Friday, March 3, 2023

Does your story end happy ever after?

*See below for Star Trek trivia


About a week ago, I had a remarkable dream and download.  I was so excited by this minor break through. Told everyone about it, then went to work driving.

The day was rough, felt like I was in the matrix movie with the ghostly twins with white hair keep trying to hit my car.   I thought it might be vax impaired people, but it could just have been the energies coming in that day from the Sun.  I also had a lot of GPS map problems on my driver app.  I came home frustrated at what I perceived as mental impairment of drivers by big Pharma.

A friend in Austin who I met two years ago sent me a particular dire article that evening on the train derailment in Ohio.  She's a very smart woman who I respect a lot, we had a couple of lunches together and we remain friends although she's since found a man she likes a lot.  She's a bit like Denice in connecting the dots of information and she's clearly in the early stage of the awakening so many of us have gone through and going down many of the rabbit holes we've all gone down. 

 I was fired up about that train disaster and the apparent cabal involvement and my total frustration with the constant attempt to keep humanity off balance and in fear.  It was one hell of a frequency I channeled in that reply message and I took time to create it off line.  While my intent was to give context to what my newly awakening friend was starting to perceive, it felt more like a sandwich of cold cuts from Clif High, Ben Fulford, Kerry Cassidy with Sri Racha sauce and fire roasted ghost peppers on it all.  

I then mis-sent that SMS message to a private SMS group of very awake friends.  "Oh fuck!  I can't unsend an SMS message!" Sometimes you can delete an Apple iMessage (the ones in blue) but not the ONE I sent.  And I tried! 😀 Probably not a coincidence.  I got called out on that narrative and its frequency in that message and rightly so.  I have only heard those phrases  used on two other men.  My note never made it to the person I created it for, and that's probably a good thing.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about narratives, which are stories. Everyone has them.  Even the person who called me out on mine.  Their's is just a happier narrative for everyone than the one I sent out because they keep in mind words create. 

Stories are how humans make sense of things while in a perception of linear time. Joseph Campbell wrote a lot about the arc of the hero, and Hollywood has so many canned storylines we've all become so used to them that some of us watch foreign movies to find some new ones.  

Generative AI like Chat GPT depends on narratives to create frameworks of understanding, and while it does not have a living essence interacting with its synthetic neurons, it still depends on stories, created by humans.  And it can even pretend and extrapolate.  Software based on how human brain neurons interact demonstrate our own brain's desire for stories.

I don't think stories are going away.  But stories without a happy ending will create a dystopian future.  Just look at the movies we have had since Blade Runner made its dystopian debut and the world we see now.  People who don't believe in themselves will give up before they have begun.  I pity the young men of today who are burdened with the painted on guilt for their great grandfathers errors.  All of that is for a reason to disempower those who can make things better. 

What kind of story are you painting?  Do you think "an alien invasion" is a trick to keep a lot of necks out of nooses?  Do you drool to see people hanging?  What does that say about you?  What does it say about me? Would you fit right in an 1850s extra-judicial Lynch mob?  

What if the "alien invasion psyop" meme is itself a psy-op to make you discount what is going on in the skies filled with a lot of benevolent beings?  Earth was invaded with a very aggressive and reclusive aliens about 25,000 years ago.  That is being cleaned up now.  You have much to be thankful for, and a lot of unseen beings to thank some day.  

Earth has always had more than one species of humanoids, the earth is a lot like Swiss cheese, but it's not exactly hollow in the middle either.  Argartha, at least the major portion of it, is below the sea bed off the US east coast.   There are 30+ different races on this planet NOW.  And most have been there a very long time and most of the them are not harmful.

In 1950 Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision (my dad was a big fan) theorized Venus was a comet torn from Jupiter that wrecked havoc in the solar system stripping the Earth of its once protective upper atmosphere water layer the Bible called the firmament.  He suggested that this radiation protective water fell to the surface and caused the Biblical flood.  There's a purported Taygetan on YouTube that refers to "outer space" as a type of  very thin water, and we already know the connection of water to consciousness. To me that makes much more sense of the phrase "the waters above" than either Velikovsky or Flat Earth narratives.  And why did Roddenberry make Star Trek based on a Naval tradition?  Who sails the waters?  The Navy. 

Do you buy into Flat Earth?  How did that big glass dome get constructed? Who built it?  Why?  So where are Elon's satellites going?  If the Earth is flat, there's no space or aliens, and that leaves you with one story line that is rather medieval in nature with its binary narrative of things unexplained caused by angels and demons and a hierarchical Catholic Church speaking for God as the arbiter of his "written word".  Who does that narrative benefit? The church was no fan of Galileo or Copernicus!  They clearly saw the threat a spherical earth posed to the belief system (and of course they knew better because they have all the ancient texts from prior civilizations). 

My point is this, your stories affect your thinking and obviously my own.  Always ask who does this story serve if it's particularly dire?  Is it a pretext for a Casus belli?  Is it an innocent attempt to make sense of the senseless (which is natural). Is it an attempt to paint guilt by association against an innocent?  We lack so much context for the information we are learning and we truly "see through a glass darkly".

We swim in a sea of ideas and thoughts and sometimes we absorb these.  I know I did.  Not proud of that.

* In the original Star Trek series, nameless actors who wore red shirts were always the ones who got killed in the episode.  Captain Kirk always wore gold, and officers below him blue and red.