Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The State of Earth


Terran note:  This post will probably be edited emended, amended, and error corrected.  If you're going to copy it, please wait a few days until that process is over.  Until then you can simply link to this web site.  I have an impairment I have in the past called dyslexia, I have learned this year that's the wrong term, its dysgraphia.  Dyslexia in the input of reading words, not writing them. What is in my head sometimes gets misspelled and truncated.  Usually with words beginning with "THE".  I became aware of the problem when I became a computer programmer writing "IF THEN ELSE" logic statements in the SAS Statistical language and getting all kinds of compile time errors from my dysgraphia.   I call it the poets disease, I can read things forwards and backwards and misspelled and understand it. I feel the music in words.  Autocorrect is my nemesis as it tries to figure out what I really mean, usually incorrectly.  And neural chips in Apple phones have made autocorrect worse not better.

When Trump was sworn into the Whitehouse in 2017, Heather got word from her banking contacts the bankers were going to take Trump out.  They were going to fund every means possible to remove him from office, by hook or crook.  Heather even had a meeting scheduled with Trump the summer of 2017 to warn him, but the infiltrators within the Whitehouse, which have been exposed since, scuttled the meeting.We never imagined they'd stoop to creating a pandemic to try and remove the man and discredit him.  He was not one of THEM. 

The media told people to hate Trump and they did. A friend told me when people ask her why she's not a "Progressive Democrat" she tells them "Because I literally saw them scream at the sky!  She has a point.  Those same group of primal screamers became the fear driven COVID Karens, intimidating everyone in their path with their mask and hand sanitizer tantrums.  

I had a passenger last week, she got into my car with her daughter.  The daughter was pleasant enough but the mother was just a sour energy on wheels.  She assumed because of my age I was a native Texan (I was born in Arizona) and a Trump supporter (I did like Trump) and probably religious too.  Religious folks in Texas are really decent and kind people.  The stereotype of Texans is so horribly denigrating and nothing like the people they are.  They will give the shirt off their back to help you. Texas is in the Bible Belt.   In these small towns Church is as much about social gathering as it is religion. 

The woman baited me with a religious questions. She said she was Catholic but I really question that now.  I told her right off, most Christians probably wouldn't think of me as one of them.  I am okay with that.  I believe Jesus was a real guy. I believe he came to teach about love when the world had nearly extinguished the concept.  I believe in God but not a bearded man in cloud concept (which honestly sounds a bit like the Greek's Zeus when get down to it), 

I believe God is the totality of everything and everything resides within that ALL. In short The SOURCE of ALL or more accurately just the ALL. I believe that ALL is also intelligent. A huge metabeing of all beings and everything manifested from the ALL.   Every religion believes God in omnipresent, its about the only thing they do agree on.  God is omnipresent because everyone is within God. 

An analog of this concept might be the example of a forest mushroom, which is the mycelium threads that run through the forest delivery nutrients to plants and recycling nutrients for the forest.  When it reproduces itself in its season, mushrooms sprout.  We pick the non toxic ones for nutrition or enlightenment, but they are just a momentary fruiting manifestation of the mycelium network underneath the forest, they are here for a season then gone either eaten by humans or other forest creatures.  Yet the mycelium pound for pound is far larger that the largest creature on the planet, the whales.  And its intelligent.  Each species of mycelium having its own role to play in the ecology and it sustains life on this planet.  But understand this is a metaphor and I am not saying God is a mushroom, but God does include the mushroom. It also includes some beings who think God is a joke, and like to harm their fellow beings in their ignorance and cold heartedness.  

An evil being is just a closed heart. How do you fix an evil being? You open their heart. (I am not saying that's an easy task - some have been recycled in the soup of the ALL to accomplish opening that heart).  The ALL cannot, and will not hate itself.  IT IS LOVE by very definition.  It is beyond patient.

Kevin Kelly in his book "Out of Control", which is about the biological nature of complexity, outlined what he called "The 9 laws of being a God".  One of laws was the ability to give up control, to allow novelty and innovation to arise. Which is pretty much what the ALL has done for a very long time (the Bible refers to it as the "still small voice within" that guides humans if you listen to it. Artists and musicians call it inspiration.   The Urantia book actually believed Source itself never intervened.  In truth it did quietly.  In practice in this moment its moving through all inbodyments to bring this experience in the illusion of separation to a close.  EVERY BEING is closing this out. Whether they want to or not. Those that fight it, find themselves accelerating it.  Those that flow with the will of the ALL accelerate it more.   The ALL is moving in powerful ways not seen in eons.   There is even a new Earth awaiting us all.

It's my belief that a complexity arose with the ALL, a desire to expand the ALL  At some point it became aware that in order to expand, it would create new beingness within itself.  In exchange it would receive data from every being and experience novelty. How does a whole create complexity?  Well one way is like how a brain becomes smarter by making new wrinkles in itself to create more surface area.  Perhaps Galaxies and Universes are akin to that.  Cells become more complex by dividing themselves with some cells specializing in certain tasks. The DNA of the whole is within all cells, and stem cells will take up the roles of the cells they are injected into they are aware of their location and surroundings. 

