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Hundreds of Children Created from Ashtar SherrAn's DNA
in The Secret Space Program (SSP)

The following is a bit disturbing.  For me and Ashtar Sherr An! I don't know how the Nazi faction of the SSP got Ashtar Sherr An's DNA (a hair sample or saliva sample from  a cup would be sufficient) but they made invitro embryo babies with his and various mothers DNA on world and off world.

The reasons are clear why... Sherr An is blond (Nazi's like that), very athletic and has a very long lifespan and is an amazing space navigator and warrior.

This flow of conversations with Denice, Sherr An, Thor, Nabrac and Loie began with a David Wilcock/Corey Goode video posted in a Skype room by Lisa Shannon.  The video was quite good, and the woman being interviewed had a beautiful statement at the end of it all...  PLEASE WATCH THE DAVID WILCOCK VIDEO FOR CONTEXT OF THIS ARTICLE. IT IS WELL WORTH WATCHING!

[6/21/17, 10:25:22 AM] lisa shannon: In Gratitude for this one and her story - Niara (lovegift)

[6/21/17, 10:25:24 AM] lisa shannon:

[6/21/17, 11:11:24 AM] Denice: (star) wow! Thanks Lisa! (heart) :)

[6/21/17, 11:17:59 AM] lisa shannon: (lips)

[6/21/17, 12:19:27 PM] Terran: What I like about that is how the woman ends the discussion in a positive note. It's one thing to present disturbing true facts to awaken people but all you've really done is awakened them to fear. She shows how people can change the situation with awareness... One can be a fire alarm or one can be a fireman enlisting other volunteer fireman. It's not enough to point out what is wrong, you have to do something about the fire....

[6/21/17, 12:19:33 PM] Terran: (heart)

[6/21/17, 1:09:56 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (inlove)

[6/21/17, 1:38:12 PM] lisa shannon: 👌💝

[6/21/17, 1:38:34 PM] lisa shannon: Absolutely

[6/21/17, 5:20:39 PM] Skye: On 21/06/2017, at 16:25, lisa shannon wrote:
In Gratitude for this one and her story - Niara (lovegift)

wow yes wow! thank you Lisa! (heart)

Denice on Skype: let me know if you watch the video Lisa posted in the Because room... I had a little 'download'... won't call them memories anymore ;)
Terran note: Many people are currently getting downloads of information from the ALL/Source. Some are mistaking them for their own personal memories. They are in many cases context that the particular person needs. 
I have found personal memories to have a certain resonance as being personal, where the all memories have a slightly different feel, at least to me... but I am new to this too!

Terran: I just saw the Corey Goode/David Wilcock video

Later on SMS

Denice: Hi

Terran: Hi!

Denice: Drove [redacted]  to the beach. Starting to sprinkle. Still hoping for a whale [to show]... or three... guess i have not got this manifestation thing quite right

Terran: lol

Terran: What download did you get?

Denice: Complicated. Do you recall her talking about the blonde blue eyed guard?

Terran: Yes

Terran: That blonde guy comes up in Ingo Swann's book Penetration, they're clones I think...

Denice: He is some sort of GMO Sherran... not a clone, but a human

Terran Note: Since 2013 I have been hearing reports about  "BLONDIE" and some not so pleasant deeds been attributed to Ashtar Sherr An.  None of it fit what I knew of the man or how how he feels when I talk to him. He has a feel and a signature. Like me he can be quite willful. He is a Pleiadian version of me. There is one or more of me nearly everywhere.   
A few years ago one woman told me Ashtar Sherr An gave her a blue faberge egg, and I inquired about that and he told he had done no such thing. Yet the woman was certain it was him. 
 There were also reports from people like INGO SWANN (in his ET book called "PENETRATION") about these intuitive blonde super soldier types who all look the same. The woman in the David Wilcock video gives a very similar description to what Ingo Swann wrote in his book. All of this pointed to a breeding program somewhere.
Beverly had encounters in the dream state with a being that looked like Asthar Sherr An, and the dreams were quite unpleasant. And there were other reports from other people.  I had no explanation for all this. I only knew it was not the Ashtar I knew... but now there is finally an explanation.
Sherr An has his foibles (who doesn't?) and I have had my own disagreements with him in 2015 and 2016. His activities with the world financial systems and Roseline were my biggest concerns and those concerns have been since reconciled.  

Terran: Interesting!

Denice: And i think the experiments that i recall [or download] are from the SSP stuff are part of it

Teleportation Experience June 20, 2017

Updated: cleaned up some grammar and text... minor changes.

By Terran

June 21, 2017

I had an unusual experience yesterday (June 20).  I was driving to Austin and suddenly found myself over nine miles further down the road than I expected to be, missing two towns in the middle of the route!  I took a route to an Austin suburb called Cedar Park, and many unusal things have happened along Texas FM 1431 in the past including two sightings of Arcturian ships

I did intend to teleport, about 15 miles into the journey I knew I could so I set that intention, I don't know why I had that "knowing" but I did... then I promptly forgot about it as I got occupied by the curvy roads and 2 lane traffic… its not a well layed out road subject to sharp curves and flooding in rain and doesn't widen into 4 lanes until before the town Lago Vista.  I went from A to C bypassing B completely!  It was a smooth transition, but missed all of the road in-between which is 4 lanes wide.

Its an unmistakably unique and beautiful road on the way to Austin!  I missed two whole towns!!! There is no other route through there so I could not have possibly taken another road.

Magenta Pixie: The Dissolution of the Process of The Veils

GAIA PORTAL: Clarifiers come forth and refresh the planet

Clarifiers come forth and refresh the planet
by ÉirePort

Clarifiers come forth and refresh the planet.

Storms of Light connect.

Devics multiply.

Gaia connections strengthen.

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