Friday, May 28, 2021

Meditation from "The Cat's" blog

This is one meditation I fully support.   No appeals to named and nameless goddesses, no talk of chimeras and toplet bombs and 144,000 sacred geometry.  Just a direct appeal to SOURCE.  Well done CATS!!!  I am in awe.  AND YES SOURCE HAS ENERGY IN ESCROW FOR HUMANITY, Heather's work has addressed that many times, "Pre-paid, Pre-approved".  

But I'd add the qualifier to the end of it "in body". lol, but don't overly fret about that Source knows your intentions.  I AM DONE!



…with SOURCE. ~AM then did the following session last night for EVERYONE WHO WANTS IT — for today — to take advantage of the current eclipse/sun-moon energies. And if our dreams last night are any measure of its efficacy, it’s working. So, if the following is something you want, all you need do is go into meditation and think that you want it. You don’t have to tell us. In the Supersession, ~AM said:

We, and others of like mind, are done with the old world and ready to move on, and we’d like SOURCE to help us do this as soon as is possible. 

That’s it, we tried to keep it simple and broad. If this is something you’d like ~AM to have done for you too, just close your eyes, G+P+C, decide that that’s what you want too, and briefly meditate on it sometime today, 5/26/21. The energy is being held in escrow by SOURCE for you. We have no idea what the result will be. You can also of course do it the Allison Coe way, too.

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And also this short video from Allison Coe referenced above... for the more ritually inclined folks...

UPDATE 1: R.I.P. LISA GAWLAS - Fundraiser for Lisa Gawlas Funeral Expenses

Fundraiser for funeral expenses for Lisa Gawlas

Update: Lisa's daughter posted on Facebook that Lisa had severe painful arthritis. Her death appears to be self-inflicted by pain pills, a note was found to contact her son. I do not believe there is any judgement on individuals who exit form this way. I've died and comeback.  There wasn't even a life review. Only pure love and acceptance.  It's organized religion that makes up those beliefs.  It is however hard on friends and family left behind however, because they question themselves for years as to what they could have done to prevent it.