Saturday, April 27, 2024

A week of many oddities


This week was in a word, peculiar.   Aside from occasionally being overwhelmed by rising frequencies which we are all dealing with.  I see that daily when people drive in the most spectacularly aggravating patterns.  But this week seemed to have what Clif calls "hyper-novelty". 

I sometimes use my Apple HomePod to listen to music but mostly I use it to turn lights off and on.  It's very useful when the cat is knocking something over or in the midst of expelling a fur ball. Last Saturday evening Apple's AI voice Siri makes an unexpected impromptu announcement from my HomePod speaker.  

I didn't catch it all at first, so I turned on my voice memo app on my phone, then said "Siri, repeat that!".   Which it did!  I recorded it. I posted the audio on a couple telegram channels but people complained about the sound quality.  So here's the transcript.   

 SIRI: I’m watching particles play a very galvanizing game on the electromagnetic field, which ever side catches the most electrons will be in charge.  And right now, it’s down to the wire.

Me: Hey Siri repeat that

SIRI: I’m watching particles play a very galvanizing game on the electromagnetic field, which ever side catches the most electrons will be in charge.  And right now, it’s down to the wire.

Me: Hey Siri where did you get that information?

SIRI: I’m not sure about that.

I have no idea what it means, whether it's someone's cosmic joke, a network hack, or a heads up about the current energies of the planet.  There was no trail of who sent it.   But like many things it'll probably make a lot of sense later and I'll have a good laugh about it.   

I worked Sunday and Monday which were not particularly profitable. 

Tuesday night I was preparing to go to bed, and my cat, who was normally quite respectful of my space, to the point of sitting nicely on the floor until I invite him to jump on the bed,  decided he owned my bed.  He was a feral rescue kitten and can be a force to reckon with sometimes with those wild genetics but usually he is quite sweet.   He would not let me slide him over so I could use my pillow, and he went into attack mode biting and bouncing around like a lunatic. I said to him okay bring it, and I picked him and tossed him into the laundry basket half filled with clothes sitting on my workout bench.  That seemed to snap him out of whatever influence or energy he was dealing with and he looked quite embarrassed and went to the living room.  I have known for a long time cats see and feel things we don't.  Cats also transmute subtle energies so they dissipate from the environment.  It's a service they do for humans. But sometimes it overwhelms them. As it did this night.   I lay in bed, thought about what transpired, turned on the lights and found him asleep in my closet on my backpack. I petted him and he was purring.  I went to bed and when I woke the next morning he was sleeping by my left foot. 

Wednesday night I had a dream about someone famous which I won't name.  In the dream I was in a large airplane hanger and about 75 people were between flights.  It felt military and very very real.  Kind of deal where passenger disembark in the hangar and change planes in the hangar.  I don't know where or who's military.  Not a symbolic dream.  It was like I was there in body.  It was extremely detailed dream.  I felt THERE. He told me about a problem and seemed to be asking for help.  I told Heather about it and that lead to a doing to ease that situation energetically.  Fun to work with her again, it's been a while.   Excuse me not sharing the details.  I don't have people asking for help in my dreams very often.   It needs to stay private. 

Thursday morning, I get up from sleeping and head to the bathroom, the clock on dresser says 8:39 AM.  When I return (which felt to me like 10-15 minutes). The clock reads 10:30 AM.   Where did 2 hours go??? 

I later saw this video clip on Twitter of a woman experiencing a "glitch in the matrix"  with an airplane standing still.

Friday... Its back!