Thursday, June 24, 2021

Update 1: In Defense of the Youth

Terran note: For clarity, I refer to vast and ineffable intelligence behind life all things, which some call God/YHWH/Allah as THE ALL (capitals). I refer to beings collectively as "The All".  There are races of nonlocals who call THE ALL..., "THE SOUP"..., where beings go to when they exit form and where they return from. 

Update 1: grammatical and structural edits. 

June 24th, 2021

We live in a. time when the hipster becomes a political force.  Behind them is the fresh new group of youngsters I call them "wokesters".   They all have a low tolerance for bigotry and discrimination.  They date collectively, they move in packs, and social media was built for these people as a kind of synthetic telepathy until those abilities in themselves begin to express themselves fully.

Communists and socialists posing as mere "Progressives" had a closer ear to academia and noticed these new ones and concocted some of the most hare brain set of Maoist cultural revolution to have ever hit the planet.  George Soros, gopher boy for the Rothschilds, funded every conceivable political disruption possible to put people in fear of expressing any view other than what the Globalist wanted.  Many of these young ones fell prey to well funded media campaigns and attorney generals, district attorneys, district prosecutors were funded to run for office in key cities, and the quid pro quo was to turn a blind eye to corruption and violence when it comes into their courtrooms for trial. You know who controls you by the ones you can't criticize.

Wave after wave of these star seeds incarnated into humanity and they are still coming.  A time of new energies needs beings who come from those kind of energies. THIS IS THE PERFECT TIMING OF THE ALL.  Each wave of births comes with its own unique viewpoints.  These initially were the ones that were heralded as the "indigo children", They were often marked by a slight blueish cast to their skin as infants if they happened to be of white skin. 

The brave ones who incarnated in China often had astounding psychic abilities, which is quite useful to surviving in ubiquitous surveillance in an age of communist state paranoia. The CCP may be atheistic, but the Chinese Elders who control it are not.  They knew full well the changes coming to this planet.  Everything about these new Asians defies what imperial communism teaches a human being to be. When your only tool is a hammer everyone under your rule is a nail.  The hammer (and sickle) has turned to big tech to find the tall nails. China has sought to exterminate them or coopt them into their military service if they could.  Could it be many of them incarnated as Uighurs and Tibetans? You think that is just about Islam and Buddhism?   But they are not just there.  They are everywhere.

Other various names have come up every ten years for the ones who's consciousness is fundamentally different than what came before. Indigos, Crystals, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Y, Gen Z are but a few of these labels.  We are seeing the latest wave of teens appearing on Tik Tok who have huge bullshit filters that their predecessors lacked.   Instant 40 year olds. And they are not shy about expressing those views to the prior waves they believed were coopted from their life missions.  Will the ones coopted by clever political propaganda figure it out? Oh yeah!  They are not stupid. And pity the politicians in their path when they wipe governments from their presence in future elections!  Their wrath will come swiftly and decisively. 

These kids grew up in the age of "downsizing", "rightsizing", and outsourcing to foriegn nations for more profit.  They witnessed what happened to their parents, "early retirements" from major corporations, the  bastions of the perceived "social contract with employees" for years of service.  They saw the mafia rip off the pension funds of labor unions. They saw their parents unable to afford medical care and be forced into bankruptcy. They saw their parents struggle, lose homes, be denied jobs because they didn't have a college degree, even though they were qualified with equivalent experience. College became the gold ticket to life. . Unlike their parents they don't think anyone is looking out for them or has their best interest at heart.  So they took out massive student loans to attempt to keep pace with waves of immigrant children competing for the same jobs.  Those student loans were also a plan for enslavement as they now often can't afford a home needed to have their own children.When you are young time seems like an eternity, when you are old, you avoid debt because you never know how or when your mortal coil comes unwound.  

One California school friend of my daughter, a very bright Chinese girl (always straight As in school)  came up to me while everyone was packing up to go home after a weekend birthday party for my daughter.  Her mom was kind of ominous,  had an eyepatch on one eye under very thick glasses.  I never knew what was wrong with her eye.  She had a real Chinese pirate look.  The little girl said something that nearly made me cry, because so much was left unsaid about her family, and the pressures on her to perform academically.  She said "I wish my daddy was a nice man like you."   Made me wonder how her mom got the eye patch.  There are family issues you don't venture into without it combing back to bite you.  Women endure much to be near their children.  It's the way women were created.  They love their offspring.

Later in another situation a teenage girl told me she found her father's lesbian porn VHS video tapes as a young child. The girl grew up and unsurprisingly came out as being a lesbian. When the father was told, he was furious, because he said it violated his religious beliefs.  The hypocrisy of the situation was by leaving out his VHS porn tapes where the child could get to them, he exposed to her behaviors she would not otherwise know such a young age.  She thought it was a video of a cartoon. Either lock up the VHF tapes or lock up the video player.   But don't later diminish a beautiful being for the path you may have inadvertently set up with by your choice of entertainment.  Nobody uses VHS tapes anymore, everything is gone to video streaming and you can get routers that restrict what web sites your kids log into. I noticed long ago in the church I grew up in, those that preached the most about family morals, were the often the very ones least qualified to preach about it.

