Common names in this blog

Denice    - Galactic conduit/telepath. A human incarnated daughter of Thor. 

Thor        - Andromedan Commander Adrian Thorac. 

Sherr An - Pleiadian Commander Ashtar Sherr An/Sherran

Sherr On - Pleiadian Commander Ashtar Sherr On/Sherron (father of Ashtar Sherr An)

AnDreas - Pleiadian Commander AnDreas MacAlistar

Stan X    - Andromedan Data Collector Stan X

Loie       - Mother of Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf & pure frequency being (1 of 2), left human form in 2013 (due to cancer).   Only 2 known incarnations. Will return AFTER the event again as a woman.

Heather  - Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, bank trade and finance lawyer, also known by nonlocals as HOS (heart of source), creator

Dani       - Dani Arnold McKinney - blogger of awareness, creator

KP         - Kauilapele - blogger of awareness, creator

LMH.    - Lisa M Harrison -  Australia podcaster of awareness, creator

LMS.     - Lisa M Shannon - creator and pure frequency being (1 of 2), many past human inbodyments

BK.        - Brian Kelly - inbodyment of Joy and Fun frequencies, creator

SKYE    - creator of crystals, intuitive, mountaineer. 

Terran  - Blogger 

[Bloodline King] - Human place holder name. Status - active and cooperating since 2017. Created systems of royalty in many realms of those with his essence frequency/DNA. Royalty blood is nearly synonymous with this beings DNA.  Once competitive partner in contrast with the Draco King. There has been some cross-breeding with the Draco King banking families in the last 300 years. 

[Draco King] - Human place holder name. Status - left human form in 2017, creator of Draco and reptilian and hybrid species. Was the one who played many perceived "dark ones".  Created organized religion and magic systems. Began the separation frequency of the "WHAT IF?" experience in lower frequencies, creator.

[Systems Architect] - Human place holder. name Status -active. Rōnin mathematician and logician. Built systems for both sides of separation, creator. 

The divines - a term Heather coined to describe a certain class of beings who resided in a realm energetically adjacent to Earth (for lack of a better description) who considered themselves to be living in "Heaven". These beings were involved in various ways with Earth, they considered themselves administrators and mentors of humanity. The movie Jupiter Ascending was not far off in its depictions of the Abraxas family - an example of divines. 

The divines were isolated from feeling what was going on down here, until 2014 when "the weld" of the frequency circuits took place. Prior to that they viewed humanity in the abstract, not really feeling the results of their actions on humanity.

It is not the "astral realm" which most people refer to - which is full of all kinds of creepy shit (an artificially induced 4D realm inserted around Earth by the Draco).

Humans who through rigorous spiritual practices figured out the illusion of the systems here, were allowed to become part of this realm as "Ascended Masters". Most of humanity was denied access to this realm.
Comte St Germain, Qin Yan and various other asian "deities" were also apart of this group. Buddha was once there too, but from what I understand has long since moved on to other things. 

From the early 2000s (and even before) there were a number of channelings referencing the "will of heaven" etc, it is "the divines" who were being alluded to. "Poof" called them "the folks in the rafters". It is not heaven as religion thinks of it, but it did contain the Halls of Amenti, and other structures familiar to some who read esoteric literature.

From my perception the Chinese Elders seem to reside in their own Asian style realm. But it could just be a different section of this same realm. The Chinese Elders are known to be the owner operators of the financial systems, controlling the banks, the CCP, and the Dragon families. Their involvement was ubiquitous in the financial systems.

There is also another realm of asian pundits (and I mean that in the sports betting context) who placed wagers in strange looking betting machines (reminded me of a combo of slot machines and pot belly stoves) on events happening on Earth. These ones are of similar vibration. This activity has been disabled. Humanity is not a horse race. 

Are the divines good guys or bad guys? Depends I suppose. I don't really like looking on things with the polarity of separation. It's like asking "is humanity bad?" It's a mixed bag. Same with the Galactics and every other collective.  The experiment in separation affected every realm, some more than others.

Title symbols

πŸ›Έ - Nonlocals/ET/Galactic 
πŸ’° - Bank, Trade and Commerce
πŸ’Š - Drug, Pharmaceutical
🦠 - Pathogen 
πŸ› - Government 
🦚 - nature/ecology 
πŸŒͺ - natural disaster
⚖️ - justice