Thursday, April 15, 2021

#HATJ: AJR's "bang!" still looping...


Subject: AJR's "bang!" still looping...

Date: Apr 15, 2021 at 9:49 AM

LOOPING:  AJR's BANG! ..."...put your best face on, everybody..."

Remember Lareche', Morocco (it was after the so-called "roll-over crash/w waiting ambulence" in front of Maria and Ottoman Benis' house)... when a whole crew went from Aouchtam to view the "Cork Forest" property on the water (a property that sat in the middle of/was surrounded by militaries, foreign and domestic)?  My face looked like I was a Who character out of Dr. Suess...remember the build-up, the flow, and the aftermath of Lareche'?  The frequential/vibrational doings were "off the chart."  All the details!  My family and I went to Tangier for a few days to recover after Lareche before returning to Aouchtam.  

Apparently, looking like a Dr. Suess Who is "my best face" in this moment, lol!  

All joking "aside"... Love, Gratitude, Heartitude, and Compassion  <3

Martin Geddes: The Total Reset of Everything

The UK photographer, Martin Geddes, wrote this. A gifted man who feels soooo much.... It's one of the most balanced accounts of what is going on that I've read.  Please consider supporting this man either by buying his photographic works, books or donations.  He's a very gifted and sensitive man.  What Martin may not know is the Chinese Elders are behind ALL the banking systems worldwide, behind the CCP, and have had a 300 year plan to infiltrate the United States.  



The Total Reset of Everything

by Martin Geddes

What happens when a multi-generational global war of subversion and infiltration reaches its endgame? That is not an easy question to answer, since by its construction we don’t have access to recent and relevant historical precedent. While nothing can stop what is coming, nobody may be prepared for it either. I make the case here that what is fast approaching is a Total Reset of Everything.

The picture that is forming for many of us is the liberation of the whole of humanity from hundreds of years of slavery — mental, financial, cultural, technological, and spiritual. That the slavery of the mind is first in the list is figural: the ultimate form of slavery is one where the slaves believe themselves to be free. This form of trickery had been pioneered in Britain with the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, which effectively stripped inhabitants of their innate Common Law rights, following deliberate societal sabotage.

At the heart of this modern emancipation movement lies the American People, who briefly escaped from the tyrannical European banking aristocracy. In 1871 the British Crown, working in secret alliance with the Vatican, annexed the United States and returned it to full colony status. This was triggered by the need for debt financing following the Civil War, and was achieved by the construction of a parallel doppelgänger state.

A new corporate government and constitution was established as “Washington DC”, an unaccountable and unlawful extra-territorial city state. Behind this fraud of the highest order was pure treason by Congress. It involved the misapplication of maritime law to the land, and later securitisation of humans via taxation. Thus slavery did not end with the Civil War; it was surreptitiously extended to all, yet marketed as liberation from plantation chains.

“Make America Great Again” is really about reversing this 1871 debt-driven incorporation, and restoring sovereignty to the American People. Once the whole world understands their relative debt and tax slave status, it is inevitable that they too will demand equal freedom and prosperity. Donald Trump’s first term was a bait to draw this illegal and illegitimate form of bankster government into a trap.

The Chinese Communist Party runs a modern-day totalitarian slave-owning society on behalf of the Globalist central bankers (who have their own internal factions and power struggles). The Maoist form of tyranny induced extreme poverty, whereas this one is economically productive, since unproductive slaves are pointless. It is a testing ground for prototype total surveillance and control technologies like social scoring. China seeks to usurp the USA as the global hegemon, through acquisition of resources including minerals, technology, workers, and eventually land.

The Second Amendment, as protection for free speech and hence dissidence, makes Americans the hardest people in the world to conquer. “Deplorable” Americans are the last bastion of true human freedom. The “rights” and “freedoms” everyone else “enjoys” are really state-conferred privileges that can be removed, as vaccine passports and widespread censorship now demonstrate. The only way to resist a police state is for the police to be outgunned by the people.