Sunday, May 24, 2020


I have opened an account at MEWE (despite its Chinese sounding name it is US based) to replace the old Facebook account.  Facebook shifted from sharing to monitoring and harvesting data. I've had enough of that.  Perhaps have too?

Feel free to friend me at

Those of you on my Twitter feed already know about this, I forgot to mention it on the blog for those still on Facebook. Remedying that now.

PS: Yes I did type WeMe earlier.. lol, I hope they reserved both domains for the sake of us dyslexics!

Updated: GAIA PORTAL:Belenger items are revealed to all

Belenger items are revealed to all
by √ČirePort

*Belenger items are revealed to all.

Harbingers of Higher Realms are seen.

*Martins delight.

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*Reference to Duke Belenger, a traitor to the Venetian Dark Nobility?  I don't have a clear sense on this one.  Like many Gaia Portal's you know after the fact.

*Could be Lockheed Martin???? Would fit the context of "Higher Realms"....since they make SSP craft.


This was a private question I posed to Heather about a "doing" she did in 2014 that was much misunderstood, by some, at the time. 

She left Aouchtam Morocco late August 2014 and moved back to her extended family in Casablanca and then went "dark" communication wise.  She told us before she left "I'm going on the road", I wasn't sure what that meant, but she did mention a few times she wanted to personally thank everyone who assisted along the way.  Heather can be enigmatic at times.

Caleb and I drove her and her kids to the bus station in Tetouan. I helped her get the kids on the bus which is a bit like herding cats.  I thought perhaps she was going to tour Europe, I really didn't know.  Some got very upset.  I knew from the smile on her face and hug as she left it was not personal about any of us.

In the summer of 2015 I learned, after spending some weeks in Casablanca, she retreated to do some deep internal work in the Atlas Mountains (an energetic area like Everest or Shasta). She had gone cold turkey on cigarettes in Aouchtam and later coffee,  I recall her telling me over a cig and coffee in the alps  "my body said if you want me to do what you have in mind you got give up cigs and coffee first".   I totally get listening the body, I've had mine speak to me a time or two.  I've outlined before before what came from that... the Sphere Alliance.  No need to go back over that. That's not my purpose here.

I began doing some internal work myself beginning in May (I'll speak to that in a separate post), and asked Heather about what she did to prepare for her "on the road" doing.

I wasn't intending to post this, but given that Heather went dark again May 10th with all of us in communication with her, except her husband, it seems both good advice and synchronistic. None of us feel its personal, it could be a sign of potentially very good news!  We will just have to wait until Heather or her husband give us the news. 

Heather has done this periodically in important moments before. I accept it for what it is.  I've worked with her since 2012.  Heather does everything for a reason.

Hope this helps you all.


PS:  The energies are off the charts lately.  Be patient with each other, everyone is sorting themselves out in these energy fluxes, people can ache, have headaches, be a little loopy at moments (like me in the last week or so) and having really wild vivid dreams.  People may distance from you or you may get new unexpected friends. Be kind, as much as possible - and it can be difficult when you feel like you got stuck in a bug zapper.. lol...

-----Terran  on 5/3/2020 11:21 PM wrote:

When you went "on the road" in 2014 how did you prepare?


Subject: RE: QUESTION 
Date: May 4, 2020 at 12:20 PM

...any preparations for this "life" were all ready done...the major "issue" was moving/doing without being limited/hindered/etc by existing programs/programming. 

My bunkie handed me a book last week called The Fifth Agreement which immediately had a similar resonance as the Celestine Prophecy stuff.  I opened the book yesterday and smiled at the familiarity as i read the inside cover jacket for the listed the so-called Five Agreements as:

1. BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD ~ Speak with integrity.  Say only what you mean...etc.


3.  DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ~ Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want...etc.


5. BE SKEPTICAL AND LEARN TO LISTEN...which in my life, #5 has all ways always been listen to me/within and trust in me :)

...anyways, yesterday a piece of a convo that occurred with Sky, et al in Garavet, rang last night as i went to work, "she is basically self-taught", lol.