Sunday, October 15, 2023

XERXES - The Heart of Babylon

Artist rendition of the hanging gardens of Babylon

The Heart of Babylon

Great care will be taken with this dialogue. The heart of Babylon began centuries before Persia was created. In many different Epochs as well. Babylon was revered for her beauty and luster in the fertile river valley. It is true and accurate that the landscaping in the valley was admired by other Kingdoms far and near.

Terraces were built along the steep banks of the river. Terraces were also built along the perimeter of the great city. Lush foliage was transplanted. Flowering vines, fruiting shrubs and trees, and all manner of plants were included. Palisades were whitewashed and provided an elegant anchor for the greenery. Known to history as the Hanging Gardens, these lush and vibrant landscapes were exquisite to behold.

While Babylon was known for her gardens. She was known even more for her beautiful daughters. The women of Babylon were elegant and exotic. Protected as any high treasure by all. They were educated in arts and letters. Given roles in trade and general commerce if desired. Given in marriage only when it was a mutual decision.

Babylon was desired by many Kingdoms for many reasons. Cyrus wanted the jewel to be a Nation of Persia. He devised the strategy to take the impenetrable city. His goal was achieved without loss of life. Eventually Babylonians welcomed the new leadership and were welcomed into Persia with warm hearts. Many, many unions were made and the beauty of Babylon was handed down through the lineages of Persians.

It is true and accurate that Cyrus freed the many slaves of many different cultures. Hebrew and African amoung them. All permitted to leave the City and return to their own homelands. This caused initial grief and chaos in the City. Once it was known that Persians themselves would fill the roles and create a better democracy for all, the Babylonians were in agreement.

Babylon's great architecture and landscaping became a foundation and a template for future developing areas. Painstakingly copied in small regions of fertile river valleys within mountain ranges of the region.

But the complete Heart of Babylon. Her lush and vibrant gardens and incomparable daughters would not be found anywhere else ever again. Thus giving Babylon a place in the History of all civilization.