Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Xerxes: The Beginning


What follows is an experiment by Denice and myself in self publishing. These articles are copyrighted but I share them with my readers who have been so generous in their support over the years.  There will be a bound version eventually. Xerxes has long wanted to tell his story, separate from his history as the warrior King of Persia. All that we have in history is really from the Greek historian Herodotus. The Greeks have an entirely different perception of  Xerxes than the Persians do.  I don't read Farsi so I can't really vouch for what is known about him in Iran. Whether he chooses to address any conquests I leave to him, but my sense is he wants Persia to see a bigger possibility of life now than bloody wars.  I sense love for his roots, if you will. 

I understand why he chose Denice as she is really really good at this.  And she has three modes that she can receive data.  She does not channel.  He claims to know me, but I don't have any recall of that life (yet).  He hasn't said what personage I was during that time.  I only have some memories from 4 or 5 lives and those are fragments.  otherwise I'm as amnesiac as the rest of humanity on this planet.

We weren't really sure what direction this would go, but so far I'm finding it an interesting read. I love the way he uses words, he can be very poetic. He takes full responsibility for setting a precedent for war in both Iran and Afghanistan (both were of the Persia Empire) which echoes even today. 

These will be his words, not mine, in any case I have no way to vouch for what he writes other than how it feels. This is not a channeling, its a telepathic conversation. He has returned to Earth at an undisclosed location. I am assuming he's in a new body since he was assassinated in his prior Earth incarnation. 

I take for granted that consciousness never dies, and that we live life after life, some on Earth and some elsewhere as we journey through our lives in form for the joy of experience. I realize for many, these are big assumptions, and if that is true of you, or your religion doesn't allow for such possibility then view this is as science fiction if you need too. I won't be offended if your views don't match my own.  It is still a fun read either way. -Terran

The Beginning 

The beginning is never truly that. There is always a hint of a back story. A precedent. History. For all purposes, we begin this here and now at this position in the story. We call it the beginning.

Now. Picture this image. A fallow field. Brown and gray. Whisps of dust caught in a light whirling breeze that blows by. Trees dark and a palette of greens in the backdrop. A path cut along this field entering the forest or leaving it? Perspective of course. A crow with hues of iridescent blue making noise from its perch on a rock at the edge of the field. 

A man in the costume of a defeated soldier. Lone. bloodied. Dragging his hilt and shield. Dropping to his knees at the crow. At the rock. What is not seen yet is a small stone structure. A home. A family. The bustling of the normal work of the day. Watering the animals. Feeding the hens. Threshing the harvest near a wooden barn. The mother sees the soldier and sends her two young sons to assist. 

Thus begins the story of my father’s union and progeny. . His healing and recovery at the hands of the gentle couple and their family created a respite for him from his rigid royal life.. Crossing paths by the divine guidance that sent him out the wood past that particular dusty field. 

It is here that my father gains a true friend. The farmer. His first wife. The farmer’s daughter. My father was a royal living and healing among those he ruled.. Gaining the strength and fortitude of heart and mind to follow the new path before him in the coming ages. Darius the Great. 

This part of the story is again a place to begin. But it is not my beginning. Its import is that my father’s first wife is not my mother. But that is where my story begins. If his young love had been my own mother, my path would have taken a very different direction. 

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