Tuesday, October 27, 2020

UPDATE 1: A Memory? Or Telepathy? Or was I there?

Terran: Dear Stan, is there a person among the crew there by the name of Pernance or Parnance?

Terran: I saw a scene of group conversation including myself and there was a woman by that name. I don’t know if this is a memory or something recent... I’m seeing a lot more things but sometimes I don’t have the context of what I see...

Stan X: TERRAN. PARNENCE VESULGE (silent g. . . like in garage  veh sul gey). DATA COLLECTORS. STAN. X. END.

Terran to Denice: The name sounds Eastern European doesn’t it?  The name was so unique I knew I was getting data of some sort!

  UPDATE 1:   

Terran: Stan, is Parnence an individual of great enthusiasm?  That was another quality I noticed.  

Denice: lol!

Denice: I just got an internal hit. . ."Bill you are on your own on that one". . . . ❤️

Denice: fun!  unofficial response? 😉

Terran note: In all fairness to Parnence... it wasn't THAT kind of encounter...  at least I don't think it was! lol!!!  But I do appreciate the humor of the Galactics.

There's been an impression made from channelers over the years that Galactics sound like a Hollywood depiction of the Sermon on the Mount.  Or worse robotic like RA. They are nothing like that!  They have a great deal of humor!