It's my hunch that the ALL delegated creation to the beings it created, in exchange for experiencing what they experienced and the novelty from the resulting interactions of trillions of beings.  They were all made from the ALL, so its presence was always there, but it gave complete freedom of action and choice to the individuations of itself (my wording may not be as precise as it should be so bear with me, this may get edited many times along the way). 

I grew up a Christian fundamentalist protestant, was baptized, accepted Jesus as my savior and all the things good evangelical protestants do.  The sect I grew up in was a little odd, but I left that in 1997.  Minus some of the odd customs my sect had, we believed essentially the same things as other protestants did.  As the saying goes, a cult is a religion that is smaller than the one you're in.   She asked me why I left that faith.  I told her they could no longer answer my questions, and made me feel like a heretic for even asking them.  Plus I came to see the deep corruption in the faith I grew up in.  Yet I was cautious in my journey out of that sect as I thought my eternal life was at stake (a bit of mind control programming there).  I approached it from a very logical frame of mine (I was a computer programmer). I made no rash decisions.  It was very methodical process. 

There's an important difference between Protestants and Catholics.  They both believe humans are born sinners by the actions of Adam and Eve.  In that they agree.  The believe the children inherit the sins of their ancestors (a slave mindset if there ever was one). Where they differ is Catholics believe Christians are infused with Jesus righteousness, and Protestants believe Jesus paid the penalty for their sins.  The Protestant core belief is Jesus death was a substitution death penalty. suffered and paid by Jesus. 

This comes from the writings of that great traveling tent marketer the Apostle Paul and others which make Jesus to be the only Son of God.  Because if he is, then you're not of God.  They don't want you to know you're part of the ALL.  That serves the agenda of separation and division, and domination. Simple divide and conquer.  Its not what Jesus taught.  He taught forgiveness and fraternized with people the religious frowned upon.

So getting back to my rider.  She changes the questions up, what argument would you use with these religious fundamentalists.  I am sensing a very left wing bent I her.  I replied "I wouldn't argue you with them, I am not here to change people's religious beliefs. That kind of change comes from within."  She says, "well assuming they want to listen to you, what would you say?"

I said, "I'm a fan of Einstein's thought experiments".  It came to me in a moment in San Diego.   I took a microcosm of the core religious belief, and applied it to a human context.   "Suppose for a moment my neighbor came over and wanted to borrow my brand new Honda lawn mower.  I agree on the condition he returns it refilled with fuel and in working condition.  He then proceeds to mow his lawn and even his rock border, sending rocks into my windows and trashing my lawn mower.   He returns it broken and smoking, but sorry for what happened to my property.  Then I tell him, "You know I have my rules, and my rules must be abided.   I am going to have to kill my first born child in order to forgive you because I love them most of all, and they are certainly more valuable to me than you are, but once I do that, I can forgive you.   My rules, after all have to be obeyed."  

I said you'd think I was a looney!  You'd probably and rightly call the police!  This is the narrative organized religion have created for their image of God. A incomprehensible tyrant who must be feared.  

The woman seemed unsettled by my answer.  She shifted tactics and changed her voice tone like she was talking to a child with limited intellect.   "Well please do me a favor, don't listen to Fox News and read newspapers. " I replied "Conservatives don't trust Fox News, it's no better than CNN!"  At this point she came uncorked!  I dared to compare Fox News to her beloved CNN!.  I was in no way complementary to Fox News.  "Ohhhh you can't possible compare Fox to CNN! Fox supported that lunatic Trump!"   I couldn't help myself at this point.  "CNN made shit up and never retracted it!"  Her last reply was "WE ARE DONE HERE!'   And she left the car.  Her daughter was smiling.  The Tik Tok generation KNOWS the truth.

The ALL forgives simply because the ALL IS LOVE!

There is no legal system on Earth that allows substitutionary death penalties. This is contrary to any notion of individual justice.  Collective punishment is a war crime. Catholics have better scholars so they don't even try to argue that. Protestants do.  Only a mad tyrant would have such a justice system.  Jesus was murdered by bankers who riled up a religious mob to do their dirty work (they always use the state and judiciary as proxies), because he chased the bankers out of the temple. The ancestors of the same ones who run the banks now. If you look closely at the chronology in the book of Mark, you see the chain of events. Mark is widely believed by scholars to be the original "gospel" book.   

Do I believe there is a God? Yes! I don't define God as many do. That probably makes me a heretic in some faiths. My definition is much more expansive.  Do I believe in the Bible?  I believe it to be an anthology of stories that were once told by story tellers over campfires.  Most of the stories have origins in real events although much of the context has been lost over time.  

