Monday, May 10, 2021

A Creation Parable - Innervation - Part 1

Terran note: this is flowing now, expect edit revisions, corrections, and updates for days, maybe weeks as this flows.  This is going to be one I edit on the fly.

Along time ago, not so very far away.  Formless Source essences of the ALL knew they were all One, for they came from the great cosmic soup of The ALL, and they remembered everything.  There was no time, they always existed.  They knew not what came before existence, nor even exactly what the ALL was, but they knew they were of it, and an expression within it.  They had not yet experienced the ALL. Each was a unique tone of Source.  Some were primary tones, the roots of the songs in physicality yet to be played in form.  Others were chords of frequencies unique in their expression and emotive force in creation.  There was a unique math to it all, the math of creation. And everyone knew it. All knowledge was shared within and through them.  There was not one thing among them that was not shared and know. 

They remembered the cavorting and mingling they did when there was no form.  They remembered the songs they sang in frequencies long ago forgotten that no human ear has heard.  They remembered when they intermingled being-ness in love and enhanced each other's frequencies.   It was all love. Love is all they knew. They remembered the joy, the bliss, the unqualified acceptance of each being as unique expressions within the ALL. 

But they had no form. Just the free unconfined movement like intelligent northern light vapors in the void before space and time were even known.

They played with light, and found that they could create forms to play with with. Light and magnetics and love they created plasma, and from that something a little more solid would emerge.  A little bit of themselves was left like a finger print in everything they created.  They created pueblos of light in the void.   They swooshed about these playgrounds of light, found that if they introduced magnetics it made them more rigid.  Yet they could not experience directly the forms they created as they would simply glide through them.  

A few got really really good at making these forms.  The others observed for a long while in fascination.

Some made portals within the void, and their spherical dimensional boundaries would illuminate into stars where dimensions interweave.  These would shine brightly in the void, like fireflies within the ALL.   The event horizons of the portals generated a dimensional stress, this caused micro singularities in a fractal like manner to zip out of the event horizon into the surrounding void.  Singularities , dimensional tensions, would generate a hydrogen atom as virtual electrons would be attracted to the polarity of the tension from the vacuum of the void and spin about these micro singularities.  Hydrogen and helium and other gases fountained out of these fractal dimensional boundaries. 

The singularity of the nucleus is heart of source within each atom.  The more they played the more they learned about this play dough of the cosmos, which was Source, yet something also new.  They played more and more with geometry, frequency, magnetics, and new particles formed.   Atoms of life hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, Carbon.  Sometimes the portals would shut down and spray a vast array of metals and other new elements into the void like fireworks of synapses firing within the all. 

Combining oxygen with hydrogen yielding water gave a sentience to forms.  This molecule could hold frequencies and intent and sustain what became "life" in physical forms.  Some focused on the architecture of matter, rocks and planets, others in creating plants and animal ife forms for these realms and later the life on planets.  There was only joy.    They learned to dance and sing things into existence with the boundless joy they were feeling with in.  The ALL was also experiencing what they were experiencing and expanding with each creation.  The ALL was learning about itself in toto. They knew this too.  They knew of their relationship to the ALL, but they did not know then they were the ALL too.   Prisms of the inner light projecting out into the void in a never ending expansion. 

There came a time when they desired to be within their creations.  To feel the sand of the beaches. To feel what it felt like to be wet in the oceans. To feel the wind of the air upon their own skins.  So they made forms fit for themselves, with a kind of magnetic lock within a molecule called DNA that would hold them within the experience for as long as they desired, and resonate with their specific frequency as if they were one.  They were both within forms and without them as they pleased.  They could, for the first time experience what solidity felt like.  

These creators (small c) within the ALL, the ultimate source of all Creation created fantastic things and it gave them great joy.  Some spent more time in form, and there entered the concept of separateness. They still knew they were one one with it all. But slowly, and subtly  they identified somehow with their uniqueness rather than the ALL-ness of themselves.  Identity politics is a primordial trap.

The ones who had such joy in creating created very beautiful forms for themselves.  They found these forms pleasing.  Gender was fluid in the beginning but diversified as experiences in form went on.  They learned with lifeforms how to ensure self replication of life forms to perpetuate life on its own.  

They learned from bacteria and viruses that holding half of their future progeny's DNA in a male and half in a female preserved the digital encoding of cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine molecules and protected the DNA from viral and bacterial degradation.  A built in error correction system for the next generation of forms.  

Creation by union (sexual reproduction) also randomized characteristics of forms for other essences to experience the matterium.  It also brought in the factor of unexpected novelty in form, and Source loves novelty. 

Those with receptive energies became females and gave life to new forms capable of holding a unique Source essence.  Those with projecting energies became male.  And many experienced both genders before preferring one or the other.  Some were both genders. Some created by direct creation, most by union of being.   Some were engineered with enhancements from prior forms. The essences (souls if you will) always existed but were not always in form.  The creators of form, merely brought the opportunity to experience form. They did not create the essences that always existed eternally within the ALL.

Form brought experiences unavailable to formlessness.  It encouraged expansion of each unique essence expression of the ALL.  It presented challenges and novel ways of being.  It was all new.  It was an exploration of the unknown.  It wasn't so much innovation as INNER-VATION. 

(to be continued)