Thursday, February 27, 2020

Wheels again!

I have wheels again!  Turned out to be a cracked spark plug (like in Portland but this mechnic was better and I didn't have to buy a coil first before he found the bad plug) so ivhad all six spark plugs replaced and it runs great!

Special thanks to Mark and Derek!  I have fuel to work the next three days!  Much appreciated!

Love you all!


Misc. things and thoughts

The corona virus hype is going into full swing now. My YouTube feed had a campaign ad by Michael Bloomberg attacking Trump's response to COVID19... which is kind of strange given the relative lack of infections in the USA...  makes you wonder at the funding of that virus doesnt it?  And these strange hotspots that seemingly are in random locations like Milan Italy and nearby mountains. The Chinese bought out the Milan fashion houses several years ago and the Chinese have been buying Italian vineyards and olive oil estates.  

Speaking of pandemics, my grandmother came down with the 1918 Spanish flu on their remote ranch in eastern Montana.  It was one of the most devastating epidemics of history, and particularly tough on pregnant women and fetuses.  My grandmother was pregnant with my father when she came down with it.


“According to historian John M. Barry, the most vulnerable of all – "those most likely, of the most likely", to die – were pregnant women. He reported that in thirteen studies of hospitalized women in the pandemic, the death rate ranged from 23% to 71%.[83] Of the pregnant women who survived childbirth, over one-quarter (26%) lost the child.[84]”

YET...both survived it! My father was not a healthy child, he suffered from asthma and was small for his age.  As he grew into his teenage years he thrived and went on to become a Captain in the Army Air Corps of a P-38 squadron. He competed in long distance running while in the army. Dad, if anything was a very determined man. 

It’s a crazy moment. Twitter has never been wackier and fear and fear mongering is running fast and furious.  Breathe. Breathe again.  

Yes in one sense we never know when Source decides it’s time for us to go, but you have a lot more say in that than you realize, whether it’s strength of will to survive, common sense hygiene you’d do for any cold virus, or just understanding the power you have to shape your reality. If you are in fear your power is diminished.  The doctors thought I’d die of this designer bacteria from China in 2009... yet I’m still here. Wasn’t my time to go. 

Yesterday was a very strange day frequency wise. My car had an induction coil fail, and I got knocked for a loop myself, so I took a good long nap. My home internet connection would not work and all I had was my phone. 

I was worried as my car is also one way I make money and it’s out of commission for any long distance driving. Yet the owners of this house dropped by with some money reimbursing for some plumbing repairs I made, so I looks like I’ll have nearly enough to pay for the repair.  I went to a repair shop Bev recommended and they're getting my car in early in the morning and the worst case quote is $150 cheaper than when this same thing happened to me in Portland. 

I might not have enough for gasoline to work but I’ll be okay until when a check arrives next week. Who knows what happens in between?  Since 2013 what I need always comes. 

Tonight I’m in complete peace with it all. Data is flowing and abilities I have are turning on.  We are a whisper away from massive beautiful changes on this planet and that’s a knowing in my bones.

There’s been some dark night of the soul moments in the past month when it felt like past timelines were coming back for an ugly encore but it was more about thanking them for what they taught me and letting them go.  And as is often the hardest part with all of us,  loving ever bit of me, including those parts I try not to focus on. 

The only YouTube videos that interest me are Japanese woodworking and similar videos, and those goofy videos where a ten ton press squishes everyday objects (quite addicting to watch btw lol), and those primitive technology videos those guys in the jungles of the Philippines do. Don’t care for remote viewers of pandemics or web bots of doom. 

I care not a wit for second guessing viruses, what the banking cabal/Orion syndicate is up to. They are irrelevant to the future of this planet they made their choices. Every move against humanity backfires on them. Humanity will survive and will thrive, but some have chosen to leave form believing they can’t adapt to a new world. All choices are honored.

You heard of Where’s Waldo?  If you want to play a game, Where’s Xi? Anybody seen him lately? Even Ben Fulford is noticing his conspicuous absence.  It’s curious...

I love all you who read this blog. It’s a dedicated bunch of readers I have and I’m grateful to you all.

PS: I don’t have much news about Heather, I’ve not heard from her in 48 hrs, which may or may not mean she’s being moved. We will know soon enough.