother came along, exploring the knoll and the day's accomplishments, and wishful of staying awhile at the screened canopy, among the pines, fetched another lawn chair for himself.

Conversation between brothers was lively and raucous, and fun and funny, warm and loving...and contagious. I SUDDENLY REALIZED that I had sought this situation, these loving, loving friendships, this camaraderie, this comfort, this place of creativity, this beauty in nature, this peace, these innocent interactions, all of my life...all of my fantasies about lotto winnings or some other windfall, were to CREATE this situation and circumstance that just presented itself to me as a GIFT!

"People will come to a little retreat of my dearest fantasy, I had said, and they will see what I see and feel a bit of what I feel, and they will want to be with ME...and plant gardens and play in the river, and we will sometimes just sit quietly and enjoy the birds and crickets in the evening."

And NOW, in September of 2017, these "people" of "that fantasy" came in reality, came TODAY to my screened canopy where I was painting, and all the innocent dreams and longings of my life came true for a couple of hours, as if a gift from the UNIVERSE. It contained the meaning of life, as I imagine it.

I hope you enjoyed this romp with me into a day in my life, and that you understood. Thank you for coming...


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Friday, September 1, 2017

The Immediate Real and Pressing Need

I want to thank everyone so far who has been so generous in helping us through this situation with Heather and Randy.  Everything has been quite fluid, we had no fixed dates for anything as Heather was put through a 30 day tour of the prison industrial complex in 5 states.  Heather has some really interesting contacts with certain ones on that journey but cannot speak to that now.   She will address that story at a time of her choosing.

Heather has been released on her "own recognizance", has a curfew, is required to remain in the Eastern District of Tennessee until this case is resolved.  She is electronically monitored while she is preparing her case.  The conditions of her release means she cannot say much until this case is resolved, and she cannot have contact with Randy or support him on his case.    That also means you will not hear daily statuses or much about the case from either me or BZ.   BZ has done an amazing job of keeping you informed but I ask that you be patient with both of us in this moment as we do have to be very careful not to complicate matters for either Randy or Heather.

What Heather and Randy are doing is for all of us. Please do not forget Randy, keep sending plain white postal cards (they do not let him have picture postcards) to him letting him know of your support in what is the worst possible jail here in Knoxville.  He is literally housed with the murderers, which is strange for a man accused of a "white collar crime" who has not yet been convicted.  But then nothing about this case is normal.  Its very difficult for Randy to be in such circumstances.  They are trying to break him.  

Also please do what you can to support Randy by sending funds to PayPal ID:  RKBFUND@GMAIL.COM.   This money goes to covering expenses for Randy's case.  Randy fired his public defender (I won't speak to as to why but he had good reason).  The public defenders biggest concern in Randy's hearing this week was that those reasons would become public, not Randy's situation.  The court is appointing him new stand-by or "elbow counsel" as they call it here. 

Randy lost his apartment, he was evicted, the apartment did get a visit from the FBI and the management used the excuse that two of Randy's friends had used his address as a mailing address. Randy's cousin Patricia has moved his personal effects into storage at her own expense.  The apartment complex was very unhelpful in arranging freight elevator times, which meant Patricia could not assist me in picking up Heather's husband Youssef, and I had to arrange an Uber ride for him.  Randy is on his own as to his representation, but he does have stand by counsel to walk him through court procedures and other nuances of the court.  The circumstances of both cases are so closely linked to the same documentation. Randy does know what to do.  But his task is not an easy one.

The good side of all this is all the documents Heather has filed are now part of the court record, and Heather is able to discovery on documents she needs to prove her case.   There will be a jurisdiction hearing coming up, and the case could literally be dismissed at that point.  I don't have the exact date before me, I am sure its at BZ's site, I will come back and edit this with the date of the hearing.  If it does go to trial the date will be January 23, 2018.

I have had to make short term housing bookings up until now given the fluidity of events, and things got quite expensive during the eclipse as Knoxville was in the prime path of the eclipse and hotels were booked solid, I was lucky to find any at all.   Local prices have returned to normal and their shouldn't be anymore price hikes until Thanksgiving or Christmas. Washington DC area is quite expensive for motels, there simply is no off season there.  DC was good in that mass transportation there is very well developed.  In Knoxville I use Uber a great deal.  When I left Texas I didn't know what to expect I just knew I had to be on the ground to support what ever need came up. Heather has a number of trusted friends, but not all of them could be here due to family needs or job requirements. They didn't have the flexibility I have to be here.   I knew I had to be here at least until Heather got out, and Heather has asked me to stay at least through the Jurisdiction hearing in October.

We need to raise quite soon $3000 for long term housing expenses.  Our daily costs are dropping as we have fixed dates to work with now, but we have to pay our more up front.  I've put in over $4000 of my money (an unexpected first installment from my late mother's estate - I do know when the next one will come, it could be months from now) to cover all the expenses that came up during the last few weeks and there have been a lot of them.  Just court transcripts alone cost over $400 each, and I bought one from Heather's case. Randy's hearing transcript has not yet been purchased.

If you can help please send funds to OBIWANKABUKI@GMAIL.COM at PayPal or just click the tree image on the right side of the blog.  Please do not send funds for Randy to me, I am letting his family handle that.

I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude enough to all of your for the support shown.  And my apologies to all that I have not been able to thank personally, I thank you here collectively instead. Heather has had a long track record and has never asked anyone for financial help during the last 5 years.   But she needs it now more than ever.    I really do feel this is the last doing before everything changes.

You can expect the usual shills have come out of the woodwork and attack Heather or Randy, but don't listen to them.  Others will call this distraction or make you think you should ignore this situation.  We've been down that road before, just use your higher discernment. 

There are powerful beings that have chosen just observe than do anything actively to offer support with what is in their power to do, its one thing to work with energies, another to put it all into active creation with your being and doing (which is how creation occurs). 

Ironically its some who historically over the eons have played the roles of extreme contrast who are helping, and to me that shows the power of Heather's love based, non-polarity, non-judgemental approach to resolving all this messed up financial situation on this planet.

To those that would rather sit in judgement of others, or discuss how they would have done it differently, I make no judgement on that, but all masks come off in these moments.  But I can say that I am astounded by the ones who I never ever thought would ever help, and truly are are helping.  I have had to rethink everything I thought was possible.  With love all is possible.

I love you all!


GAIA PORTAL: Striations of Elixir Light decorate the Heavens.

Striations of Elixir Light decorate the Heavens
by ÉirePort

Striations of Elixir Light decorate the Heavens.

Hue-manity is Enlightened to all positives.

Casting off on the Nova Gaia journey, all are united.

Energies of the Higher Guides are embodied.

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