Monday, March 6, 2017

Chinese Gold Mining in Antarctica,
Subterrean railway,
and Gold Refinery and Vault in Chilean Andes.

March 1, 2017

Loie: Ready for a short viewing, dear?

Loie: A flow view?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Sending a frequency now.

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: Seeing something like a railway but might be like mining cars comes out of the ground there's snow then some men on the side then another tunnel upwards seems to be on chains or cogs like

Terran: Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: I'm glad I'm on the train this is a steep climb in snow it is still climbing open terrain sunny some jogs as it climbs

Loie: Another frequency, love!

Loie: Amplified.

Terran: There's a 8-10 story building at the top roughly kidney bean shaped cross section glass might be a hotel

Terran: Ski resort?

Loie: Boosting dear.

Terran: Seeing molten ingots? Gold refining?

Terran: Thought at first it was bread making in bread moulds, but it's metal ingots

Terran: Seems like an odd spot to refine gold

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: Would explain the mining strength railway though

Terran: Seeing a small smelting bucket pour gold

Terran: The bars are stacked in small piles on stainless steel carts like a small train [like in a highly automated airport baggage system] seems to take them thru a wall to a vault area

Terran: Access to the vault is tightly controlled

Terran: Feeling for location seems like Switzerland

Loie: Boosting dear. Amplifying.

Terran: I'm getting Chile!

Terran: The mountains are the Andes

Terran: Explains the odd hats I saw on the men working on the railway on the way up...

GAIA PORTAL: External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question

External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question
by √ČirePort

External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question.

Foresights are accepted, yet claims are delayed.

Promissory stances clear from those of lower mindsets.

Handicaps are removed.

Peace tomes are read.

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