Monday, November 5, 2018

Gaia Portal: Stealth elements are valued

Terran note:
if you read these kind of like one would the Q posts, you can see patterns. On October 24, "Humanity is freed as Hue-manity rises. Fascinations with soaps is abandoned." What's a Soap [opera]? A storyline. Good vs Evil. Dark vs Light. Now notice what appeared on October 30th... "Forthright appearances are valued by the hu-being." Then notice what was said on November 5th, "Stealth elements are valued."  Also notice whenever HUE-BEING is referenced the time stamp will have 11:11, the number that began flashing on everyone's clocks after the year 2000.  The universal wakeup code.   I am not sure what 08:08 means in the time stamp yet. 

My take? The Hue-Being is an aware being.  The Hu-being is an awake being.  The difference is one has awakened from sleep, the Hue-Being sees the UNITY in all things.  It's a progression of growth, first you have to be awake, then you can be aware. The hu-being values the forthright, the Hue-Being sees the stealth elements role in awakening and bringing awareness. 

For example the Q project is about awakening.  It's called the Great Awakening for a reason. No doubt the awareness quickly follows.  Each at their own predesigned pace.

Stealth elements are valued
by ÉirePort

Stealth elements are valued.

Plastic life forms are exposed and dissolved.

Flames of Illumination envelope the masses.

Awakenings begin for all.

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