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GW Hardin - We of the Unknown Universe: Further Secrets of the DNA Tesseract

Terran note: This is a followup to the 2012 article by GW Hardin.  I've known GW since 1994, he was instrumental in my awakening, helping me to recognize my dualistic beliefs in the later half of the 1990s.  I don't always agree with GW, but I always enjoy our email and phone conversations!  I respect his mind, his dedication to Oneness. His abilities to find patterns and see the mathematics in very complex subjects is astounding.

I haven't had time to digest this yet so if I have any comments I will post that in a followup up article separately.  The original article A Celestial Mystery - A Secret to an Unknown Human Power is available HERE, and this article below in PDF form is available HERE.

We of the Unknown Universe:  Further Secrets of the DNA Tesseract

By GW Hardin (8/20/20)

In 2012 a blogger calling himself “American Kabuki” contacted me regarding a file of a geometric figure that had mysteriously shown up on a thumb drive … out of nowhere. One might have dismissed this episode had I not also received a mysterious thumb drive showing up out of nowhere which led to my writing an article for his blog: “A Celestial Mystery Solved: The Secret to an Unknown Human Power.” My life changed dramatically following that. It’s probably time to tell folks why.

Kabuki later became “Terran Cognito,” the name of his new blog. After originally publishing my article, Kabuki soon thereafter published another article, which immediately snatched my attention. The article, “The Uncommitted Investigator” was written by a whistleblower who used the pseudonym, “Daniel,” from which came a body of work on space/time called the “Daniel Papers.” These publications resulted in my never-ending involvement in timelines and gateways, such as the DNA Tesseract. At the time, I could not comprehend why “Daniel” wasn’t more forthcoming with his real name and his real intent for releasing information that heretofore had been unknown and top-secret. That was until I started writing about what I called the “Timeline Wars,” which resulted in my life being threatened. Since then, I have remained silent on this topic … until now.

It’s important to keep this information simple, because the brain will automatically tune out when it finds itself in territory that it cannot relate to. It’s also paramount for me to know if people are ready to hear forbidden truths. With that in mind, here are the topics we’ll journey into:

1.  From Timeline Wars to Time Gates (the “Daniel Papers”)
2.  Opening the DNA Tesseract into Time/Space
3.  My Discovery of the Unknown Universe
4.  Conclusion

 From Timeline Wars to Gateways (the “Daniel Papers”)

The geometric figure that Kabuki received turned out to be a 2D geometric representation of a 4D geometry, known as a hecatonicosachoron. In the “Celestial Mystery” article I explain how this geometry is directly related to the geometry of our very own DNA. What I did not explain was how the DNA literally opens gateways in sustaining life with light. Scientists know this light  exists and have done numerous experiments with it, but have yet to explain how the body is able to bring in these “biophotons” from what is inappropriately called the “quantum vacuum.” Turns out it is anything but a vacuum. More on that later.

In 2018, I created a series of classes on how the body opens these gateways with what I call the DNA Tesseract — a tesseract being a mathematical term for a 4D geometry displayed in 2D geometry, normally a hypercube.

The first class, “The God Geometry: Part 1” reveals how I used this DNA Tesseract to create a tool that assists humans in using the power of intent, the Harmonetic Cirq. My effort constantly has been to convince humanity it possesses incredible power that allows it to alter reality. Later on, I expanded that notion using a new discovery at Australia National University, that humanity not only alters reality (the observer effect), humans can also create reality. What I did not get into was explaining that this is related to the explanations of time/space referenced in the “Daniel Papers.” After my writings on the Timeline Wars, I received the threat that my life could not be protected.

