Sunday, March 12, 2023

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Update 1: Dream about understanding the ALL and creating your own experience

I delayed the publishing of this because I had to work through my notes after the dream and make them a little bit easier to follow.  I wrote them down in a hurry why I was in the after glow of the dream. I am not even sure if this is of general interest, but it was helpful to me.

February 24, 2023

Last night I said to source “I want to understand the ALL and everything being one, without going through illness (no NDE), no unnecessary deprivations (sustenance or sensory)… and without going bonkers like some woodsy shaman with a bird nest in his hair. I wanted to experience it from Source’s point of view.

I didn’t consider dreaming but that’s the way it came. If it gets hairy you can always “wake up”! Safe enough. Fit the parameters I gave. And my notions of “reality” are more relaxed in the dream state.

I dreamed I was canoeing in the Grand Canyon in my home state of Arizona. Someone told me that when I got to the end of the Grand Canyon I’d find myself in Germany. I thought that was ludicrous so I set out to prove them wrong. I canoed for days with some friends and finally the river dried up. We had to pick up our canoes and carry them on dry land.

We came to a small town that looked German. This disturbed me. There were people in the windows but not fully animated… yet… I got out this world map trying to make sense of this, and I felt slightly anxious trying to find some logic in all this. For a bit I was trying to rationalize this being some former German colony in lower Africa rather than “the Fatherland” in Europe. Why that was supposed to be more logical than the EU country I don’t know! Portals were not even considered.

Then I noticed the people in the windows were becoming more real and they seemed more hostile the more anxious I got! They were starting to come towards us! There was also a fallen totem pole of stacked Pygmy hippos. What that was about I don’t know. Me and my friends piled into some cars (cars from who knows where) and drove out of there as fast as possible… Then it hit me… I was creating everything I was experiencing based in large part on my emotions! And I woke up… whew!

We believe we are separate based on an illusion. None of what we exist in, is real and solid. It's all energy. It’s not so much a lie but an illusion in the same way an origami cube is made from a two dimensional sheet of paper. It’s mostly space not a cube.

This brought some other thoughts which I put in my notepad before they faded. 

 Some basic math (logic) differences between the ALL and “accepted reality”…


  1. Illusion by creation=creation by illusion (illusion is not the same a deception)
  2. Mind creates “reality”based on logic. The brain fills in the gaps based on presumptions. Which may not be true. The brain needs a coherent structure.
  3. All perception of physical creation is based on an assumption that 1 (form?) does not equal zero (separate from formlessness - indeed it says only the material exists)

0/0 = 1
∞/∞ =1
0/1=1 (formless)
1/0=1 (form) (the photon - spin also) 

The ALL is always in union, one. 



0 and 1 are also the origin of gender, male being a projective energy, female a receiving energy. The best intuitives are usually female, or males with a lot of female energy in their being.  There are always exceptions to this. Just a general principle, not a law. The universe is female in energy.  Spheres attract energy.  Cubes project energy. 

Math in what we call “Reality”

1/0= Undefined (sounds a bit like ineffable eh?) in computers this will cause an error as the number becomes infinite as the denominator approaches zero.
For example:
1/1     = 1
1/.5    = 2
1/.25  = 4
1/0     = essentionally infinite
you get the idea as the denominator approaches 0, it becomes infinite.
∞/∞ =1

This is pretty much where I left it. 

I sent over the dream to GW Hardin, dreams are how I met him in 1994.  These are his comments:

GW: Wondrous. Keep in mind that there are various forms of math. To note, photons and quarks are determined by spin. The equations you generated work with spin math. Tesla understood spin math. "Everything spins." Which means there is no zero.

Methinks Germany is a metaphor for NATO. Which would add sense to your canoe trip. NATO is now doomed because of Ukraine theatre. Germany will be the means of its downfall along with Turkey.

NATO is a symbol of separation, the antithesis of oneness. A new approach of working armies (Dr Salla), will replace NATO. It will be based on oneness.

Spinning causes fields and scalars. A non spinning particle explodes out or implodes in also causing scalars of non direction and ask directions at the same time = oneness.

... all directions ...

Math is a language based on logic, based on predicate calculus. It was once thought math could be unified by predicate calculus until they discovered paradoxes.  In particular the Russell Paradox.  You could, conceivably have a universe where 2+2 does not equal 4.  Its based on the assumptions inherent in the logic of the math... hard to explain but this video does a pretty good job of explaining why math is the way it is, and why its so fractured (at least our Earth version of it - much like our science).

Update 1
Late notes:

I learned this week there is a former colony of Germany in the South of Africa and it's Namibia. Germany is currently heavily investing in Namibia to produce so called "Green Hydrogen" or with Ursula's accent "Green Hydrogeen".  Some are likening it to a German recolonization by investment.

Also speaking of the Grand Canyon, Dr Michael Salla posted this about the ancient cavern in the Grand Canyon that was discovered in the early 1900s.  It was reported on in the Arizona Republic newspaper, Smithsonian supposedly took custody of it and nothing more was every heard about it.

Update 1: Dream about the Tau Tau Sky Jellyfish


February and March have been a time of introspection for me.  Huge energies are bombarding the Earth and I feel them.  At times my patience has been a little thin, things that didn't normally bother me, did. I was plain edgy. Other times I was completely flattened and had to rest.  I've withdrawn a bit from social media to center myself.  I have a tendency to project my energy and there are times it needs to be in this body undistracted. 

I also had a return of what I call the "spiral downloads" which show up in my vision, but I can close my eyes and still see them.   It's a spiral much like a Phi spiral, and it's somewhat transparent with triangles on the edge of it that are clear but iridescent and have a bar code quality to them.  I first experienced them near the fire place in the Italian alps when a sunbeam came in the window.  This is highly compressed data that takes a while to unpack within me.  It seems to occur when a lot is about to happen.   I had a couple episodes in February of that, and some short bursts last week.   When these unpack they unpack as "knowings". Knowing something without being able to explain how you know.  Or as Heather used to say to me "When you remember its as if you never forgot".   One of the first words Heather ever said to me over the phone was "REMEMBER".  I think that process was much slower than she had hoped, but I have learned to trust the timing of it and that they timing will be perfect.  I did not come into this form awake.

Sometimes the knowings come in my dreams, and I have always had very detailed dreams (at least the ones I remember after waking) and I often go places.   This particular dream puzzled me, but I now think it was perhaps a memory returning or maybe even advance notice of an arrival.  Time will tell.  Martha asked me if perhaps if it was the "squid cloud" shown Gina's video.  It was not. 

The Tau Tau Dream March 9, 2023

Terran: I dreamed last night (March 9) a very frightened man was pointing at the sky saying “The Tau Tau are here!” I didn’t feel any fear at all but there were a huge sky borne jellyfish looking thing.

Terran: Stan, is there any large sky born creature or craft known as a Tau Tau?

Terran: I dreamed this man kept pointing to the sky and saying “there’s a tau tau! It was a whiteish translucent thing like a very large jelly fish.

Terran: Then he came back later and says “it came back!”


Well I think they are about to be here… Are they living creatures?


Terran: What do the Tau Tau do? What are they know for? Are these beings similar to Slyphs?


Update 1: This twitter video is very close to what I saw of the Tau Tau, but not as clear.  I don't know if it's the same phenomena but it gives you an idea of them.