Friday, September 14, 2018

Moving Again

I will be moving again in early October.  The owner of the unit needs it for her children.  This was always a temporary place and it is greatly appreciated.   There was healing and rest I needed after the last year on the road. And this spot gave me the place and time to do that.  The universe seems to put us where we need to be in each moment and I trust that flow.  In retrospect it has all been perfect for what needed to be done and where my energy needed to be.

If anyone knows of a room somewhere around $500-600 month let me know.  I would prefer a monetary arrangement for the moment as that makes it very clear what is expected from the arrangement and the energy exchange expected.  But I am open to house-sitting  or other options.   Will also be scouring Craig's List and other such listings.  I don't have a lot of possessions and I don't need a huge place.  Its always nice to be around like minds but that isn't always possible either.

My preference for the moment is to stay in Portland but I am open to most anywhere including places outside the Pacific Northwest.   Staying in this area is no longer required but was certainly necessary after Knoxville.   There's a lot about Portland I like, its like Seattle but without the overcrowding.

Updated 9/14/18 2:22 PDT: Urgent Request From Denice Regarding Hurricane Florence

Updated 9/14/18 2:22 PDT

Lost power. Trees down all over the area. We are very safe here.

Updated 9/13/18 2:25 PDT

Denice: Only 5 mins of rain so far. A few gusts. People are in awe. 'this is not a storm'. . lol.

Terran: 💫⭐️✨

Terran: 🌈

Denice: 😎😍

 Denice: Honestly, look at the projected path. There is a swoop of clearing over us. Flo drops down and below us, going north and and west. moving Sphere overhead? 💖

 Updated 9/13/18

You're doing it!
  See you are so much more powerful than the doom predictors on TV!  Hurricane down from CAT 4 to CAT 2 and has slowed down by 30 MPH, and back wall of the hurricane is breaking down!  North Carolina will get a lot of rain from this, as will South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

 12 September 2018

Terran note: All is awareness, this hurricane has already slowed down 10 mph, we need to slow it down more and shift it north over colder water so it dissipates most of its energy and rain in the Atlantic Ocean.  If you know who you really are, Source in body, nothing is impossible.  Whether natural in origin or created by synthetic weather technology, it does not matter.  The path can be altered.  Be very wary when the media predicts disasters before they happen, they are trying to cause an public that may not yet be aware of who they be, into reinforcing this potential disaster. Nothing is cast in stone as to what this storm does.

11 September 2018

My family and I live along the southeastern North Carolina coast, in Ocean Isle Beach, close to the South Carolina border. I am sending this special request now, because I believe that together, all hearts are capable of any thing! Most especially dancing with the 'worst storm the east coast has ever seen'.

Florence, whether a designer storm, or a natural event appears to be heading here. She is not now, nor has she ever been a "Monster".

The name "Florence" means to flower, or to blossom.

There is plenty of "time" to assist her out to sea. "Florry", as a dear friend calls her, is already moving slightly north.

I simply ask that if you have a moment, please send some love to Florry. Send her gently out to sea. All is possible now, especially with heart

I am so very grateful for all of you!