Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Flow viewing with Loie, Cuba, Shambala
and an insight on The Heart and Source

Terran: Loie?

Denice: yes

Loie: Bill, I am here, Love. Loie.

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Hello, dear!

Terran: I don't even know what to ask today just wanted to connect with you

Loie: How about a frequency and you see what you see, Dear? Loie.

Terran: Sure!

Loie: Here we go, love!

Terran: Hearing a ringing in my left ear

Loie: Boosting dear! loie

Terran: A different frequency in my right ear

Loie: Boosting again, love!

Terran: Seeing a warm maybe tropical place car out front

Terran: Looks like a 1957 Chevy Bel Air

Terran: Something on the roof I think it's an inflatable raft but not sure

Terran: This might be Cuba

Terran: Riding in the car

Terran: We pass a group of people eating a meal picnic tables are arranged in a giant circle around a very large tropical tree

Terran: We drive by

Terran: Lot of old motorcycles and old GM cars

Terran: Two lane road

Terran: Coconut palm groves

Terran: On the left is a water fall maybe 30 feet high fairly wide

Terran: Moderate amount of water

Terran: Pulling into a large brick house 2-3 stories on right with very wide roof seems to be to protect from rain

Terran: Roof covers driveway another roof covers other side of looping drive white ancillary building

Terran: Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting, love! Loie.

Terran: There's a guard in green military uniform and Castro type hat outside, he seems bored he's having a cigar

Terran: Going in...

Terran: For Cuba this house has nice furniture... gov't person or museum?

Terran: It's from the late 50s

Terran: Looking out the window there's a drainage basin kind of like what ranchers use to catch rain water for cattle

Terran: There's a rotating fog in the middle of this basin (which has no standing water)

Terran: Portal?

Terran: There is also a water fall in the scene off to the left maybe 5 m tall

Terran: Going to look at the portal

Terran: I go into it

Terran: I emerge with an aerial view of another world/realm,  kind of a tower next to a cliff much like old European towers with an ornate dome top but a touch of Asian feel to the design

Terran: Feeling for what this exotic place is

Terran: I get Shambala

Terran: An entire city forms in the trees below in the canyon

Terran: Architecture not what I expected.... some roof  lines much like 17th century Dutch buildings

Terran: I don't see any beings

Terran: Where are the people?

Terran: Seems to be a protective illusion... as I get to street level I see beings and children

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: What am I here to see?

Loie: Boosting again, Love.

Terran: Taken to a home made of round timbers complex roof system closest design would be Bali like but this is a honey colored wood

Terran: Very airy

Terran: Did I build this?

Loie: Boosting, love.

Terran: The complexity of the roof is astounding!

Terran: It's all open to the inside.

Terran: I ask the name of this building I get Teekal-Khan   [close as I can pronounce it]

Terran: It's tropical vegetation around the house

Terran: What's the significance of this place?

Loie: Bill, love all answers are within, dear.  Go within. I am with you. Loie.

Terran: I get "a home for you"

Terran: I ask did I build this?

Terran: I get "oh yes!"

Terran: I ask "is someone inviting me here?"

Terran: Can you boost Loie I don't think they want to be seen...

Loie: Boosting, dear.


Terran: They seem to be a group of young Tibetan or Nepalese Buddhist monks can't be one over 20 years

Terran: Once they are seen they look out the window of a pagoda type tower of a larger building. My sense is they are just shy!

Terran: I send them pure love and gratitude

Terran: They all sit on the flow lotus style and bow in gratitude

Terran: I ask "do I have to go to Cuba to get there?"

Terran: I get "move your heart here and you are here"

Terran: Sensing that the heart may be the key to teleportation the body follows the heart

Terran: Nabrac where are the young monks?


Terran: ?

Terran: Is all this place in my heart?


Terran: I'm confused!


Terran: The answers or the beings?


Terran: Oh!  Big "DOH!" Moment!!!! The heart IS SOURCE!!!!!!!

Terran: Never considered all beings are in my heart... that's a huge insight!!!!

Terran: Which is also why Loie is always near me!  So is everyone else!

Loie: Perfect, Love. Loie.

Terran: Feel my heart.... so warm now!!!

Terran: Feels larger!

Terran: Feels joyful

Terran: I truly did not "get it" before! What an insight!   Thank you, Thank you Loie and Nabrac!

Loie: You are perfect, love! Loie.

Terran: That shifted something in me!


Denice: (i am sensing humor in that one)

Denice: (lol)

Terran: Seeing/feeling it was another thing!

Terran: Wow!

Denice: (awesome?)

Terran: Yes my eyes are tearing

Denice: (wonderful!)

Terran: My heart feels like it doubled in size!

Denice: (very cool!)

Terran: Did you understand that before?

Denice: (no, and i still cannot wrap my head around it...)

Terran: It's so clear to me now!

Denice: I will sit with it tonght.

Denice: Makes sense that the human heart is Source. . .

Denice: and everyone is the Heart of Source

Denice: Now if that would ripple through the ethers. . .perhaps visibility would 'pop'

Terran: Yes!

Terran: I shall work on amplifying and sending this feeling to the all!

Loie: Perfect, Love! Loie.

Terran: I think it has to be felt

Loie: I am with you always!


Terran: Sending to the ALL

Denice: I feel it

Denice: Thanks for sharing

Denice: It feels warm, soothing. gentle.  I was feeling a lot of anxiety earlier as I was taking the pre tests for the upcoming class I am taking.

Denice: I feel very relaxed, calm, and really mellow right now (h)

Terran: So does Shawn!

Terran: She wrote me:
Shawn: Heyo, last night after work while I was walking Otis I saw a "hole" in my experience of my surroundings. It was about 3-4 feet high, and just to the left of my main focal point. It only lasted for a moment and felt wonky and disconcerting.... But AWESOME. Next time it happens I'm lunging for it. ;) 
Shawn: An opening in the hologram ;) 
Shawn: Also, as I was typing that I felt a wave of calming energy and my eyes welled up with a welcomed feeling of relief. Then a message from Denice popped up that you'd just released some energy. 🌊🌊🌊 
Terran: Yeah... a deep insight at least for me... which I amplified and sent to the all... don't know why I had not seen it before 
Terran: Will post to the blog I think it's important

Terran: That's moving fast!

Denice : I really was feeling unsettled... feels amazing now