One such metaphor and symbol is the Tree of Life. It's an ancient symbol, and actually started out as a cosmic joke by a celestial being that got misinterpreted by the observer.  This Celestial was secretly creating in a forest on a world occupied by physical beings.  It was an energy being.   A human wandered into where it was and it quickly disguised itself as a tree so as to not frighten the awareness of this human. This was a young civilization and not sophisticated.  The human noticed there was new plant life in the area that wasn't there before, and there was this new beautiful tree.  This Celestial, every the joyful one, decided to tickle this human with one of its branches to see what it would do.  And from that sprang the legend of the Tree of Life. Its origins had nothing to do with Metatron's cube. 

Campfire stories are known to be allegories and moral tales.  It's a way, along with music, people entertained themselves and perpetuated their culture to their children for eons. Its why we still. tell scary stories by campfire light while eating our roasted smores!.  And there is something quite marvelous in stories told by mellifluous voices.  Its riveting and imagination stirring, but nobody took them as LITERAL.  Audio books recognize this tradition of audio based story telling and are very popular. It was the religious scribes and lawyers (and later the numerologists, who made the stories something serious and "the literal word of God", this got worse when Gutenburg invented moveable typefaces. 

When the Black Sun worshipping Emperor Constatine created the Bible anthology we have today (the Catholic version is different than the Protestant one btw) it was important to them that there was a hierarchy which required a priest hood (or ministry), and this would be modeled on the Roman hierarchy and would reinforce the control of the state as a divine order. Romes biggest political problem was in the vast diversity of religions within the Roman Empire.  People kill over religion.  

The Black Sun worshipers run the Vatican. Birth certificates were originally baptismal records.  They have been used in finance a very long time.  When the Federal Reserve was formed birth certificates were introduced and the state took over the record keeping. I met and interviewed Cobra in 2012 (I never published because of his voice changing requirement), he told me a story of Catholic baptisms in Spain, where the priests would place a small gold bar on the child's head and say some secret incantation over them. Cobra said this gave the priest some kind of esoteric control over the child.  But after working with Heather, and learning all the arcane ways of the bankers, I have to wonder if that estoreric control wasn't about monetizing people with tiny gold bars? Perhaps a forerunner to baptismal certificates rooted deep in Babylonian Money magic.  Banking is first and foremost about energy.  And the energy they harvest is the human Essence/Soul. 

Many in the truther community repeat the mantra "The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing".   I have to believe that is banker misdirection.  Simply because its not true.  They create money out of your inbodyment and essence (gold being an alchemical allusion to the Essence/Soul, Silver an allusion to the body.  They monetize people.  What they cannot allow is abundance, their system runs on scarcity, that way they have compliant elites who want to be wealthy at others expense.  Abundance would ruin their ability to to hire mercenaries and bribe.  Commercial banks DO create money from nothing, through hypothecation and derivatives. Its commercial banks who create inflation.   When the Fed opens the taps to your value, they do so only to the financial institutions, not to you.  Those institutions quickly ramp up their money gearing and leverage systems and that creates inflation. 

There has been a war of narratives. Left vs Right, Dark vs Light, and it seems a half dozen narratives about the financial system that will replace the current mess we have. 

I've had to limit my reporting of these narratives.  Even from well informed people I like.  I have known for a long time that Putin, Netanyahu, Hillary and Bill Clinton are transitioned (their bodies are dead - nobody truly dies, energy cannot be destroyed).  There are many others too, some known, some reported on in, (I haven't made my mind up on the reliability of that source).  So when someone accuses PUTIN of being an invading tyrant seeking control of Ukraine, and the opposite ideology claims he's a hero.  I have to laugh!   There was at least 4 Putin look alike when Putin was a live, and it seems the round face jovial one won the role after the real Putin was taken off stage by his own countrymen.  There are still videos of a "Hillary" making this or that claim.  

In 1990 I worked for a company that translated human languages.  It was actually two companies, Systran and Latsec (military contracts).  I reversed engineered some IBM assembly language code originally written for the CIA in the 1960.  Some of the toughest logic work I have done to date.  It was written by a "Hungarian Nazi for world peace" according to a New Zealand TV documentary on the man.  Perhaps he was a friend of Soros?  We ported the code to the C language so it could run under Unix. Google licensed it for its Google Translate until 2009.  Google created their own system in 2009 and no longer use that particular system.  We had a salesman who's former job was selling an electronic voice changer the military would use to make make say an arabic speaker sound like Saddam Hussein.  It was a very useful gadget in the Gulf war.   Learning algorithms/neural nets have progressed a lot since then and they can create convincing images that look and sound like the real thing.  This technology has been in existence since the early 1990s.   Video required some faster processesors and memory chips before it became practical for the entertainment industry.

We see the prevalence of impersonators with their silicon masks, and the videos showing the seams on the prosthetics. It's convincing at first glance but not perfect and 4K video shows the defects.  Coupled with an electronic voice changer the illusion is nearly complete. 

Everything we see on the news is fake.  Fake White House, fake Presidents of the USA and Russia.  I suspect even a fake Boris Johnson because the man who went into the hospital for covid is not the same man who came out of the hospital.

What I don't know is who is running these fake personas. Military?  Cabal? Black Sun? Deep State?  All of the above?   

Your guess is as good as mine but it's a question everyone SHOULD BE ASKING.