Friday, August 25, 2017

Updated: Lunar Operations Command Now Becoming Visible to Amatuer Astronomers

Terran note:  I apologize for the late arrival of this data but I have been occupied with Heather's case traveling to DC and now Tennessee in a very different type of disclosure in the Court rooms which is actually related to what follows below. I have been keeping up with this  as it develops.  This is from an amateur astronomer in Greece who corresponds to my friend Martha. 

He's found some pretty amazing things going on right now on the moon!  Crater bottoms are opening up and ships are flying out of them and they are staying open. Normally reflective craters in the sunlight, these open entrances (holes) in the moon surface appear deep and black.  There is plenty of historical images to prove this.

It appears whomever is operation the Lunar Operations Command has thrown open the doors so everyone can see what WE (the Earth) already have there!  For those who are observant. 

July 25, 2017

According to the people of one village in Crete, earlier today, 25, 07-2017, bright disk shaped objects were seen in the sky that disappeared and were lost behind the mountain Vorizia.   Residents in Zaros claim to have seen something like a UFO or, finally, a bright disk in the sky.
According to what the inhabitants told in a local TV channel, they saw something like ufo that was then lost to Vorizia.

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