Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Gently demolishing a document purporting to be a “judgment”
of Jeffrey Sutton et al, “U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit”
in “USA v. Randall Keith Beane and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf” - PART I

Beloved Woman of Justice, bronze sculpture, Howard Baker Jr. Federal Courthouse, Knoxville, Tennessee. 
Photo by Chuck Sutherland
 In the words of the artist, “It will encourage looking into the inner self… for truth.” 

Gently demolishing a document purporting to be a “judgment” of Jeffrey Sutton et al, “U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit” in “USA v. Randall Keith Beane and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf” 


Paul Francis McDonald
September 30, 2019

No, it is not a judgment. It is a document purporting to be a judgment. It is void from the beginning and was rendered a nullity the moment the pen hit the paper. It cannot be relied upon and anyone who tries to, does so at their own peril. “United States” is not identified. That may sound insignificant to some, or even preposterous to others; however, it is central to the actual issue here. Remember that. We will come back to it and reason with it later on. The good news is that the “issuance” of the said document is a roadmap enabling us to uncover, make visible and demonstrate absolute context in relation to the entire sequence of events sometimes referred to as “this case” and everything that surrounds it.

You’ll find a copy of the document in question here:

What we are observing in actuality is a purported “court case” imploding upon itself, by its own hand, under its own rules, regardless of what may appear to some to be a “decision” in that regard, or any other apparent consequence thereof. In a nutshell, as I see it, that document in and of itself is a self-neutralizing patch, intended to reinforce a former rogue program; intended to program YOUR mind, with some very skillful techniques, suggestions and subtleties being employed in order to achieve that. Unsuccessfully.

The Universal Security Agreement, also filed with “clerks” in Knoxville, TN and Cincinnati, OH and noticed to many others, is still standing. The purported “judgment” document referred to above changes absolutely nothing in that regard. It has no bearing whatsoever on that duly secured position; the undeniable, uncontested and un-rebutted commercial claim, including and not limited to a presidential pardon, in this case. So “tough love” on that score too. You have to remember at all times that we are discussing a specific and particular case here; not generalities, not assumptions, or presumptions, or beliefs widely held or anything that ever happened before or anywhere else. We are talking about actual specifics in relation to this particular case.

So let’s dive in a little deeper.

No, neither Heather nor Randall ever filed any such appeal. What actually happened was that “Notices of Appeal” were filed alright and signed without prejudice by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Randall Keith Beane. Thereafter however, “counsel” were purportedly appointed to each of them, by “the court” without their consent. There never was an appeal, because there never was a valid order or judgment to appeal from, because, amongst other things “United States” was not and is not identified, from the beginning.

Denis G. Terez and Stephen L. Braga, attorneys-at-law, then proceeded to draft and file “appeal briefs” manufactured it seems to maximize damage to Heather and Randy’s characters and most especially to impugn their mental health and legal competence, contrary to their best interests. There was absolutely no consent, from either Heather or Randall to ever file those purported “appeal briefs” on their behalf. They never took those positions in any purported appeal in any way, shape or form. They never filed those “appeal briefs”.

So where does that leave the document purporting to be a "judgment"? Logic and reason tells us that it leaves it in the dust, where it belongs. You cannot unlawfully commandeer someone’s court case without their authority or consent, manufacture and file entirely prejudicial appeal briefs, without their consent, and then expect a lawful or even a logical decision to stand on top of it. It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so damaging. However, that is what was done and can never be denied.

Were the individuals at “U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit” notified of that particular circumstance? Yes they were. Did they ignore it? Yes they did. How was it notified? In the Universal Security Agreement, that was sent by certified mail to the “Clerk of Court for the 6th Circuit” and then filed as Doc# 30 in case record 18-5752 – See; Universal Security Agreement, *the Perpetuity: Standing Due Notice, Declaration of Due Cause, Article II.E [page 18 and 19 of 21] in its entirety at this link.

Randall notified the “court” through Stephen L. Braga, their purported “agent”, in a Command to Cure sent by email to him on 29th December, 2018 and 7th January, 2019 respectively. So there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for doing what was done in relation to those “briefs”, and resulting in the document purporting to be a “judgment” appearing on the Universal record thereafter.

Remember, “United States” is unidentified from the beginning, so the lawful and legal existence, authority, capacity and standing of “United States”, specifically and in particular is non-existent and therefore does not exist. It will be recalled in the days shortly after Heather was “arrested” in Washington D.C., all the time, effort and resources that went into an “identity hearing”. Why was it so important to identify with certainty who Heather was? Why? Is it fundamental to establishing due cause? Is it fundamental to the exercise of due diligence of anyone claiming to be an agent of some entity or another? Is it fundamental to protecting some one from harm caused by some unlawful procedure or another? The answer has to be, undoubtedly, yes.

