Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The dream of the wooden stake - June 24, 2015


(repost from archive)

By Terran
June 24, 2015

I had a dream this morning. The location seemed to be my childhood city of Scottsdale Arizona, my dreams often take me back to my birth place State of Arizona. At the beginning  was a scene of me in a bank trying to correct a banking error at Bank of America, they charged me a fee for something they shouldn't.  I haven't banked at Bank of America since I closed my business in 2009 after a devastating illness that put me into ICU, but for some reason it was that bank in this dream.

The bank tellers were flat out rude in the dream and since I didn't have much money in the account they treated me like I was barely even human.  That kind of set the scene for what followed in the dream.

I decided to take a day labor job to raise some money.   It was hot and I was helping some man down the street from my childhood home put in a wooden landscaping edger into his garden.

The man who hired me was a miserable short greedy man, big bald spot on his head and wrap around hair, kind of like the pointy haired boss in Dilbert.  He had this raging ego, he seemed to get his jollies and prestige in life by hiring people at very low wage and then demeaning them while they worked for him. 

There was another young guy working there and as we are digging in the hard decomposed granite landscaping soil to put this wood edger in, I grab a wood spike to nail to the cedar edger board that seemed to be made of Arizona ironwood.  A very dense Arizona hardwood, so dense it sinks in water.

As I grabbed this ironwood stake, I dusted it off a bit, and it looks like something that came from a very ancient temple. The wood is old and his tiny worm holes in it.  I rubbed it, and noticed that down one side of this thing is a rectangle of gold, about an inch wide, two inches thick by about 10 inches long, it was embedded into the wood.  

I thought, "how did nobody notice this?"  I quickly throw some dirt over it.  It was very valuable. (according to my calculations about US$ 238,000 worth of gold).