I don't know why people become one way or another, but I suspect it has a lot to do with neural priming early in life and perhaps endocrine disrupters in our food.  Some say when an "ESSENCE/SOUL" shifts from one gender to another there's a life or two where prior life preferences carry over.  I don't have enough data on that to really know.  

Observing the stuff that's being reportedly introduced to very young children in schools now, it seems to me the Orion Syndicate (aka cabal) knows a whole lot about neural priming the youth.   And not in a healthy way.  These transgender radicals are talking away the choices children could make later, they are forcing them to become a certain way, with information that is out of time and out of context on a brain that is not fully formed and a reproductive system still in development.  Boys often don't like girls until puberty.  That's been known for ages.  It does not make them gay. There's much uncertainty in youth about what it means to be a man or a woman. Growing up is a process. And it's different in every culture.  But uncertainty was never meant to become destiny.  And to even mention male and female has become some sort of unspeakable gender conversation. No subject should be excluded from conversation

This might be an area that the Pleiadians are well suited to helping humanity.  The current situation as to men and women on Earth is untenable. Among the Pleiadians it takes as more training to teach and care for children than it does to fly a space ship.  That's how much they value their youth.  Do we value ours?  

If I had to raise a child again I wouldn't let kids watch YouTube until they are past puberty.  I think there's unknown ramifications to what YouTube has allowed and continues to allow children access to, and what some (but not all) of the Japanese Anime industry has done to the youth of the world.  Gaming chat rooms are also crawling with those seeking to "groom" children.  And parents often don't know that because they outsourced their child car to a gaming console and don't play games with them.  I'd also home school. We can no longer trust government run schools.

When I was in puberty,  if I wanted to know what a woman's body looked like, I had to find a National Geographic magazine with pictures of black tribal women in Africa.  There was no YouTube.  And my dad sure didn't subscribe to Playboy.  He did get Ditzler Paint calendars with pin up girls on them.  They were in every Autobody shop.  His mormon paint salesman gave them to him.  I don't advocate the level of religious based suppression of information I grew up with.  But that was my era and generation.

If you want to sustain a culture, you have to have children being born and you need happy husbands and wives (or committed partners).   Love has to be present.  And love is reinforced through mutual pleasure and tensions are dissolved by it. The porn industry is often violent, disrespectful, and denigrating of humanity. Yet the medium of video is well suited for teaching.  Humans mimic behavior.  So why is it there's a paucity of tasteful, mutually respectful, artful, sexual "how-to" videos that teach young people how to have loving heterosexual intimacy.  There's nearly everything but that.   In marriage, or any intimate relationship ignorance is not bliss.  

The youth in their twenties these days are having dogs not children.  These young professionals could afford children. They think what they are doing the planet a favor because they have been convinced by academia there are too many people and they can't trust themselves without someone watching over then.  Yet a dog only lives 10 years, and itsn't going to visit you when you are 80.  And substituting dogs for children means an imploding social demographic like we see in Japan and Italy. 

How man of us have heard "You're out there trying to save the world and ignore your own family".  That one hurts when you hear that.  But what if every human kept their horizon of activity solely to that of the family?  Nations are but a very large family. And some of us, humanity is literally our family.  Isn't that what's been going on for the lasts 5,000 years?  Compromises and sellouts of humanity for a mortgage, and easy life, a pension or the next loaf of bread?  Can anyone dedicated to changing the planet be free of the resistance against doing that? Perhaps not.  But sometimes you know something is within your ability to change, and you do it.  Every single human makes a difference!  

Those that rule this planet were are all about families and genetic lines (I won't go into the reasons for that).  It's just not a very healthy family life.  It ain't like June and Ward Clever.  It's about control.  

If you look at the history of royal families they have  seldom been relationships of love.  Certainly true of the British crown. They browbeat their mates and children.   They have a breeding program, more akin to producing Kentucky Derby winners.  And in recent generations have been clearly breeding for the camera. 

 Some of the most horrendous frequencies on this  earth have been applied to the children and mates of the elites.  And what happened at the top filtered down into society as a kind of demented model of patriarchy.  They haven't been too kind to their subjects either but it can be even tougher in the inner circle.

Some the children of the elites are very awake and are the black sheep among their wealthy lineages. Denied their trust funds, they lead meager lives constantly on the move.  One sends me cosmic poems and music he writes. His family is intimately involved in the money systems.  But he's not like them.  And he's spooky psychic.   You can't make blanket statements about anyone on this planet.  Many powerful beings volunteered to be born into this families to unwind it all.  If you talk about family values, you better be precise as to what you mean.  The mafia and drug cartels also runs through family connections. But I doubt most would endorse those values. 

The youth have witnessed a whole lot since the 1990s. 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, a pandemic, several attempted pandemics for ebola, swine flue, zika, you name it.  Some of these kids show symptoms of PTSD. Be kind to them.  They are well meaning and generally of good heart.  In my occasional ride share driving I get to meet many of them.  In very many ways they give me great hope for the future.  Don't let political stereotypes blind you to the human.