So what are timelines? I can hear everyone asking. Daniel addresses this task in his publication “Time and Timelines” in an easy-to-understand fashion:
Suppose you are driving down the road to work, but today someone dropped a tree across the road. Rather than deal with the alteration of the terrain, odds are you will just turn around, and take another route—an alternate route, or in the temporal landscape, an alternate timeline. Because the tree was in front of you, you consciously changed your future by taking a different route, and by taking that route, you will encounter many new things and situations that you would not have encountered on the old route. 
When Daniel speaks of a “temporal landscape” or “alternate timeline” or “temporal law,” he is speaking about an unknown aspect of the universe that we will get into later. But take particular note of his statement below regarding humanity. We have the power to choose.
Now here’s the surprise consequence... there is no temporal law that says you cannot get out of your car, move the tree, and continue along the route you wanted to follow in the first place! It creates an inconvenience, but is not insurmountable. Once you know what is coming, you don’t have to still be in the way once it gets here. If you were standing on a street, looked up and saw a piano falling out a 10th story window right above you, would you just scream, “the end is near!” and get squashed, or just step out of the way? 
If you remain ignorant, you’ll just follow the crowd around the obstacles placed by those that formed the timeline, going where they wanted you to go. Let’s face it, people are lazy and will usually take the easiest path. And that is how they keep control—providing easy “paths,” not only in timelines, but in politics, legality, economics, food, fuel... just about anything you can name. Odds are you never even knew that there was a choice. Those who wake up, have a choice. 
In my initial writings on the Timeline Wars, I expanded my argument with Daniel’s first publication where he brings up the notion of timelines, and how those in power possessed the technology to manipulate humans into manifesting one or another timeline. Daniel’s slant was that we should try and collapse “Timeline 1” and “Timeline 2” back into its original course of “Timeline 0,” in which our world no longer operated. I, on the other hand, was lobbying for what appeared to me to be yet another timeline, “Timeline 3,” in which celestial beings were working with humanity to steer away from Timelines 1 and 2 (“Timeless Comments on Timelines”).

Throughout my adult life I have been involved with gateways, to the point where I now teach about 3 levels of gateways. My first exposure occurred with natural gateways found throughout the Earth’s geo-magnetic field. During my yearlong studies with Malidoma Somé, this African shaman-priest repeatedly informed me of my abilities as a Gatekeeper, and the powers of the Gatekeepers of the indigenous tribes across the world. Years later, in my books of On the Wings of Heaven and The Masters Return, the archangels revealed teachings on Gatekeepers of the angelic gateways. Ten years later, I became deeply aware of the gateways of Oneness and how these gateways were tied intimately to the DNA Tesseract.

Opening the DNA Tesseract into Time/Space

My original work with the DNA Tesseract went only so far because of the limits of my knowledge and experience at the time, which was what Daniel called “space/time” reality. In spite of the Daniel Papers referencing “time/space,” as opposed to space/time, I could make little sense of it until lately. In the “Celestial Mystery” article I went into detail regarding the extraordinary work done by Dr. Konstantin Meyl, a German physicist, explaining how DNA itself creates what are called “scalar waves,” some that can travel faster than the speed of light. But I failed to realize I was seeing only half the story: leaving out time/space.

Yes, the DNA Tesseract created by the human body is scalar by nature, not unlike biophysicist Dr. James Oschman’s soliton scalar system of the human brain, which communicates instantaneously with all the cells in the body at once. And, yes, it turns out, the tesseract scalars and soliton scalars are not just limited to the human body. Both have the ability to resonate with systems outside the body, which unfortunately may be used to manipulate humans. However, the DNA Tesseract also has the added ability to operate not only in space/time but also in time/space. What does that mean? Let’s find out.

The nucleotides of DNA form an amazing geometry with its arrangement of molecules. In one of the Crick and Watson pairings seen to the right you will notice the hydrogen atoms colored in red. In a normal state the electrons of the hydrogen atom form a unique cloud around each atom. However, when hydrogen moves into a high-spin state (caused by human consciousness) the electron cloud is no longer limited to the single atom. The clouds move into a oneness with one another throughout the pairing. And because of the geometry of these molecules the DNA Tesseract is opened becoming a gateway across space and time.

When you add to this knowledge the work of Dr. Konstantin Meyl, you discover that the human body goes beyond Tesla’s knowledge of scalars. For the human body uses a different kind of scalar other than Tesla’s electric scalar. Meyl discovered the human body also uses magnetic scalars. These magnetic scalars form the shape of the DNA Tesseract, and begin rolling down the ladder of the helix. You will notice that the geometry of the nucleotides in the helix matches perfectly with the geometry of the DNA Tesseract. So when the tesseract travels down the DNA helix, magic happens. For example, biophotons mysteriously appear out of what I now recognize as time/space. What humans have forgotten is that this movement from time/space into space/time is not a one-way street. We miraculous humans have the ability to simultaneously interact with space/time and time/space, or what I like to call the “Unknown Universe.” There exist magnificent opportunities in doing so. However, there are also inherent dangers. And those dangers come forth from power and ego.

My Discovery of the Unknown Universe

As has been the case throughout most of my life, the angelic realm introduced me to yet another level of information — the gateways of Oneness (The God Geometry: Part 2). Through their teachings we humans became acquainted with what the angelics call the “Wholeness Blessing.” This blessing used both the resonance of soliton waves within the heart and the entering into oneness with another to reestablish wholeness in the other.