Even then, “U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia” fabricated an identity for her and pressed ahead based on that, despite receiving due notice of exactly who she was on 31st July 2017.

What about “United States”? Who specifically and particularly is that? Can a body corporate speak for itself? No, it is an artificial person and legal fiction. Who specifically and particularly is the beneficiary of, for and to “United States”, including and not limited to the beneficiary of any and all “indictment”, “order”, “judgment”, “motion” or any other thing that was purportedly done? Who? In this case, there is no identification of any such entity. This was entered and accepted on the court record in case no. 3:17-cr-82, Doc# 43, PRAECIPE AND DECLARATION OF FACTS as far back as 29th September, 2017 and at pg iii and iv of iv, Article IV, it states:

 “IV. The following alleged persons, individuals and entities have failed to duly make, deliver and notice, legal due sworn, verified and validated declaration, made with due signature and seal, of legal proof of existence, status, identity, authority, authorization, and jurisdiction:

A. UNITED STATES, alleged Plaintiff;
B. Nancy Stallard Harr, and NANCY STALLARD HARR, alleged UNITED STATES, specifically DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (Knox USAO), and particularly, alleged UNITED STATES ATTORNEY for the EASTERN DISTRICT of TENNESSEE;
E. Thomas A. Varian, and THOMAS A. VARLAN, alleged UNITED STATES, specifically and particularly, DISTRICT JUDGE (CHIEF) for the EASTERN DISTRICT of TENNESSEE;
F. C. Clifford Shirley, Jr., and C. CLIFFORD SHIRLEY, JR., alleged UNITED STATES, specifically and particularly, MAGISTRATE JUDGE (CHIEF) for the EASTERN DISTRICT of TENNESSEE;
G. Debrah C. Poplin, and DEBRAH C. POPLIN, alleged UNITED STATES, specifically and particularly, CLERK OF COURT for the EASTERN DISTRICT of TENNESSEE;
H. Parker H. Still, and PARKER H. STILL, idem sonans, alleged UNITED STATES, specifically alleged DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (Knox-Federal Bureau of lnvestigations), and particularly, alleged SPECIAL AGENT of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS;
I. Jane/John Doe, unknown person, alleged FOREPERSON and indorser of alleged True Bill/Indictment;
J. FEDERAL RESERVE BANK (NY), alleged person;
L. WHITNEY BANK, alleged person;

See; “PRAECIPE AND DECLARATION OF FACTS” in its entirety at this link:

This is mind-blowing, if not only for the realization that in this case, there is no “plaintiff”. Consequently, there is, nor ever was, an “indictment”. Sorry, that may seem harsh to some, but you can’t have a court case with only one side, under its own rules. Go on, try it, see how far you get. Is it impossible to “prosecute” one’s self? Yes. You’d be laughed out of “court” and the reason for that is logic and reason.

In other words, all of the above A through M were and are mere assumptions; presumptions of legal existence and therefore necessarily hearsay. I know it’s not easy to get your head around that very succinct truth if you are not familiar with the nature of “legal”. If they are not identified, they do not exist, legally, although they might appear to exist. If you do not legally exist then you cannot be seen and heard in a “court”. Can a “judge” ask a horse whether or not he is in possession of a field? Yes he can, and while he is looking at the horse he can see him or her, but cannot legally “see” him, cannot impose a penalty, cannot make an order; or do anything else whatsoever in relation to the horse. Why? Because the horse, large as life and all as he or she may be in the witness box, DOES NOT EXIST, legally; and therefore cannot be made the subject of any order, because there is no authority or jurisdiction to make one.

All of the above is still the position, today, as it was the day that Cynthia F. Davidson and Parker H. Still went in before a “Knoxville Tennessee Grand Jury” and thought they were obtaining an “indictment”. They were not even who they thought they were, and they did not obtain what they appeared to have obtained. Sometimes, when something is wrong in the beginning, it can never be rectified by what might appear to be a “higher court”, because certain fundamental rules of cause, effect, logic and reason do not and cannot permit it. Jurisdiction is one of those things and so is authority and if there’s no sworn identification of legal existence, then there is no authority; and if there is no authority to do anything then jurisdiction is impossible. So where’s the evidence of the legal existence and authority of “United States” as it relates to Heather and Randall? It DOES NOT EXIST and therefore Heather and Randall must be released, because there is no valid proof of claim against either of them of any verifiably identifiable individual, person or entity of any nature or kind whatsoever. Nor can there ever be.

To be continued: