Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Conversation with Heather 3/17/19

 Portia as Balthazar

HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF on 3/17/2019 3:39:15 PM wrote

If the docket reads as Lisa sent me...then CLERK (COA) has failed to comply with the PRAECIPE...hyper-accelerating Secured Party's due remedy in full

Status report for CLERK (TN)?

UNITED STATES, ET AL, and BIS, FRBG, "FRB of...", ET AL, have approximately just under 12 hours for full compliance :)

My love, gratitude, and heartitude to All, all ways, always

Terran on 3/17/2019 3:06 PM wrote:


I'll check on that when I get back from Durango. In the car...

My inner codex has been pinging like crazy over the Gaia Portal reference to "Portia". The name has come up so many times in my life and it's not an American name...

In sophomore year of high school we had a year of Shakespeare and I know we read the Merchant of Venice, but at 15 and flooded with hormones I didn't pay much attention, and I'm sure I thought Portia was pronounced "Port-Tee-A". When the movie fish called Wanda came out there has a comedy scene where the American thinks Portia is spelled Porsche... "Why did you name your daughter after a car?" First clue I had no clue...

So I watched the movie The Merchant of Venice this morning that had Al Pacino as Shylock the banker, and Jeremy Irons as the one bonded to pay a pound of flesh to the banker... wow what a download!

Jeremy Irons looks like my Atlantis inbodyment (not the prettiest one I admit)...

But Portia [disguised as a man in the Merchant of Venice] acts as the Commerce Lawyer and Venice is clearly running completely by commerce law and they way she worked the case.... Wow... all I can say is someone has been thinking about these issues [of commerce law] a long freaking time!!!

You are Portia.... so many insights legally and personally I'm dumbfounded!

HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF on 3/17/2019 7:09:30 PM wrote

Merchant of Venice is one of my favorites...then again, anything so-called "shakespeare" is dear to me ;)

...giggled when the Queen of England gave Pres Xi the "shakespeare" original poetry writings "as a gift" (righhhhhhhht, lol) during london visit :)