Friday, June 21, 2024

Be kind to men this week.
There's a collective purge occurring within the Masculine energies.


I've noticed there's a collective purge going on in males this week.  I have had three passengers in tears this week that were men in their 30s and 40s.   This is very rare.   Being a gig driver is a bit like being a bar tender, barber or hair dresser, or that anonymous soul you meet on a long international flight. Americans can be very open to complete strangers, largely I suppose because they know they'll never see them again in all probability. 

The men are doing it the hard way, trying to mask it with diversions into alcohol, strip bars, and other diversions, but they are seeing themselves and they are not very happy with what they see.   

Men don't often reveal this side of themselves and will seldom do it in front of women, because women remember everything and will use data from moments like this to win an argument later.  They will show it to a stranger or a close male buddy.  There's a bit of self preservation instinct in men.  It's kind of like how men in a restaurant will always want to sit facing the front door.  They don't like having their backs exposed.  This is a warrior instinct.  Its natural. 

So if your significant male in your life is having a bit of a rough day, cut him extra slack this week.  These energies inbound are unearthing everything and in this moment men are feeling it hit them. 

Love you all!