Saturday, January 21, 2023

Can you see me?


I've been pondering the nature of conflicts.  Most of them don't come from overt physical aggression (that's something we can instinctually deal with), but from something deeper in people.  A longing to be seen. At times they can be baffling when you had no ill intent to harm feelings.  I am a deeply emotional guy, I often don't look that way, because if something is going on I don't want to participate in I have no qualms about being a loner.  That kept me out of a lot of trouble in high school.  It got me through my journey in Morocco.  Peer pressure means little to me... unless it's someone I very highly respect. And that sort of person isn't the type to use peer pressure to manipulate another person.  In fact to be taken to task by such a person is actually an honor. 

During times of turmoil people revert to their religious upbringing.  It's a simple equation - "IF I DO THIS, GOD DOES THIS".  Its the blessings and cursing god, the algorithmic God. And that ALL POWERFUL algorithm fed by bible passages and it must be defended, it's what the algorithm would want. Everyone seems to know what God wants, yet everyone ignores that Jesus taught love, in a brutal conquering time when it was almost extinguished from the planet.  Jesus didn't have an algorithm God. He didn't wear a cross and he wasn't a christian. Shocking huh? And he got crucified for chasing bankers out of the temple. Templars. They're still into banking. And the council of Sanhedrin are too.

Don't get me wrong, everything has a frequency, and if you do some low frequency act, you get to experience the results.  Those that ran this planet, through some clever tech and energy creations to manage to delay that impact and called it karma, but there's no delay anymore. That time shift of frequency bounce is gone. A word to the wise. 

As I have gone on this journey, I have come to feel uncomfortable with many aspects of my religious upbringing.

I have grown uncomfortable lately with the term "Spirit".  I think "life" is a better term.  Our literature is full of "fighting spirit", "will to live", and all kind of terms to define that ineffable indescribable  persistence of being, that causes a pine tree to split rocks or a palm tree to grow out of a San Diego storm drain.  That's the life of Source.  Not all living entities are highly aware, and there are beings more highly aware than the average human.  There's no shame at any state of awareness.  Love does not shame.  And when you get down to it in the Eternity of LIFE itself, we have been all these things. 

I think most conflicts come from people wanting to (usually unconsciously) to be recognized as a manifestation of Source. And when you see them as that, something comes beaming out of them in response like "AH! NOW YOU SEE ME!" even if they are as different from you as chalk and cheese. My prior cat (who I think went through the portals with the Yeti - I hope the coyotes didn't eat him) used to curl up on my belly.   One day I said to him "I know who you are, you are Source in body in a cat".  His eyes got really big like he was saying "YOU KNOW?"  Which made me laugh. I was just testing what Heather told me about seeing Source in ALL. I've done the same with my passengers with some delightful results. 

In this time of turmoil, see Source in ALL.  It will change your life.  You'll still have conflicts, as long as there is separate bodies there will be different points of view.  But they won't come from you failing to see them for who they are.