Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GW HARDIN:A CELESTIAL MYSTERY SOLVED : The Secret to an Unknown Human Power

Terran note 8/18/2020: This is a repost of an article from 2012 by GW Hardin.  I had forgotten about the image that showed up mysteriously. I don't remember if it showed up on the blog or on a USB stick in my house, I vaguely remember finding a usb stick on my patio. I just remember being a bit baffled as to how it got there and what it meant. So much and so many life changing events since that moment its hard to remember a lot of details of events. It was a complete mystery as to "why" it showed up, 3 years later in 2015, I'd begin a mind blowing journey of understanding about that "why". 

In 2012 I started blogging under the pseudonym American Kabuki, a blog I created in 2008, but I never posted anything other than a test page. In 2012 I began using the blog, posting lists of banker resignations which very quickly went massively viral, to the tune of 100,000 hits a day. I knew someone out there was a lawyer scaring the crooked bankers. I thought it was a man. I did the blog of banker resignations mainly to find the person who was causing them to resign and take early retirement. I knew they were were out there. I felt compelled to find them. On December 26, 2012, I found him, and he was a she, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. 

I did a lot more crowd sourcing of information back then, until AI linguistic trolling and deep state shills became so common it made interactive comments on a blog a nightmare. I'd like to return the crowd sourcing someday but I need to find a better platform than Blogspot for that.