Not long after that I learned the magnificence of the Oneness Blessing, or diksha, which became the perfect complement to the Wholeness Blessing. The singular intent of the giver of the Wholeness Blessing, through person-to-person oneness, naturally led to the tapping into the intent of the All, or Oneness, to allow what best served the individual receiving the Oneness Blessing. Oneness became an obsession with me, leading me into yet another adventure by immersing myself into the five books of The Law One.

Years later, the next step in my journey came about from the discovery of Lynn McTaggart and her research with the Power of 8. With that came my decision to create special gatekeeper groups around the country. We were able to combine the principles of the Power of 8 and the gateways of Oneness, using both the power of intent proven out with McTaggart’s research and the inherent human abilities of the DNA Tesseract. We called this new principle the “Gatekeeper Effect.” This was our first exploration in using the power of gatekeepers to access the Unknown Universe. What this allowed us to do is to conduct Power of 8 sessions without the 8 people actually being present, in person or on Zoom. Our eyes were opened by the many miracles that ensued, whether healings from cancer or macular degeneration or near-death undiagnosable medical crises or issues with abundance or job-loss. Several groups independently began making their own discoveries journeying into time/space through the gateways of Oneness. We soon discovered that the Gatekeeper Effect surpassed even the extraordinary findings of the traditional Power of 8 groups.

The “Daniel Papers” try to put into everyday language what time/space is. Technically, space/time is made up of 3 dimensions of space (x, y, z coordinates of location) and 1 dimension of time. Time/space is the reciprocal of this, where there are 3 dimensions of time and 1 dimension of space. Try locating something in terms of coordinates of past/present/future without the benefit of surrounding terrain. Space/time and time/space overlay one on top of the other. Think of it as two faces of the same coin, one known, the other unknown. At least until now.

What prevents us from seeing into and working with time/space are our own biases. I try to illustrate this with the following question: What is the difference between 5 miles per hour and 1/5th of an hour per mile? Our brains have a very difficult time seeing that these two are mathematically equivalent but worlds apart. To bring these two orientations together is to venture into the Unknown Universe.

It is only recently that I have been using time/space to address issues in ordinary reality. The first lesson I learned was that I had to keep my ego out of time/space because the consequences can be unfortunate in an arena of existence where an ego-based decision can disrupt past/present/future in a way that can manifest temporal tsunamis. To safely operate in time/space one must operate in Oneness, or one faces the possibility of getting disoriented in this unknown temporal territory. Having said that, I must also state that it is my experience that we have arrived at a “time” for humanity to own up to its miraculous nature and no longer dwell in only half of the universe. However, my experience is not the point here. What matters is what humanity as a whole is calling forth. Unexpected circumstances have caused me to test the waters of that calling with this article. It will be most interesting to see what the ripple effect will be.


We of the Unknown Universe are prepared to continue working with groups choosing to peel away the veneer of a world based on suffering. In the rapidly approaching future, full disclosure will expose the scientific facts of time/space, showing that the Military Industrial Complex and the U.S. military have been working with superluminal craft for decades, unbeknownst to those who pay taxes and raise kids. Anything moving faster than the speed of light is in time/space. Anything slower than the speed of light resides in space/time. Though I won’t get into it, there is a region of existence where neither space nor time exists. What one must realize is that Tesla was absolutely correct: everything spins, everything is in motion. All aspects of existence stem from this motion. Space and time are components within motion.

My hope is that humanity is ready to step into its Unknown Universe. By doing so, we will shatter the shackling forces of power that have controlled us. What awaits us are mind-boggling opportunities of replacing institutions with networks of like-hearted individuals who care about not only humanity’s best interest but the Earth’s as well. The psychological mandate of get-a-job will yield to an entirely new mindset of How do I support economic projects that serve both me and my calling to excel in being the best person I can be? By experiencing the fullness of existence (rather than just half), we offer ourselves the capacity to springboard into partnership with the angelic realms where we no longer are in need of being rescued but lift ourselves up as beacons of light that bring an end to the Age of Darkness.

“Let the dreamers wake the nation,” sang Carly Simon. The only way that can happen is if the dreamers no longer sleep. Go beyond daring to dream. Dare to move fully into self-enlightenment. Become your own beacon of light. For I am reminded of Thomas Merton’s famous quote: “A man searching for enlightenment is like a man sitting on an ass in search of an ass.” Let’s get off our collective asses and realize we are the enlightenment. We are miraculous. Get used to it.

from my heart to yours,