Monday, February 4, 2019

Message from Jai the Andromedan

This came through yesterday.... Jai is Martha's mate from Andromeda.   We've been sensing a huge shift happening.

Denice to Terran: Driving now. Incoming for Martha. Can you send to her? 

Jai: An Urgent Message now. A delicate moment ensues.

Jai: Open all Hearts now. 

Jai: I am with you. Jai.

GAIA PORTAL: Partners of contrast complete their roles

Partners of contrast complete their roles
by ÉirePort

*Partners of contrast complete their roles.

Completion is at hand.

Light messengers convey the joy of victory.

Victory comes from within.

Embrace the moment!

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*Interesting to see a "Heather-ism" show up in Gaia Portal!   Gaia Portal has always been a bit of a mystery, but its pronouncements have been very accurate and timely.